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Feds shut down Cherokee North Carolina bear park, from Public view

Feds shut down Cherokee bear park ( for public view and entertainment that is)
Jan 29, 2013   |  Written by John Boyle

Bob Barker and the Cherokee bears: Animal activist Bob Barker and PETA complain about treatment of bears in zoos on the Cherokee Indian reservation.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called zoos in Cherokee "bear prisons," in billboards for a time in the Asheville area. / Citizen-Times file photo

CHEROKEE — Federal regulators shut down a bear park and fined it $20,000 after it was cited for failing to provide adequate shelter, food and veterinary care for the animals.

The Chief Saunooke Bear Park generated multiple protests by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, including a visit by former game show host Bob Barker, a PETA activist. PETA has lobbied heavily for the closure of the park, which they say is long overdue because of the inhumane conditions the bears are kept in.

(Watch the video at the top of this story from PETA and Barker's visit in 2009.)

“We’re very pleased this step is being taken and they’re being held accountable for the long-standing abuse and neglect of bears,” said Delcianna Winders, foundation director of captive animal law enforcement at PETA. “Ultimately, the bears need to come out of those pits.”

The park previously was cited for failing to maintain adequate barriers between visitors and the bears. Last year, PETA posted billboards calling the bear zoos “prisons” and noted in news releases that in two cases visitors had been bitten, including a 9-year-old girl who was feeding a bear cub Lucky Charms cereal and cat food.

A phone call Tuesday afternoon to Chief Saunooke Bear Park went unanswered. The zoo’s owner, Kole Clapsaddle, could not be reached.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the fine and order suspending the park’s exhibitor license. The park had 11 bears in its latest inventory in the spring of 2012 — two Asiatic black bears, three grizzly bears and six North American black bears.

In a Jan. 15 order, the USDA stated that Clapsaddle agreed to the entry of the order and acknowledged the USDA’s jurisdiction over the matter. But he “neither admits nor denies the remaining allegations,” and “consents and agrees, for the purpose of settling this proceeding and for such purpose only, to the entry of this decision.”

The order calls for Clapsaddle, the park and its employees to “cease and desist from violating (the Animal Welfare Act)” and states the license is “suspended until (his) facility achieves full compliance.”

Of the $20,000 civil penalty, $5,000 is due immediately, and the remaining $15,000 will be held “in abeyance,” provided Clapsaddle does not “have any serious violations” of the Animal Welfare Act for two years.

USDA spokesman Dave Sacks said his department will not take custody of the bears. Clapsaddle will have an opportunity to come into full compliance with the regulations.

“He would still need to provide humane care and treatment for those bears,” Sacks said. “In order to get his license reinstated, he would have to prove that to the USDA. It’s not like we’re taking over the care of the bears. They are still his property, legally, so that’s still up to the individual to care for them.”

The USDA can confiscate animals if it can prove they are in “a state of unrelieved suffering,” Sacks said.

“That’s the only time we can take an animal, not because they’ve been written up for 20 different things or an animal advocacy group tells us to,” Sacks said.

The USDA will not conduct inspections on the park now that it is not licensed, but Sacks said “there are ways we would find out” if the bears are being mistreated, most likely through visitors, employees or the media.

The USDA previously found that the park’s operators failed to:

• Maintain a sufficient distance or barrier between animals and the viewing public to assure safety.

• Maintain dangerous animals such as bears under the direct control and supervision of a knowledgeable and experienced animal handler.

• Provide food for public feeding that was appropriate to the type of animal and its nutritional needs and diet.

• Maintain housing for animals that is structurally sound and in good repair to protect animals from injury and contain them securely.

• Keep food receptacles clean and sanitized.

• Provide adequate veterinary care.

PETA had lodged formal complaints with USDA and met with federal officials, as well as with members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

The animal rights group also issued a 62-page report from bear experts who visited the bear park and noted many apparent violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

Winders said PETA’s hope is that Chief Saunooke’s will never reopen and the bears will be relocated “to a reputable sanctuary where they’ll have the veterinary care, food and other essentials that they have been denied for years.”

PETA is “researching our options” on future action, Winders said.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rabies Vaccination Clinic, Forsyth County NC

$5 Rabies Vaccination Clinic   Saturday, 2/2/2013

This Saturday, February 2nd, A low cost rabies vaccination clinic, sponsored by the Forsyth County departments of Public Health and Animal Control, will be held at the Forsyth County Animal Shelter.

The clinic will be from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and is planned as a supplemental vaccination opportunity to the large spring and fall clinics. Vaccine is $5 per pet. Only 1 year shots will be given.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hartz Dog Treat Recall

January 25, 2013 — The Hartz Mountain Corporation of Secaucus, New Jersey, has announced it is voluntarily withdrawing its Hartz Chicken Chews and Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken for dogs in the United States because they contain trace amounts of antibiotic residue.
Hartz Oinkies Dog Treats
Hartz is taking this action after recent testing found trace amounts of illegal antibiotic residue in samples of the affected dog treats.
These antibiotics are approved for use in poultry in China and other countries but are not in the U.S.

What’s Being Recalled?

All Hartz® Chicken Chews™ Soft and Tenders:
  • 3.5 oz package
  • 8 oz package
  • 16 oz package
  • 24 oz package
  • 20 oz package
All Hartz® Chicken Chews™ Soft and Tender Bite Sized:
  • 5.7 oz package
  • 16 oz package
  • 16 oz package
All Hartz® Oinkies® Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken
  • 20 pack Pig Skin Twist Sticks
  • 7 pack Mini Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken
  • 15 pack Mini Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken
  • 5 pack Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Chicken
No other Hartz products are affected by the withdrawal.

What to Do?

If you have these products contact Hartz Consumer Affairs at 800-275-1414.
You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.
Or go to

Disappointment with some of our NC County Animal Shelters

I don't know of another business that would be allowed to operate in North Carolina for over 8 years, still need to educated by State Inspectors about the accountability of their job and not be accessed heavy civil penalty fines other than our County Animal Shelter System.

In 1977 the North Carolina General Assembly enacted an "Animal Welfare Act" to ensure that animals, as items of commerce, are provided humane care and treatment by regulating the transportation, sale, purchase, housing, care, handling and treatment of animals by persons or organizations engaged in transporting, buying or selling them. This Act is intended to protect animals confined in pet shops, kennels, public and private animal shelters, and auction markets. For the purposes of this Act, "animal," as defined by General Statute 19A-23, includes only domestic dogs and cats. This should not be confused with county-operated animal shelters that are regulated by county governments and their officials. State issued certificates or licenses are required for animal shelters, pet shops, boarding kennels and dealers. Criminal penalties are provided for the operation of a pet shop, kennel, animal shelter, etc., without a license.

In 2005 the North Carolina Animal Welfare Section was created and placed under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. This new NC AWS is to over see our County Animal Shelters, Pet Shops, Boarding facilities and Kennels. State Inspectors were hired, and the State of North Carolina was divided up by counties between these new Inspectors. The job of these State Inspectors is to make sure these facilities are following the NC Animal Welfare Act along with better understanding how to care for the animals in all those cages. This would include a cleaning protocol, feeding of caged animals, the enclosures in which hold these animals, ambient temperature, intake, adoption, euthanasia and more.

Going on 8 years now why would these State Inspectors still need to explain to these County Animal Shelters that you must remove mold from the food bins, that you must feed adult animals once a day and if they are puppies and kittens they must be feed 2 times a day, that all animals must have access to fresh clean water 24-7, that dead animals must be removed from the kennels, to sanitize to help stop the spread of disease, to maintain an ambient temperature for these animals while in their care, to not hose down the kennels/cages with the animals still in their kennels/cages, to give each animal a resting platform and more?

If you can not follow the standards of the NC AWA and NC AWS after 8 years then the County and State needs to cut their losses and employee someone who can. It's inexcusable that after Inspection after Inspection we still find  many North Carolina County Animal Shelters not preforming the basic needs for the live animals that find their way into their care. And we wont even speak of the animals that find their way into the euthanasia room of these same Shelters.

Why is this still acceptable in 2013? Not feeding an animal, denying them access to fresh clean water let alone not keeping their area clean is listed as animal cruelty by the NC General Statues and it punishable by law and with heavy civil penalties to be accessed, so why are these same County Animal Shelters getting a free pass after 8 years and not being accessed the civil penalties either?

Example pictured below is of Rowan County Animal Shelter, but this is not just about Rowan as if you look you can find this same neglect care being given to the animals in just about any other County in NC.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Spay & Neuter in Robeson County North Carolina

Robeson County Humane Society helps with Spay & Neuter  Clinics.To combat the problem, the animal shelter at 3180 W. Fifth St., which is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., is offering a voucher redeemable at any veterinarian’s office in Robeson County for a free spay or neuter. A person making less than $33,510 a year is eligible. Two people making less than a combined income of $45,390 a year are also eligible.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Support the Spay & Neuter Program in North Carolina


I Care license plate
Click on Specialized Plates and search for "Animal Lovers." $20 from each plate will go to the Spay Neuter Program.

