Monday, January 7, 2013

What part did you play in this situation?

A story with no name but a huge purpose behind it. Many times we focus on “who” did it, do we know them or do we have a grudge against them, but I want this story to be about the “issue” and only the issue that we see as a growing trend on social media and throughout the Animal Lovers Community.

If you’re on Facebook,  it’s most likely you see the heartbreaking photos of thousands of animals that are slated to be killed every day unless “pulled” and taken from the County Shelter, but do many of us slow down to ask, where are they all going once they are pulled? Are they getting Veterinarian care, the amount of food and water they need to sustain, are they out of the cold or away from the dead heat in the summer, are they being socialized or just left to fend for themselves in small cages?

It’s time we all become more responsible with not only the animals we drop off at our County Animal Shelters for them to deal with, but the efforts and number people that come into play once these animals find themselves listed on death row.

Do we just turn our heads and say as long as they are “pulled” from the Shelter it’s better than death? Do we allow people we know to get in over their heads and stop putting the animals care first? Do we continue to make excuses for reckless rescuers, hoarders or do we stand up and put the animals first no matter who’s feelings we hurt?

In North Carolina we are listed as a “High Kill” state, mainly due to the lack of spay and neuter programs in place by each of the 100 Counties but also due to the lack of any Commercial Breeder Bill, so what happens when you have an overgrowing numbers of unwanted animals in the State of NC, they land in our County Shelters for 72 hrs. prior to be euthanized if not “pulled”.

Some find their way into loving homes via a local adoption, some find themselves in the care of a responsible rescue organization but what we forget or overlook are those that end up with a reckless rescue/hoarder types personalities who can’t stop their behavior. One who feels that as long as they aren’t thrown in the local landfill they are better in their care and home no matter what the conditions, no matter if they received proper Vet care and no matter if they live tied to tree’s or in small cages from this day forward.

Again this is not about the “who”. For once I’m making it about the “issue” and how all of us need to step up and become responsible for not only our own actions as animal owners, animals rescuers but as the animal loving community we need to be.

Don’t let a friend get in over their head, stop transporting animals to people you have not done home visits with and do not over burden one of your friends with a mass amount of animals that they can clearly not care for.

Pictured below is a local NC Animal Cruelty Case, it’s not pretty to view, it’s not heartwarming to see how these animals were cared for and without a doubt this ladies friends and fellow co-workers in the AR Community should share these animal cruelty charges as they facilitated in helping this lady be over burden by countless Shelter Animals.  There is no way anyone who went to her home as a  friend or counterpart in the Animal Rescue Community didn’t see she needed help and most importantly that the animals needed help and out of these conditions.

As you view these pictures I feel you need to know what about 50% of the animals taken from this property had to be euthanized due to lack of Vet care, Health Issues and Cage Aggression. Some animals could only circle around and around with kennel craze and ended up being euthanized.

This is not Responsible Rescue, this is not putting the animals first and without a doubt this does not need to continue here in North Carolina.
 Tied to a tree with no Shelter from the rain and no access to water
 Yes, you see a dog in this kennel. With trash all around him and on top of his kennel.
 Yes, you see another dog in this tiny kennel hidden under the counter and with trash all around him.
 Yes, 3 more dogs who could barely turn around in their kennels. This is how they were kept.

 Another dog in the back kennel with trash on the top of his kennel.

Does this wake you up? Is this how someone in the Animal Rescue Community acts? Is this who you just sent animals to as you skipped a home visit? We can all do better than this for these animals and it's time for that to take place here in 2013.


  1. Wow. This looks like the site of where animal control would go to do a rescue, like the dogs there will *need* placement, not a home that is placement. Good education. And makes me want to do my dishes.

  2. Thank you. This is a crucial issue that is not being faced...responsible and monitored rescues. No Kill is a fallacy. Euthanasia would have been more humane for these animals. Many people are sincere and altruistic and also terribly blind-sighted and naive. Many so-called sanctuary's are just another long term kennel for the dog, with little or no training and socialization. If you cannot provide or predict or oversee follow-up training, socialization, exercise and recreation, health care and companionship for an animal_do not pull it or permit it to be pulled until you can.

  3. This is what takes place when you send animals to people you dont do home checks with via social media.