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Rabies, Vaccinations and Health Certs are a must, animal rescuers put the animals care first !

For years now we have seen on Face Book many Animal Rescuers making every excuse in the world on why they are not subject to needing to obtain Health Certs and Vaccinations for the Shelter Animals they are shipping from one State to another, and that's exactly what it is, an EXCUSE.

Many Animal Rescuers have popped up on Face Book in the last 3 years, and many of them if you do a search for the Health Certificates on those animals that took from a North Carolina Animal Shelter, well you will find Heath Certificates were never obtained neither was a trip to the Vet for their vaccinations prior to being packed like sardines on a mass transport to another State.

In fact many of the profiles you deal with on Face Book in the Animal Rescue Community are not even who they say nor are residing in the State they claim to live in. They "pull" animals under other group names so they can stay hidden and not be on any radar. They do not want anyone to know how animals they have "pulled" or have sent to any particular location.

North Carolina Animal Shelters beware, social media has become a hot bed of scams and reckless rescue efforts and North Carolina is their current target.  I suggest for all North Carolina Animal Shelters to start requiring anyone coming to "pull", adopt or transport an animal to show you their drivers license, make a copy and place it in your file. For out-of-state rescue groups, mandate them to fax you a copy of their Drivers License so you can make sure your dealing with a real person and so that you know the State you just shipped our Shelter Animals to. A small check and balance like this will cut down immediately many of those that are causing us the most harm for our Shelter Animals.

Our Shelter Animals already have it extremely difficult as they find themselves on death row, the last thing they need is to be sent to an animal abuser, hoarder, live testing facility or worse.  As we have seen in the recent raids on property's, there is something worse than humane euthanasia and it's called reckless rescue. Shame on all that refuse to follow these simple steps to better look after the animals welfare.

Below is the NC Laws:

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Public Health  Epidemiology Section

Communicable Disease Branch

1902 Mail Service Center  Raleigh, North Carolina 27699‐1902

Tel 919‐733‐3419  Fax 919‐733‐0490

Beverly Eaves Perdue, Governor Jeffrey P. Engel, MD

Lanier M. Cansler, Secretary State Health Director

Location: 225 N. McDowell Street  Raleigh, N.C. 27603

An Equal Opportunity Employer

DATE: 28 JUNE 2010

TO: Animal rescue groups, shelters, transporters & persons exporting companion animals from NC to other states

FROM: Carl Williams and Marilyn Haskell, Public Health Veterinarians, NC DPH


People and organizations commonly take domestic companion animals from North Carolina animal shelters to other

states to be sold or adopted. Domestic companion animals must be moved to the state of destination in accordance with

that state’s laws. If you are taking a dog, cat or ferret from NC to another state for any reason you must comply with all

importation requirements set forth by the state of destination and these requirements vary from state-to-state.

The state of destination, typically the agriculture department, should always be consulted prior to moving animals into that

state to ensure compliance with all appropriate state laws, rules and regulations. Always consult with a USDA accredited

veterinarian prior to moving any animals to another state. The importation requirements and contact information by state


These requirements may vary from state-to state; for example to be imported into NC dogs, cats and ferrets must

1. have proof of current vaccination against rabies by 4 months of age (age requirement may vary among states),

2. be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary examination signed by a licensed & accredited veterinarian

indicating the animal

a. has not been exposed to rabies

b. does not originate from a rabies quarantine area

c. is free from contagious or communicable diseases (may not be limited to zoonotic diseases).


Veterinarians that complete Certificates of Veterinary Examination (health certificates) for animals going to other states

must be NC licensed and accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and should have knowledge

of the state of destination’s import requirements. Those requirements can be found online at the USDA website:


In addition to importation requirements some states may also regulate the manner in which companion animals are sold

or distributed within their state, for example:

 Rhode Island requires persons engaged in the sale or distribution of dogs to be licensed with the State

Department of Agriculture (

 Massachusetts requires that all dogs or cats brought or shipped into the Commonwealth for commercial resale

shall be inoculated against distemper not more than thirty nor less than seven days before entry and all dogs or

cats imported for resale shall be held in isolation by the importer for a period of two days prior to offering for sale


 MA Dept. of Agricultural Resources issued an Emergency Order (attached) on animal importation.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions please call the Veterinary Public Health program at

919-733-3410 or contact the state of destination to ensure all import requirements are met.


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  1. very true, many so called rescue groups collect animals , grab the "chip in" money that is supposed to be used for the pet and use the money for themselves,leaving the pets to suffer in filth and disease without vet care, vaccines or worse. rescues must be licensed and checked out thoroughly, including how and where they list the animals for adoption, how many animals they are licensed to shelter at a time and their vet reference, which the number must be checked and verified as a legit listed number and must be contacted by original shelter before animals are released. Upon arrival of the animals the approved / checked out vet must send proof of exam , vaccines, and spay/neuter for each animal back to shelter that originally released the animals, The rescue group must send a copy of final adoption papers to the original shelter also, upon receipt of both documents case will be closed. The innocent helpless animals deserve no less.
    This must be a national mandatory law for all states to abide by. Please contact HSUS and PETA as they claim their agenda is animal rights, humane treatment and to stop abuse. This issue should be at the top of their list, please contact both and ask them to address this issue ASAP. thank you