Freezing Water and Tempatures for outdoor pets

Animals are unable to find access to water with all these freezing temperatures. Please check your outside water bowls several times a day. Horses, Sheep, Pigs and other animals including our wild birds are all struggling to find access to water during these cold temperatures. Just a reminder to help all these animals esp. our outdoor family pets including feral cats.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NCVAW and Susie's Law thoughts on an individual’s rights to speak out on NC Shelter Issues

NCVAW and Susie's Law thoughts on an individual’s rights to speak out on NC Shelter Issues

Privacy and Respect are out the window, today when we want to prove our point we fight as dirty as we can to win, is that the world we live in now days?

I’m not a bandwagon jumper, my wagon is not “hitched” to PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, Nathan Winogrand, NCVAW, Susie's law nor any other group not listed, but in the minds of many of these larger money making organizations if you’re not in their “camp” you are their target enemy number 1.

Money, Money, Money…. We all need it to keep the doors open for any business but when it comes to being an Animal Advocate one would think the fight for a piece of the pie wouldn’t be so brutal and you would be completely wrong.

Each organization it trying to get you to donate your funds to them and when doing so the truth seems to be stretched many times over. My question would be, how much of any of the money taken in by some of these groups actually make its way back to the animals and the care they need versus paying for salaries, office buildings, furniture, phone and gas allowances and any such items that go into running a business? Yes, key word here is business and all these organizations are operating a business with assets of one kind or another. And when you are in business you become cut throat to take out your competition. Sadly in this ball game the competition is another group or individual that is also trying to save the lives of our voiceless animals. So as you guessed the animals get the short end of the stick due to this competitive fight.

The last several weeks I have been at a crossroads after reviewing information that had made its way to me. I had to take a long look at how I personally felt about the situation and the long term impact if myself and others buried what we knew took place. Do I ignore it or do I get involved and speak out about it from my point of view due to the impact for future NC Animal Shelter Issues.

So after contacting all parties involved and expressing my concerns with what took place it finally brought me to hoping I could bring awareness on how this could be the start of some Groups, Organizations and Business’s ending the work of individuals in the Animal Advocates Community as a whole simply due to the fact that we don’t beat to the sound of their drum.

What we all need to realize is that each of us no matter what Group, Organization, Business or Individual we are, we all bring something different to the table in the Animal Advocate Community and with this we all need to show some respect for the others work and not try and to make everyone conform to a particular or agenda. If someone wants to work independently off and away from any other group, then it’s their right and they are also allowed to have their personal views on a subject and at no time should anyone feel just because they have a title behind their name they can squash others like bugs on a windshield. ( And everyone needs to keep it about the topic at hand only).

So for your view, here is a formal complaint to an individual’s employer demanding to have a blog removed about NC Animal Shelter Issues. And notice this person felt the need to add in both her titles to show weight to force a hand in getting her way. I feel this is 100% incorrect as the person who wrote the complaint didn’t one time contact the blogger to ask for a “meet and greet” to better understand her take on such emotional issues that seem to divide us all.

Attacking one another is normal in the AR World. It's gone to far when your intention is to get someone fired from their employment for only writing a blog about events that actually took place in such a depressed economy you have went too far, but I need to add these are my thoughts as I feel this is hitting below the belt.

In NC many ACO and Shelters call themselves “pounds”. They even answer the phone calling themselves a pound, if you go sit thru a town meeting or board of health meeting in a rural community you will hear the word “ pound “ used to refer to the Animal Shelter. I personally hate this word and I feel in 2013 no matter how rural your area is you need to get with the times and stop referring to any Animal Shelter a “pound." And the only reason I even bring up the word “pound” is the person who wrote the complaint uses this word to strictly try and swing the vote her way to have a blog removed. The word is used to excite and sensationalize the situation at hand again to swing the vote in her favor.

I personally do not know the person who writes the Fix NC Blog, I have no real connection to any of the parties involved other than it hit too close to home due to current issues I find myself in. And what I despised more than ever is that another person felt they could use titles to force an individual to stop speaking out on issues we face here within the NC Shelter System.

So for me this complaint is nothing more than a bully tactic to  both shut up and shut down anyone who speaks out as an individual on the issues they see before them. Either conform with the big fish or they want to eat you, is this where this is now going?

I know from personal experience that the larger Organizations do not speak out on many issues that some of us see weekly if not daily within our Shelter System. Is it perfect, NO, are all NC Shelter Employee’s uncaring, NO, but sadly we all need to understand that not all of our County Shelters or Employees have the best intentions for these animals. Just like in any other business, you have some great employees and then you have the ones who leave you with nothing but issues to deal with and their mess to clean up.  If we all did what we were supposed to in life, none of us would find ourselves where we are now, but we don’t live in a perfect world and we are not surrounded by perfect employees in every job.  No one is perfect.

Take what you want from the complaint shown below, but for me this is just another sign of the times that the powers that be want us to march in line with them and have no individuals rights of any kind.  Just take this situation and compare it to all those bloggers and News Stations who report on issues that are not agreeable to others, those that try and shed some light on some dark issues we face in our world. So does this mean that none of us are allowed to write how much we disagree about the economy, local Government Offices or School System issues? Are we now to understand that we better not ever bring up uncomfortable issues in hopes to spread the word of an unpleasant situation?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Scotts Miracle-Gro to Pay Fines for Poisoning Birds

Scotts Miracle-Gro to Pay Record Fines for Poisoning Birds and Selling Illegal Pesticides Tuesday, 11 September 2012 12:04 By Mike Ludwig, Truthout | Report


Wild bird on bird feeder(Photo: Garen Meguerian)Tainted, mislabeled pesticides added to the company's wild bird seed resulted in countless wildlife deaths, massive product recalls and unprecedented civil and criminal penalties. 
America's leading lawn care company is in big trouble for potentially poisoning wild birds across the country, and lying to the government and consumers about pesticide products.

Before a voluntary recall in 2008, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company sold 70 million units of wild bird feed that was illegally treated with an insecticide that is dangerously toxic to wild birds, fish and other wildlife. The Marysville, Ohio-based company must now pay $12.5 million in criminal and civil penalties that regulators say are the heftiest ever issued under federal pesticide law.

It's practically impossible to quantify how many wild birds and other wildlife were impacted by Scotts' crimes against nature, but a federal court in Ohio fined the company $4 million, plus $500,000 worth of environmental community service, after Scotts pleaded guilty to distributing the poisonous bird feed and other crimes involving mislabeled and unregistered pesticides.

In a separate civil agreement with the EPA, which launched a civil investigation after the criminal violations were discovered, Scotts agreed to pay $6 million in fines and donate $2 million to environmental projects. Regulators also are touting this settlement as the largest in the history of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), which has regulated pesticides since 1947.

Scotts plead guilty to selling consumers wild bird feed that was poisonous to birds, along with deceiving regulators by falsifying pesticide registration documents, distributing pesticides with misleading and unapproved labels, and distributing unregistered pesticides. Misuse and mislabeling of pesticides can cause illness in humans and kill wildlife, and as a result of the settlement, a "significant number" of potentially harmful pesticides will be removed from the market, according to the EPA.

"As the world's largest marketer of residential-use pesticides, Scotts has a special obligation to make certain that it observes the laws governing the sale and use of its products," said Ignacia S. Moreno, assistant attorney general for the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice.

Scotts added the pesticides Storcide II and Actellic 5E to the wild bird feed to prevent insect infestations while the product was in storage, but the company apparently ignored the warning label on Storcide II that specifically states the pesticide is toxic to birds, fish and other wildlife. Scotts sold the tainted bird feed for two years after it began marketing the product, and for six months after company employees alerted management to the danger posed by the pesticides, according to the EPA.

Scotts also pleaded guilty to submitting falsified documents to the EPA and state regulatory agencies in an effort to deceive regulators into believing that the chemical formulas were registered with the EPA, when they were not.

Scotts claims an unnamed "former associate" submitted the falsified documents. The company claims this "former associate" has plead (sic) guilty to federal crimes and insists that she acted alone.
As the criminal violations came to light, the EPA launched a review of Scotts' pesticide registrations that uncovered a list of civil violations. For at least five years, Scotts had made nationwide sales of canceled, unregistered and misbranded pesticide products, including products with inadequate warnings or cautions on their labels.

Scotts also imported pesticides into the United States without documentation required under law, causing more than 100 Scotts' products to be in violation of federal registration law.

In a letter to consumers and investors, Scotts CEO Jim Hagedorn wrote that the company's actions do not reflect Scotts' "core values and history." Hagedorn pointed out that, as part of the civil and criminal settlements, Scotts will spend $2.5 million to help restore and conserve habitats in Ohio.
In his letter, Hagedorn claimed his company voluntarily disclosed to the government that it had illegally applied the insecticides to the bird feed, and also voluntarily recalled several other products. EPA regional spokesperson Josh Singer told Truthout that, during the civil investigation, Scotts complied with 40 orders to stop the sale of more than 100 Scotts products that were in violation of federal law. Scotts also paid a third-party reviewer to check the compliance status of the company's products, and shared that information with the government.

Here's a list of Scotts products involved in the EPA settlement:
• Banrot Broad Spectrum Fungicide 40 percent Wettable Powder),
• Basics Solutions Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate
• Brush-B-Gon Poison Ivy & Poison Oak Killer
• Contrast 70 WSP
• Duosan WSB Wettable Powder Turf and Ornamental Fungicide
• ORTHO Bug-B-Gon MAX Lawn & Garden Insect Killer Ready-To-Spray ORTHO Bug B Gon MAX Lawn & Garden Insect Killer Concentrate ORTHO Bug-B-Gon Multi-Purpose Insect Killer Ready-To-Use Granules (aka Ortho Bug B Gon Lawn & Soil Insect Killer with Grub Control
• ORTHO Home Defense Max (aka Ortho Home Defense Indoor and Outdoor Insect Killer)
• ORTHO Malathion 50 Insect Spray
• ORTHO Orthonex Insect & Disease Control Formula III Concentrate
• ORTHO ProSelect Roach, Ant & Spider Killer
• ORTHO Weed B Gon Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate Total Kill Lawn Weed Killer (aka Weed-Be-Gon Spot Weed Killer and Basic Solutions Lawn Weed Killer)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

NC Tribe facing attack over bear zoos

Tribe facing attack over bear zoos

The sign along Interstate 26 near Asheville, N.C., offers this warning: "Children Bitten at Bear Pits."
The billboard is the latest in a two-year battle that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has waged against the zoos on the Cherokee reservation about an hour and a half west of Asheville.
It follows an incident last summer in which a 9-year-old girl was bitten at Chief Saunooke Bear Park while feeding a baby bear a mixture of Lucky Charms cereal and cat food.
The group's efforts are starting to hurt, one zoo owner said.
"It's affected my business earnings," said Barry Coggins, owner of the Cherokee Bear Zoo. "PETA is doing a lot of harm to my family."
The tribe's chief has threatened the group with a ban for its protests. It has flown in game show icon Bob Barker for a meeting with tribe leaders and is suing the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington over records related to the bear zoos.
The Barker visit ended in 2009 with the former "Price Is Right" host calling the Cherokee uncivilized and the tribe's chief urging him to stay in California.
Past billboards have called the zoos tourist traps and urged visitors to boycott.
In some cases, the zoos are concrete block pens that let tourists see and feed bears from above. PETA says they are inhumane. Zoo owners say they are important to the area economy.
"We'll keep fighting until they close down these archaic pits, which are a throwback to decades ago when no one knew much about bears' behavior and needs," said Delcianna Winders, PETA's director of captive animal rescue and enforcement. "Let bears be bears."
Coggins has native black bears, grizzly bears and European brown bears at his zoo along with an assortment of other animals. Customers may have a photo made with a baby black bear.
Maggie Harper of West Virginia spent a recent morning there with her 12-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter
"It seems like they are taken care of," she said. "They've got good water. It looks like they get plenty to eat."
Some of the bears perform tricks such as standing and turning in a circle or clapping their paws as customers toss a mix of apples, bread and lettuce over the side. Admission is $5.
The three roadside zoos on the reservation — Cherokee Bear Zoo, Chief Saunooke Bear Park and Santa's Land — are inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which makes sure they comply with the federal Animal Welfare Act.
An inspector happened to be on hand in July 2010 to witness the girl being bitten.
The inspector's report described the girl's wounds as "scratches on the palm and back of the hand and tooth marks on the wrist bone."
Bear zoos were established on the reservation before tribal casinos, said Coggins, whose family has been in the business 20 years. Visitors bought leather moccasins, had their photos made with roadside "chiefs" and visited shops that used caged bears out front to draw customers in.
Today, Harrah's Cherokee Casino & Hotel is one of North Carolina's top tourism draws and among the largest private employers in the western part of the state. The casino opened in 1997.
National hotel chains moved in, replacing some of the old mom-and-pop operations. The tribal government built Sequoyah National Golf Club and renovated part of downtown for a more upscale look.
But the bear zoos remain, and Coggins said he's proud of his zoo and they way his animals are treated.
"We love them like pets," he said. "We are lucky to have it so you can get up close and even hold one."
Some Cherokee leaders say it's time to close the zoos.
Patrick Lambert, executive director of the Cherokee Tribal Gaming Commission who is running for principal chief this year, said he would like to see a zoo built on the reservation that offers a more natural habitat.
"I think we need to work toward the closure of the concrete bear zoos and show the humane, Native American way of dealing with our animals," he said.
A larger zoo on the reservation would help the economy by attracting families, he said.
Others don't want to hurt small businesses.
Principal Chief Michell Hicks, who is running for re-election, said he doesn't agree with PETA's tactics. He said many tribe members feel the same.
Hicks said he supports the bear zoos and free enterprise, though he would like to see changes.
"I hope that in the future we can see some expansion in the parks and the habitats," he said.
Ostendorff also reports for the Asheville (N.C.) Citizen Times.

For more information about reprints & permissions, visit our FAQ's. To report corrections and clarifications, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones. For publication consideration in the newspaper, send comments to Include name, phone number, city and state for verification. To view our corrections, go to

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What are you feeding your family pet?

Click on the below link to view all the complaints with consumer affairs:

Symptoms dogs have shown:



•Excessive water drinking


•Weight loss


•Bloat (this is life threatening to a dog)

•Kidney failure

•Liver failure


This problem is not in a single region but across the country. The number of reported cases, mainly from October 2012 through January 2013, has been increasing and currently there are 220 incidents listed on the consumer affairs site alone. With pets dying after eating this food, the following questions must be asked.

Is Purina turning a blind eye to what their Beneful product is doing?

Why has there been no recall or statement issued by the FDA?

How many injuries and deaths must there be before someone takes some action?

 The FDA has three levels of recall.

1.The recall is made by the firm’s own initiative.

2.The FDA makes a request to recall.

3.The FDA orders a recall under statutory authority.

The FDA website was updated as of December 31, 2012, and with just about every other pet food available listed on the site, there is blatantly no mention of either Purina or Beneful.

In 2007, Purina dog food was identified for dog fatalities after an autopsy revealed aflatoxins in the food and the ASPCA became involved. Aflatoxins are known to be found in moldy grains, like the corn that would be in the dog food. At that time, there was a large recall. In 2005 100 dogs died for the same reason prompting another recall of a different brand of food.

What are you feeding your family pet?

US Class B Dealers list by State, Beware

US Class B dealers list - please look for your state and beware! Some sell to labs for

experimental purposes.

Alabama 9899 64-B-0070 B & B Pet Stop Inc 5035 Cottage Hill

Rd Mobile 36609

Alabama 928 64-B-0083 Blue Ridge Kennel P O Box 1207

Wetumpka 36092

Alabama 6333 64-B-0062 Fallin, Tony T & N Acres 55 Copeland Rd.

Cleveland 35049

Alabama 3356 64-B-0060 Noahs Ark Exotic Animal Auction 203

County Rd. 591 Hanceville 35077

Alabama 835 64-B-0063 Southern Biotechnology Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 26221 Birmingham 35260

Alabama 18655 64-B-0073 Weaver, Steven 418 Mary Street

Saraland 36571

Arizona 3378 86-B-0037 Pets Paradise 3442 N. 29th Avenue

Phoenix 85017

Arizona 3749 86-B-0050 Ranaco Corporation Delta Biologicals

4345 E. Irvington Road Tucson 85714

Arkansas 14285 71-B-0184 Ausley, Chad C N C Farms 7863 Hwy 84

Bismarck 71929

Arkansas 7169 71-B-0155 Baker, Michelle Bakers Kozy Kennels

P.O. Box 91 Huntington 72940

Arkansas 11637 71-B-0193 Bixler, Jack & Debbie 3025 Gooch

Hollow Rd Harrison 72601

Arkansas 31089 71-B-0179 Brooks, Jason J & L Kennels 1233

Hwy 258 Bald Knob 72010

Arkansas 27742 71-B-0181 Brooks, Wanda Rolling Hills Kennels

1156 Hwy 258 Bald Knob 72010

Arkansas 4799 71-B-0107 Cold Springs Exotic Animal 21101

Cold Springs Rd Little Rock 72210

Arkansas 36353 71-B-0194 Cooper, Amy Baker 1385 M C 152

Doddridge 71834

Arkansas 4800 71-B-0116 Culver, Lynn Natural Order Animal

Husbandry 141 Polk 664 Mean 71953

Arkansas 40517 71-B-0195 Dorner, Michael Or Christine Flippin

Exotics 1088 M C 8050 Yellville 72687

Arkansas 14204 71-B-0190 Eckart, Evanna Short Mountain Kennel

2220 North State Hwy 309 Paris 72855

Arkansas 4872 71-B-0123 Gustin, Anita Kings River Kennel 941

Cr 215 Berryville 72616

Arkansas 25148 71-B-0175 Liles, Jimmy Rex 211 Antioch

Bypass Beebe 72012

Arkansas 14952 71-B-0164 Mc Gonigal, Gail Puppies & Paws

Kennel P. O. Box 83 Alicia 72410

Arkansas 5800 71-B-0133 Mobley, Betty Gatley Hill Kennel

11435 Gateley Hill Road Dardanelle 72834

Arkansas 4795 71-B-0024 Nolan, Glyn & Ann Wildwood Farms

4736 Macedonia Rd Van Buren 72956

Arkansas 10614 71-B-0170 Nored, Bill Dryfork Kennel P.O. Box 71

Prim 72130

Arkansas 8745 71-B-0150 Peck, Frank South Forty Kennel 15665

Old Locke Rd Mountainburg 72946

Arkansas 7213 71-B-0140 Pel-Freez Arkansas, L L C 219 N.

Arkansas Street Rogers 72756

Arkansas 20980 71-B-0171 Richards, Melinda (Mindy) 345

C.R. 665 Oakgrove 72660

Arkansas 28736 71-B-0178 Ricketts, Davy & Sherlyn 2961 M

C 4019 Everton 72633

Arkansas 6754 71-B-0138 Rottinghaus, Kelly S R K Kennel 830

Greene Road 710 Paragould 72450

Arkansas 6300 71-B-0135 Sexton, W J & Barbara 10529

Powell Lane Dardanelle 72834

Arkansas 7381 71-B-0189 Whitelaw, Fred D. 270 Cottonwood

Ln. Marshall 72650

Arkansas 40421 71-B-0196 Wynn, Eddie & Darla Yorktown Bay

2155 Mazarn Rd. Bonnerdale 71933

California 7854 93-B-0222 Antibodies, Inc. P. O. Box 1560

Davis 95617

California 14307 93-B-0211 Bayou Aquatic & Reptile Supply

1908 South Lake Place Ontario 91761

California 1167 93-B-0221 Beckman Coulter, Inc. 200 South

Kraemer Blvd. Brea 92821

California 38076 93-B-0225 California Draft Horse & Equipment Sale

2000 East Four Creeks Visalia 93292

California 17731 93-B-0214 Chemicon International, Inc.

28820 Single Oak Drive Temecula 92590

California 15965 93-B-0210 Crowley, Angela & Charles San Joaquin

Valley Fisheries 10400 East Princeton Avenue Sanger 93657

California 42335 93-B-0224 G.M.K. Bio Services, L.L.C 1155

Camino Del Mar, # 506 Del Mar 92014

California 3388 93-B-0107 International Immunology Corporation

25549 Adams Avenue Murrieta 92562

California 7855 93-B-0201 Kelly, Lynn Kellys 527 North Azusa

Avenue, #274 Covina 91722

California 3384 93-B-0046 Moore, Timothy John & Sue Ann

I.F.P.S. 175 East Street Norco 92860

California 43726 93-B-0226 Pet Partners Barneys Pets & Supplies

450 North Sheridan Road Corona 92880

California 1288 93-B-0219 Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 330

Beach Road Burlingame 94010

California 3391 93-B-0147 Primate Products, Inc. P.O. Box

620415 Woodside 94062

California 7032 93-B-0205 Quality Pets Of California, Inc.

16612 South Broadway Gardena 90248

California 3393 93-B-0179 Robert Sargeant 655 Ash Street

Ramona 92065

California 3832 93-B-0192 Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

2145 Delaware Avenue Santa Cruz 95060

California 3392 93-B-0152 Sargeants Wholesale Biologicals

4900 Lisa Marie Court Bakersfield 93313

California 1121 93-B-0206 Scantibodies Laboratories, Inc.

9336 Abraham Way Santee 92071

California 6355 93-B-0193 Thompson, Jr., Allen California K-9

Auction Service 1506 Sproule Avenue Sacramento 95811

California 18820 93-B-0216 Valley Biosystems P.O. Box 2216

West Sacramento 95691

California 7228 93-B-0198 Wonderful World Pet Suppliers 25

Del Mar Circle Crockett 94525

California 3688 93-B-0184 Yates, Kevin Animal Educators P.

O. Box 1675 Valley Center 92082

Colorado 44021 84-B-0112 3 F Pets & Supplies, Inc. 1812 W.

101st Ave. Thornton 80260

Colorado 29785 84-B-0100 Aine, Mark Town & Country Pet Center

130 S. Cleveland Avenue Loveland 80537

Colorado 27324 84-B-0094 All Star Pets, L L C 708 Main

Street Canon City 81212

Colorado 1086 84-B-0072 Colorado Serum Company P. O. Box

16428 Denver 80216

Colorado 38208 84-B-0102 Criss, Bridgette Suggie Saver's

14992 E. 117th Ave. Brighton 80603

Colorado 39723 84-B-0108 Greatland Enterprises, Inc. 1906

Davewood Rd. Montrose 81401

Colorado 34015 84-B-0110 Hatton, Nancy P O Box 104 Yoder


Colorado 21746 84-B-0107 James, Roxann Animal Kingdom 32

Bramblewood Pueblo 81005

Colorado 25947 84-B-0092 M.J.M. Caviary & Rabbitry, Inc.

10500 Wadsworth Blvd Broomfield 80021

Colorado 3669 84-B-0071 Paquette/Sutley, Joann Second Time

Around 7057 W. Pineview Dr. Littleton 80125

Colorado 44413 84-B-0111 Prairie Bark Kennels, Inc. 525

Bryant St. Denver 80204

Colorado 16316 84-B-0086 Scales 'N Tails, Inc. 1470 W.

104th Ave. Northglenn 80234

Colorado 31400 84-B-0101 Shellabarger, Patricia 61935 C.R.

U60 Moffat 81143

Colorado 25423 84-B-0091 Stone, Larry & Annette 10758

Brewer Drive Northglenn 80234

Colorado 8365 84-B-0095 Thompson, Dennis Fox Hill Farm 151

South County Road 157 Strasburg 80136

Colorado 3502 84-B-0061 Tropaquatics, Inc. 4990 Paris

Street Denver 80239

Connecticut 28025 16-B-0032 All Pets Club Inc 1167 N Colony

Rd Wallingford 06492

Connecticut 1937 16-B-0002 Fish Mart Inc 28 Richard Street

West Haven 06516

Connecticut 20704 16-B-0034 The Pet Pantry Warehouse 290

Railroad Avenue Greenwich 06830

Delaware 719 50-B-0013 Analytical Biological Services Inc.

701-4 Cornell Business Park Wilmington 19801

Delaware 6040 50-B-0003 Rad Pets 626 Scrap Tavern Rd.

Felton 19943

Delaware 9014 50-B-0011 Strategic Diagnostics 111

Pencader Drive Newark 19702

Florida 6249 58-B-0265 Abels, Jason 7750 S.W. 120th Street

Miami 33156

Florida 3078 58-B-0110 Alentado, Antonio Po Box 8177 Sebring


Florida 28673 58-B-0440 American Domestic Skunk Assoc Inc

1311 Hamlin Dr Clearwater 33764

Florida 14645 58-B-0458 Antone, Paul Arcade Pet Stop I 1010 Us

27 N Sebring 33870

Florida 43720 58-B-0496 Antoniak, Robert & Debra 4499 10th

Ave Se Naples 34117

Florida 28000 58-B-0427 Atlantis Pet Shop Inc 215 71st Street

Miami Beach 33141

Florida 40894 58-B-0498 Bernard, Edith 4775 Sw Country Pl

Palm City 34990

Florida 17771 58-B-0477 Beverlys Pet Center Inc 8356 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines 33024

Florida 6737 58-B-0414 Blanco, Franklin Rainforest A & G Inc

28501 Sw 187 Avenue Miami 33030

Florida 34641 58-B-0453 Bordelon, Lisa 6383 7th Ave N St

Petersburg 33710

Florida 22836 58-B-0408 Branford Pets Inc 509 Sw Drane Street

Branford 32008

Florida 37996 58-B-0475 Brezil, Lisa Blazin Reptiles 10991-32

San Jose Blvd Jacksonville 32223

Florida 12260 58-B-0312 Chilton, Donald Reptile Express 915 Robert

Ave Lehigh Acres 33936

Florida 12032 58-B-0313 Cochran, Cindy All Exotic Birds & Pets 911

N E 12th St Cape Coral 33909

Florida 30737 58-B-0445 Crawford, Tommy 9591 Sw 65th Terrace

Lake Butler 32054

Florida 6974 58-B-0406 D & H Pet Farms Inc 3103 S Sapp Rd

Plant City 33567

Florida 15947 58-B-0438 Demango, Christopher 15300 Sw 27th

St Davie 33331

Florida 12533 58-B-0326 Dykstra Farms Inc 5051 Varn Rd

Plant City 33565

Florida 36943 58-B-0491 Ernesto J Kuperman Llc Pets Unlimited

1299 N University Dr Coral Springs 33071

Florida 6584 58-B-0272 Evan, Sian Primate Professionals 15460

S.W. 216 Street Miami 33170

Florida 35531 58-B-0480 Exotic Pets & More Inc 13461 Deer

Creek Drive Palm Beach Gardens 33418

Florida 17507 58-B-0363 Fentons Pet Harbor Inc 329 Cypress

Gardens Blvd. Winter Haven 33880

Florida 14547 58-B-0392 Gibbons, Arthur 5712 S Plantain Pt.

Lecanto 34461

Florida 40330 58-B-0483 Global Retail Enterprises Inc Pocket Pets

16710 Sanctuary Estates Dr Cape Coral 33993

Florida 43267 58-B-0494 Harbaugh Enterprises Inc The Pet Shack

125 Prarie Falcon Dr Groveland 34736

Florida 2975 58-B-0216 Hobson, Andre 612 64th Street, Court

E Palmetto 34221

Florida 9288 58-B-0297 Incredible Pets Inc 1270 N Wickham Rd

Unit #41 Melbourne 32935

Florida 11648 58-B-0487 International Fauna Po Box 273

Brooksville 34605

Florida 2980 58-B-0433 Jesse Williams Inc 2475 Inagua Ave.

Coconut Grove 33133

Florida 42354 58-B-0493 Jms Of Sarasota Animal Crackers Pets

6230 N Lockwood Ridge Rd Sarasota 34243

Florida 1903 58-B-0105 Julies Jungle 4235 Dewey Rose Lane

Cantonment 32533

Florida 12689 58-B-0322 Just Puppies Inc 4115 S. Orange

Blossom Trail Orlando 32839

Florida 23862 58-B-0407 Knox, Rodney Po Box 1761 Bushnell


Florida 7687 58-B-0289 Little, Denise & Bruce Little Animal

Kingdom And Preserve 8658 Chinook Rd Zolfo Springs 33890

Florida 14171 58-B-0334 Luna, Juan John's Pet Shop 1618 Alton Rd.

Miami Beach 33139

Florida 12031 58-B-0309 Mark Johnson, Marcia Solomon & Florida

Ferrets & Chinchillas 114 Sw Graham St Port Charlotte 33952

Florida 6897 58-B-0278 Mata Hari Animal Brokers 3723 35th

Street West Bradenton 34205

Florida 3052 58-B-0439 Mcavay, Cindy 14170 115 Street

Fellsmere 32948

Florida 6217 58-B-0263 Morell, Paul Morells Exotic Friends

4447-43rd St. N. St Petersburg 33714

Florida 2952 58-B-0226 Norford, Judith Puppy Palace 3910 S W 56

Court Fort Lauderdale 33312

Florida 32905 58-B-0451 Pampered Pets Of Key West 2508-102 N

Roosevelt Blvd Key West 33040

Florida 6644 58-B-0442 Pearce, Mark & Patricia L Cross Livestock

Sale Barn Rt 6 Box 992 Okeechobee 34974

Florida 31574 58-B-0474 Pet City 2119 Collier Pkwy Land O

Lakes 34639

Florida 11923 58-B-0310 Pet Kingdom 4650-7 S Cleveland Ave Ft

Myers 33907

Florida 25205 58-B-0415 Pet Nation Llc 1890 Andorra Street

Navarre 32566

Florida 36785 58-B-0467 Pet Safari Inc 1749 Main St (Sr 580)

Dunedin 34698

Florida 18911 58-B-0375 Petland Of Merritt Island 190 Via De

La Reina Merritt Island 32953

Florida 29842 58-B-0466 Pets Universe Inc 311 Del Prado Blvd

S Unit 9 Cape Coral 33990

Florida 7666 58-B-0288 Powers Jr, George Backwoods Farm Inc

14225 85th Street Fellsmere 32948

Florida 12513 58-B-0461 Puppies And More Inc 1077 W Us Hwy

90, Suite 110 Lake City 32055

Florida 3071 58-B-0171 Rare Species Conservatory Foundation Inc

1222 E Road Loxahatchee 33470

Florida 3286 58-B-0340 Richard L Miller Dvm Pa 5700 Sw 130th

Ave. Fort Lauderdale 33330

Florida 24889 58-B-0410 Rosenberg, Susan Tiny Wear & More

13201 Sw 32nd Ct Davie 33330

Florida 7115 58-B-0282 Rosenblum, Gary 221 Griffin Road

Naples 34113

Florida 18675 58-B-0386 Rush, Bill Island Pet Shop 55 B Goodwin

Drive Merritt Island 32952

Florida 24898 58-B-0412 Rutkowski, Thomas Glidinon 4455 Nw

120th St Chiefland 32626

Florida 44295 58-B-0499 Scales And Fur Inc 5931 Ravenswood

Road Unit A15 Dania 33312

Florida 16495 58-B-0358 Scales Exotic Pets Inc 1223 Kingsway

Road Brandon 33510

Florida 21688 58-B-0497 Segrest Farms Inc P O Box 758

Gibsonton 33534

Florida 25730 58-B-0416 Shalaby, Tony 116 Oak Drive

Clewiston 33440

Florida 3314 58-B-0240 Strictly Reptiles Inc 6450 Stirling

Rd. Hollywood 33024

Florida 36400 58-B-0469 The Tropical Rainforest Preserve Inc

163 66th Terrace West Palm Beach 33413

Florida 34572 58-B-0454 Tippie, Stephen Fancypet Petstore 1507 S

Alexander St Ste 101 Plant City 33563

Florida 7892 58-B-0362 Underground Reptiles Inc 151 N.

Powerline Rd Deerfield Beach 33442

Florida 38669 58-B-0485 Vreeken, Angela The Animal Place 1765

Queen St Titusville 32780

Florida 43650 58-B-0495 Wild Things Exotic Animals Inc 4010

Olde Tyme Place Middleburg 30268

Florida 3261 58-B-0112 Worldwide Primates Inc Po Box 971279

Miami 33197

Florida 21704 58-B-0459 Wright, Pete Pt Ferrets & Supplies

2588 Morgan Rd Deland 32720

Florida 42040 58-B-0492 Yoshida, Masashige Pet Connection Usa 930

Nw 27th Ave Miami 33125

Florida 34089 58-B-0450 Zaffuto, Anthony Mr Petman Supercenter

2400 S Ridgewood Ave South Daytona 32119

Florida 11292 58-B-0306 Zoological Imports 2000 Inc 16225 Sw

172 Avenue Miami 33187

Georgia 25637 57-B-0139 Bornemann, John 1360 Lockhart Dr

Kennesaw 30144

Georgia 2971 57-B-0137 Carney, Sherry Fascinating Felines 3078

East Hwy 166 Carrollton 30117

Georgia 40775 57-B-0149 Carter Reaves, Rebecca The Petbarn 108

Rudell Rd Vidalia 30474

Georgia 6427 57-B-0126 Cleveland, Richard 398 Good Dam View

Road Hartwell 30643

Georgia 39771 57-B-0147 Crawford, Shirley 87 Caylei Ln

Lavonia 30553

Georgia 11690 57-B-0131 Findley, Michael Valley Brook Farm

1591 Davis Academy Rd Madison 30650

Georgia 3329 57-B-0122 L W E/Lee Wright Enterprises 155

Wright Road Macon 31217

Georgia 880 57-B-0111 Lee Laboratories 1475 Athens Highway

Grayson 30221

Georgia 17629 57-B-0145 Mullis, Gary Eucalyptus Estates P O Box

272 Baxley 31515

Georgia 44435 57-B-0150 Noahs Ark Pet Shop Janine Keene 4345

Hartley Ridge Rd Macon 31216

Georgia 9278 57-B-0129 Riopelle, Christy Christy & Dean Riopelle

14325 Hopewell Road Alpharetta 30004

Georgia 35765 57-B-0146 Sun Pet Ltd 3765 Zip Industrial Blvd

Atlanta 30354

Georgia 884 57-B-0148 T R S Labs Inc Po Box 5112 Athens 30604

Georgia 36022 57-B-0144 The Pet Shop Inc Discount Pets 5752

Appalachian Hwy Blue Ridge 30513

Idaho 478 82-B-0024 Northeastern Wildlife, Inc. Box 273

Harrison 83833

Illinois 2388 33-B-0185 Apet Inc 195 Prairie Lakes Road

East Dundee 60188

Illinois 28267 33-B-0383 Archer, Vicki Archers K-9 Companion

7823 North State Rt 159 Moro 62067

Illinois 2767 33-B-0001 Basile, John F Big Run Animal Farm

14857 Farrell Road Lockport 60441

Illinois 39522 33-B-0399 Corbins Exotic Pets 212 Lindow Ln

Site B Marengo 60152

Illinois 15455 33-B-0349 Curb, Betty Bettys Puppys 5345 Renfro

Lake Road Mulkeytown 62865

Illinois 32377 33-B-0386 Detweiler, Lester L - L Pets Rt 1

Sullivan 61951

Illinois 9351 33-B-0338 Exclusively Exotics 335 Beinoris

Wood Dale 60191

Illinois 37165 33-B-0392 Feather & Fur Pets 500 Andra

Maryville 62062

Illinois 27339 33-B-0371 Finley, Bruce Finley Farms 18100

New Dennison Rd Marion 62959

Illinois 22548 33-B-0393 Graber, Alva Rt 2 Box 205 G

Sullivan 61951

Illinois 2539 33-B-0192 Gruninger, Stephen T L S Research 151

Ringneck Lane Bloomingdale 60108

Illinois 43250 33-B-0405 Hill Haven Sugar Gliders 1616

State Hwy 78 N Jacksonville 62650

Illinois 43448 33-B-0407 Jims Pet Gallery 2016 Clark

Avenue Granite City 62040

Illinois 37963 33-B-0394 Johns, Lynnette Lynns Country Kennel

17620 State Hwy 96 Rockport 62370

Illinois 38706 33-B-0396 Kauffman, Allen & Kenneth R 2 Box

47 Arthur 61911

Illinois 10959 33-B-0333 L S Global Inc 999 Plaza Drive

#675 Schaumburg 60173

Illinois 38293 33-B-0398 Lw Pets Llc Petland Niles 5661 W

Touhy Niles 60714

Illinois 7127 33-B-0307 Mc Collum, Marilyn Jean M J Mc Collum

Hauling Rte #1, Box 249 Winchester 62694

Illinois 41401 33-B-0401 Miller Bros Inc Arthur Sale Barn Po

Box 321 Arthur 61911

Illinois 9005 33-B-0320 Milne, Gail 29w211c Bode Road

Elgin 60120

Illinois 2525 33-B-0234 Morris, Betty Morris Kennels 2260

Possum Flat Rd. Galatia 62935

Illinois 13372 33-B-0341 Mourning, D Lynn Sunny Morning

Kennel Po Box 216 Stonefort 62987

Illinois 40961 33-B-0400 Niemann Foods Inc Pet Supplies Plus

1501 N 12th St Po Box C-847 Quincy 62306

Illinois 34563 33-B-0382 Park, Katarina Zenexotics 2280

Georgetown Circle Aurora 60503

Illinois 20938 33-B-0361 Prewett, Roger Critter Hill 24627

Mcmullen Road Hopedale 61747

Illinois 39963 33-B-0403 R2 Farms Inc Rt 2 Box 53a

Beecher City 62414

Illinois 18756 33-B-0374 Rainbow Pets Inc 1417 West

Schaumburg Road Schaumburg 60194

Illinois 2765 33-B-0406 Reynolds, Brad 205 W Walnut (A)

Chatham 62629

Illinois 26863 33-B-0380 Riggs, Jason Riggs Rare And Exotic

Pets 318 John St North Aurora 60542

Illinois 9345 33-B-0328 S & F Pet Supply Wholesale 1892 S

Chana Rd Chana 61015

Illinois 2536 33-B-0167 Sailfin Pet Shop Inc 720 S. Neil

Street Champaign 61820

Illinois 10447 33-B-0337 Scheetz, Jason Js Kennels 2446 North

County Road 1500 Niota 62358

Illinois 10649 33-B-0381 Schnidt, Lori Lori's Little Critters

109 N State Belvidere 61008

Illinois 42492 33-B-0404 Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc

Attn: Raqs Deerfield 60015

Illinois 21471 33-B-0363 Super Pets Inc 910 W Lake Ave

Peoria 61614

Illinois 2404 33-B-0006 Telford, Thomas 3250 Telford Ln

Salem 62881

Illinois 3844 33-B-0298 The Animal Store Inc 4364 W.

Touhy Avenue Lincolnwood 60712

Illinois 15194 33-B-0402 Walker, Ken Kens Exotics 1145

Eastview Dr Paxton 60957

Illinois 2521 33-B-0277 Wilbur, Roy Hidden Acres 328 Hickory

Street Kincaid 62540

Illinois 32207 33-B-0385 Wild, Sandy Wildhaven 11843 Route 72

West Forreston 61030

Illinois 2726 33-B-0384 Williams, Anna A & R Wildlife And

Exotics Rr 2, Box 122 Tower Hill 62571

Illinois 7506 33-B-0308 Wilson Pet Supply 6450 Muirfield

Court Hanover Park 60103

Illinois 27131 33-B-0369 Wilson, Nan Squawk N Talk Pet Shop 212

W Scwartz St Salem 62881

Indiana 1914 32-B-0143 Bale, Robert Topeka Livestock Auction

P.O. Box 279 Topeka 46571

Indiana 2694 32-B-0085 Chambers, K Kevin 7816 N. Cr 75 W.

Shelburn 47879

Indiana 2663 32-B-0002 Crowell, James 10040 N Cr 675 W

Fairbanks 47849

Indiana 18395 32-B-0193 Dalgleish, Cathy 4253 West 1100

North Dupont 47231

Indiana 17018 32-B-0208 Fisher, Jonas Playful Paw Kennel 10961 N

Centerville Road Williamsburg 47393

Indiana 10273 32-B-0172 Gilbert, John G.I. Acres 680 Red Oak Way

Mooresville 46158

Indiana 8065 32-B-0182 Graber, Levi P O Box 44 Bloomfield


Indiana 765 32-B-0207 Harlan Laboratories Inc 8520 Allison

Pointe, #400 Indianapolis 46250

Indiana 2695 32-B-0046 Harps Exotic Fish & Pets Inc 1309 N.

Greenriver Rd. Evansville 47715

Indiana 2698 32-B-0123 Hudelson, Bob 780 Heise Road Orleans


Indiana 2693 32-B-0117 Koenig, Bob Bobs Bears 4005 E County Road

1050 S Carlisle 47838

Indiana 2691 32-B-0045 L B L Kennels 8745 N Co Rd 500e

Reelsville 46171

Indiana 2700 32-B-0129 Millspaugh, Patrick Critter Corner Pet Shop

Inc 1796 E. Vaile Avenue Kokomo 46901

Indiana 2650 32-B-0009 Pet Centers Of Indiana Inc Uncle Bills Pet

Center 4829 W. 38th St. Indianapolis 46254

Indiana 11938 32-B-0205 Peveler, Tim Kingdom Of The Mammals

6880 New Amsterdam Rod Sw Central 47110

Indiana 2706 32-B-0176 Picture Perfect Pet Center, Inc.

2233 Westwood Square Marion 46952

Indiana 12246 32-B-0178 Raisor, Sherie Raisor's Rodents 25 East

State Rd 42 Mooresville 46158

Indiana 42380 32-B-0209 Safari Adventures In Pets Inc 9265 E

Us Hwy 36 Avon 46123

Indiana 36048 32-B-0210 Schmucker, John Riversite Kennels 13612

Bremer Rd New Haven 46774

Indiana 9188 32-B-0171 Simon Says Company 10150 Zionsville Rd

Zionsville 46077

Indiana 2702 32-B-0121 Smalley, Gary Smalley Exotic Farm 7014 W.

Yant Road Silver Lake 46982

Indiana 13998 32-B-0204 Smith, Fonda Creatures Great And Small

7111 S 625 W West Point 47992

Indiana 26890 32-B-0203 Strader, John Bridgets Birdland 11411 E

Copperline Rd Evansville 47712

Indiana 14860 32-B-0183 The Pet Jungle Llc 4335 West 106th St

Suite 750 Carmel 46032

Indiana 1694 32-B-0161 The Veterinarians Blood Bank Inc

3849 S. State Road 135 Vallonia 47281

Indiana 9153 32-B-0165 Van Meter, Patti Greene Acres Rr 1

Box 45 Solsberry 47459

Indiana 2705 32-B-0135 Warren, Keith Po Box 391 Brookville


Iowa 28397 42-B-0238 Admire, Rusty Biggest Small Ranch 1006 S.

11th Street Centerville 52544

Iowa 6991 42-B-0168 Arends, Carolyn & Julie Julie's Jewels

3434 Little Wall Lake Road Jewell 50130

Iowa 21824 42-B-0214 Arieux Farms Inc 1396 145th Street

Wellman 52356

Iowa 5401 42-B-0132 Bailey, Gary And Colleen Bailey's Animal

House 1202 W High Davenport 52804

Iowa 5167 42-B-0191 Budden, Ken And Jan Creek Bottom Kennel

4583 Goldfinch Ave Maurice 51036

Iowa 35703 42-B-0253 Campbell, Tommy 406 West 7th Moulton


Iowa 18816 42-B-0237 Carter, Francis E. Or Janet Sage Creek

Kennel 1423 520th Lane Melrose 52569

Iowa 5149 42-B-0018 Connolly, De Wayne Connolly's Exotic

Animal Farm 1754 123rd Ave Wapello 52653

Iowa 18422 42-B-0259 Connolly, Dennis & Gail Connolly Exotics

1010 Perry Street Knoxville 50138

Iowa 5150 42-B-0008 Conrad, Dennis And Toots Conrad

Livestock 412 N Keokuk Washington Rd Keota 52248

Iowa 37113 42-B-0252 Cornstalker Kennels 3940 Hickory Ave.

Sioux Center 51250

Iowa 38895 42-B-0256 De Armond, Ron 1203 Columbus Pella


Iowa 15147 42-B-0218 Dodds, Sheridee 2209 - 100 Ave Algona


Iowa 1617 42-B-0178 Elmira Biologicals, Inc. 5514 Elmira

Rd N E Iowa City 52240

Iowa 25342 42-B-0248 Francis, Julie P O Box 493 Eddyville


Iowa 36417 42-B-0263 Friends Of Oleson Park Zoo P.O. Box 33

Fort Dodge 50501

Iowa 5334 42-B-0129 Grant, Troy & Jody Critter Haven Exotics

4321 Heather Ave Thornton 50479

Iowa 31579 42-B-0241 Gulker, Orlan & Evie Dry Creek Kennel

2136 380th Street Sioux Center 51250

Iowa 2857 42-B-0227 Haberman, Brian And Becky Shady Oaks

1212 Marks Hill Road Northwood 50459

Iowa 5061 46-B-0033 Hayes, James And Cynthia Brule Creek

Kennels 47718 315 Street Akron 51001

Iowa 7483 42-B-0188 Heikens Ark, Inc. P O Box 35456 Des

Moines 50315

Iowa 6475 42-B-0159 Heritage Puppies L.L.C. 4348 Bluebill

Ave Lake Mills 50450

Iowa 5160 42-B-0226 Johnson, Connie And Harold C W's Quaint

Critters 2503 Hwy 59 Melvin 51350

Iowa 44495 42-B-0264 Kalona Sales Barn, Inc. P O Box 820

Kalona 52247

Iowa 5161 42-B-0039 Kelley, Rodnie Kelley's Kennel 10130 205

St Kellerton 50133

Iowa 5784 42-B-0148 Kennel Technique, Inc. 1950 660 St

Harlan 51537

Iowa 25519 42-B-0236 Kintzel, Cindy 462 Warbler Ave Ackley


Iowa 5162 42-B-0041 Krage, Stephen Circle K Farm 32996 Fox

Ave Sioux City 51108

Iowa 9245 42-B-0182 Kruse, Steve Stonehenge Kennel 2345

Hwy 16 West Point 52656

Iowa 5277 42-B-0261 Krutsinger, Richard & Louise 2211 50

Pl Dallas 50062

Iowa 18150 42-B-0245 Mast, Albert Al's Kennel 25470

Pleasanton Road Leon 50144

Iowa 5625 42-B-0142 Meyers, Heath Century Farm Puppies

22928 270th Street Grundy Center 50638

Iowa 6934 42-B-0165 Midland Bioproducts Corp P O Box 309

Boone 50036

Iowa 24329 42-B-0233 Mohrfeld, Brian Perfect Puppies 125 215th

Avenue West Point 52656

Iowa 29203 42-B-0231 New Horizon Puppies, L.L.C. New Horizon

Puppies 314 Hwy 105 Lake Mills 50450

Iowa 42986 42-B-0262 Nichols, Pat 1023 295 St Bridgewater


Iowa 43124 42-B-0265 Oleo Acres Kennels, Inc. 970 180 Th

St. Britt 50423

Iowa 29404 42-B-0232 Olson, Kimberly 3807 Apricot Ave

Joice 50446

Iowa 5175 42-B-0051 Prokes, Evelee Menagerie Hill Farm 17372

614 St Cincinnati 52549

Iowa 5151 42-B-0022 Rainbow Kennels, Inc. 4429 Waters

Edge Dr Sioux Center 51250

Iowa 5176 42-B-0115 Reinke, Connie Crimson Rose Kennel 2079

95th Street Geneva 50633

Iowa 26794 42-B-0255 Rollefson, Tari Hollywood Pups 148 365 St

Joice 50446

Iowa 5177 42-B-0052 Ruby Fur Farm, Inc 2564 200th Street

New Sharon 50207

Iowa 17017 42-B-0225 Steffensmeier, Mark 1164 Pilot Grove Rd

Salem 52649

Iowa 7484 42-B-0175 Sterrenberg, Brian Brian's Kennels 24222

385th Street Joice 50446

Iowa 8038 42-B-0186 Stover, Leonard Northwest Kennel 4920

320th Street Sheldon 51201

Iowa 28833 42-B-0234 Struve Labs, Inc 1603 Enterprise

Street Manning 51455

Iowa 8171 42-B-0180 Stuekerjuergen, Julia Corner View Kennels

1602 145 St Donnellson 52625

Iowa 12754 42-B-0211 Taylor Brothers, Inc Forest City Cow

Palace Po Box 393 Forest City 50436

Iowa 5185 42-B-0064 Te Stroete, Scott Arlo Farms 1204 3

Ave S W Sioux Center 51250

Iowa 5187 42-B-0090 Van Doorn, Ed Squaw Creek Kennels 745

Cherry Street Barnes City 50027

Iowa 6735 42-B-0205 Virchow, Robert And Deborah 1547 State

Line Rd 510th Northwood 50459

Iowa 32781 42-B-0258 Waring, William Willow Breeze Kennels

3672 Us 75 Ave Sioux Center 51250

Iowa 5189 42-B-0080 Wenger, Clarence And Dorothy C & D

Kennels 2470 320 St Wayland 52654

Iowa 23650 42-B-0242 Wilharm, Ron Eagle Run Kennels 1026

Old Highway 92 Tracy 50256

Iowa 30248 42-B-0250 Yoder, Will Midwest Classic Kennel 18085

Hwy 2 Bloomfield 52537

Iowa 5190 42-B-0081 Zieman, Donna D-N Kennels 13935 Coral Ave

Luana 52156

Kansas 12658 48-B-0304 Ade, Hallie Ade's Choc. Labs & Companions

6832 E. Mentor Rd Gypsum 67448

Kansas 4111 48-B-0081 B J's & Guys Llc Hc 1 Box 38 Menlo


Kansas 6701 48-B-0191 Barta, Richard The Pet Shop P.O. Box

301 Independence 67301

Kansas 8902 48-B-0222 Bobbitt, Scott The Pet Company 3124 10th

Great Bend 67530

Kansas 24867 48-B-0314 Bonella, Mike Manhatten Aquarium Co &

Water Garden Center 514 Pillsbury Dr. Manhattan 66502

Kansas 42450 48-B-0307 Bowman, Darcy That Critter Place P. O.

Box 126 Pawnee Rock 67567

Kansas 4120 48-B-0026 Boyd Kennels, Inc. 482 21st Rd Beattie


Kansas 4097 48-B-0123 Canterbury Tails, Inc. 875 Dakota Rd

Mcpherson 67460

Kansas 34479 48-B-0302 Carpenter, Mary Blue Moon Kennels P. O.

Box 145 Melvern 66510

Kansas 4271 48-B-0310 Caruthers, Mary Mary's Enterprises 1921

Frontier Rd Mcpherson 67460

Kansas 4121 48-B-0106 Christiansen, Stan E. 640 N E 190th

Street Hudson 67545

Kansas 30684 48-B-0286 Dill, Phillip 414 134th St. Eureka


Kansas 31563 48-B-0292 Fawcett, James P. 711 Crestview Dr.

Junction City 66441

Kansas 4920 48-B-0249 Featherston, Richard & Opal Royale Kennel

17520 K-9 Hwy Whiting 66552

Kansas 4248 48-B-0225 Fortin, Jeff 4-10 Best Pets R R 3 Box

45 Oberlin 67749

Kansas 26099 48-B-0289 Frye, Cal 5404 S. E. 60th St. Newton


Kansas 4921 48-B-0309 Gordon, Christine 2454 C R 4500

Coffeyville 67337

Kansas 4101 48-B-0114 Heart Of America Game Breeders Assn

14000 W 215 St Bucyrus 66013

Kansas 20741 48-B-0288 Hoppe, Kay Hoppe's Kennels 539 N 30th Rd

Glasco 67445

Kansas 28845 48-B-0277 Justin Kramer, Jim Kramer / Kramer

Livestock Farm 4040 Meade Rd Parsons 67357

Kansas 11959 48-B-0311 Kershner, Shelli Walnut Creek Kennel R R

1 Box 86 A Rush Center 67575

Kansas 4114 48-B-0007 Kibbe, Martha Kibbes Kennels 300 N.

Mill Beloit 67420

Kansas 28450 48-B-0308 King, Patrick O. 704 210 Ave

Hays 67601

Kansas 6013 48-B-0271 Koster, Charlene & Darlene 532 K 106

Minneapolis 67467

Kansas 4119 48-B-0120 La Donna & Dakota Coffield, Robert & R

Della Benning & R & R Country Kennel Rr 2 Box 177 Coffeyville


Kansas 4116 48-B-0043 Lambriar, Inc. 100 Pine St Mahaska


Kansas 4108 48-B-0127 Langerot, Mike 82 Nw Skidmore Ln

Scammon 66773

Kansas 5882 48-B-0246 Loe, Delmar & Kathy Loe Kennels P.O. Box

205 Jewell 66949

Kansas 30415 48-B-0316 Madl, Lisa Puppy Hugs 225 South 20th

Street Walnut 66780

Kansas 4193 48-B-0303 Mosshart, Sam 2223 C R 31 Protection


Kansas 1390 48-B-0070 Nelson, Jerry & Jo Ann Trailane Kennels

22549 C Rd Soldier 66540

Kansas 17452 48-B-0248 Padilla, Vickie 31505 22th Rd Ensign


Kansas 44024 48-B-0312 Pearson, Joy Pet N Pets 1805 South

National Fort Scott 66701

Kansas 6550 48-B-0187 Pet Stop Inc. 6218 Nieman Rd Shawnee


Kansas 4152 48-B-0273 Pierce, Peggy Pierce's Kennels 543 W

Pine St Narka 66960

Kansas 13639 48-B-0270 Reynolds, Pam P O Box 147 Cuba


Kansas 27504 48-B-0269 Rife, Melvin L J L Kennel 2030 4800

St. Bronson 66716

Kansas 4102 48-B-0018 Rokenn Enterprises, Inc 137 N. 110th Rd

Delphos 67436

Kansas 4107 48-B-0121 Roseberry, Sharon Maple Lane Kennels

5335 240th Rd Chanute 66720

Kansas 33821 48-B-0313 Rottinghaus, Audrey Windy Hills Pets

1377 144th Rd Seneca 66538

Kansas 6745 48-B-0194 Rottinghaus, Kale & Sandra N V K 1122

128th Rd. Seneca 66538

Kansas 4103 48-B-0107 Smith, William & Darcy Sparks Kennel Po

Box 2453 Salina 67402

Kansas 30687 48-B-0291 Stewart, Dorothy Stewart Ranch 1515

Old Hwy 40 Junction City 66441

Kansas 7798 48-B-0281 Stewart, James & Karen 11632 N E

Center Star Rd. Pittsburg 66762

Kansas 44737 48-B-0315 Tails & Scales Inc. 1718 Nelson Dr

Derby 67037

Kansas 4104 48-B-0126 Todd, Jan T-Bar Ranch R R 1 Havana


Kansas 11675 48-B-0235 Turner, Janice Mammajan's Monkey's 207

South Oak Medicine Lodge 67104

Kansas 4952 48-B-0144 Vanderpool, J W & Paulette Vanderpool

Exotics 25048 - 15 Rd Meade 67864

Kansas 4100 48-B-0118 Walker, C. L. Walker Exotics 1380 River

Rd. Mulvane 67110

Kansas 5698 48-B-0163 Walton, Shirley & Darole Skyview Kennel

10664 Jewell Road Fredonia 66736

Kansas 8695 48-B-0217 Ward's Pet Garden Center, Inc. 2703

Taylor Plaza Garden City 67846

Kansas 4133 48-B-0238 Westhoff, Wilma Elk Creek Kennel 13450

Gray Rd Chanute 66720

Kansas 36063 48-B-0296 Willems, Louis 1075 19000 Rd. Parsons


Kansas 22004 48-B-0276 Wilson, Darryl & Larry D & L Kennels

2515 S E Cole Creek El Dorado 67042

Kentucky 43244 61-B-0129 Stamper, Tim Tst Bulldogs 2450

Ryan Rd Wallingford 41093

Kentucky 19598 61-B-0124 Foster, Perry & Crystal Mountain Top

Kennels 1389 Spring Road Wallingford 41093

Kentucky 3330 61-B-0120 Hardy, Gail Claydaga Kennels 2028

State Route 116 East Fulton 42041

Kentucky 44048 61-B-0130 Helton, Ruth 201 Brush Arbor

Road Williamsburg 40769

Kentucky 39021 61-B-0128 Hunter, Denise Hunter Kennel 224

Kimble St Hickory 42051

Kentucky 3193 61-B-0116 Mcclanahan, Margaret Half Pint

Miniature Horses 1151 Rogers Gap Rd Georgetown 40324

Kentucky 31200 61-B-0126 Pet World 726 Highway 15 North

Jackson 41339

Kentucky 40399 61-B-0127 Twin Oak Kennels Inc 439 W White

Sulfur Rd Fredonia 42411

Louisiana 34550 72-B-0131 Critter Company 811 Benton Rd

Bossier City 71111

Louisiana 4776 72-B-0117 Gratia, Kevin Aitarg P. O. Box 279

Abita Springs 70420

Louisiana 42572 72-B-0130 Grossenbacher, Karen 60275

Joeffer Road Slidell 70460

Louisiana 8042 72-B-0112 Humble, Clara C-Max's Rottweilers 135

Silas Mercer Rd Tullos 71479

Louisiana 7033 72-B-0109 Porter, Michael Southern Exotics

35409 Garden Dr Slidell 70460

Louisiana 16249 72-B-0124 Price, Memory Wild Animal World

8735 Fairoaks St. Denham Springs 70726

Louisiana 24398 72-B-0126 Stoutz, Edwin P.O. Box 850996 New

Orleans 70185

Louisiana 4773 72-B-0030 Tulane National Primate Research Center

18703 Three Rivers Rd Covington 70433

Louisiana 4774 72-B-0005 Waubun Laboratories Inc. P.O.

Box 453 Schriever 70395

Maine 78 11-B-0009 Diamed Inc 2 Inland Farm Road Windham


Maine 1953 11-B-0007 New England Exotics Inc 102 Railroad

Ave York Beach 03910

Maryland 9234 51-B-0013 Archer Farms Po Box 322

Darlington 21034

Maryland 9820 51-B-0017 Becton Dickinson Diagnostics Systems

Field Center 1414 Harkins Rd Pylesville 21132

Maryland 33766 51-B-0033 Bioreliance Corporation 14920

Broschart Road Rockville 20850

Maryland 16049 51-B-0031 Cottage Critters Inc Precious Pet

Cottage 672 Old Mill Road Suite C Millersville 21108

Maryland 12685 51-B-0022 Just Puppies Inc 13929 Baltimore

Ave # 1 Laurel 20707

Maryland 94 51-B-0006 Lonza Group Ltd 8830 Biggs Ford Rd

Walkersville 21793

Maryland 7968 51-B-0011 Pet Peddlers 6400 Frederick Rd

Catonsville 21228

Maryland 7968 51-B-0011 Pet Peddlers 9105 Fredrick Road

Ellicott City 21042

Maryland 13220 51-B-0032 Seabreeze Pet Center Seabreeze Pet

Center 1768 York Road Lutherville Timonium 21093

Maryland 745 51-B-0009 Thomas D Morris Inc 4001 Millender Mill

Road Reisterstown 21136

Massachusetts 30223 14-B-0042 Avolab Llc 18 Darby Rd Milton


Massachusetts 12951 14-B-0037 Central Mass Aquatics 240

Barber Ave Worcester 01606

Massachusetts 1799 14-B-0013 Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

251 Ballardvale St Wilmington 01887

Massachusetts 22267 14-B-0033 Courtney, Scott 44 Green St

Lynnfield 10940

Massachusetts 9446 14-B-0030 Davinci Biomedical Research

Products Inc 20 Maple St Po Box 1125 South Lancaster 01561

Massachusetts 721 14-B-0022 Embryotech Laboratories Inc 140

Hale Street Haverhill 01830

Massachusetts 9060 14-B-0027 Gentile, James The Pet Shop 26

Waverly Street Everett 02149

Massachusetts 20012 14-B-0032 Mueller, Dvm, Erika Lifelink

Veterinary Blood Services 326 Worthington Rd Huntington 01050

Massachusetts 19025 14-B-0031 Pine Acre Rabbitry Farm Inc 299

East Main Street Norton 02766

Massachusetts 21366 14-B-0034 Rhenos Llc Pacific Forest

Resources Ltd 85 Gate House Road Chestnut Hill 02467

Michigan 33497 34-B-0186 Animal Activity Center Inc 39321

Garfield Dr Clinton Township 48038

Michigan 30222 34-B-0178 Cheri Hill Kennel And Supply Inc

17190 Polk Road Stanwood 49346

Michigan 42165 34-B-0196 Clark, Patti 5361 Berry Lake Dr

Reading 49274

Michigan 38505 34-B-0191 Classic Pet Supply 13760 E 12 Mile

Rd Warren 48088

Michigan 38504 34-B-0190 Classic Pet Supply 2 3180

Gratiot Marysville 48040

Michigan 7970 34-B-0175 Damore, Dominic Ocean Odyssey Pets

3100 Boardwalk Saginaw 48603

Michigan 2456 34-B-0037 Dandona, Nancy Totem Village 811 W

Lant Rd St Ignace 49781

Michigan 2585 34-B-0103 Drumhiller, Heidi Cottontails 20044

M-60 West Homer 49245

Michigan 197 34-B-0185 Emergent Biodefense Operations Lansing Inc

Emergent Biodefense 3500 N. Martin Luther King Blvd Lansing 48909

Michigan 43198 34-B-0198 Hadley Enterprises Llc 965

Crescent Lane Grosse Pointe Woods 48236

Michigan 2010 34-B-0002 Hodgins Kennels Inc 6300 Lange Rd

Howell 48843

Michigan 6774 34-B-0197 Holstege, Janice Walk On The

Wildside 5630 New Holland St. Hudsonville 49426

Michigan 38501 34-B-0192 House Of Pets Inc 5656 Newburgh

Rd Westland 48185

Michigan 2018 34-B-0004 International Animal Exchange Inc

25600 Woodward Ave Royal Oak 48067

Michigan 42896 34-B-0199 Jurassic Distributors 29335

Harper Ave St Clair Shores 48081

Michigan 18030 34-B-0161 Kowalski Pet Company 6701 South

Division Ave S Grand Rapids 49548

Michigan 44677 34-B-0201 Lous Pet Shop Inc Lous Pet Shop Inc

17111 Mayfield Roseville 48066

Michigan 696 34-B-0171 M P I Research Inc 54943 N. Main

Street Mattawan 49071

Michigan 6770 34-B-0120 Malone, Patrick Tropical Fish Pond

32308 N. Woodward Royal Oak 48073

Michigan 13343 34-B-0179 Midwest Animal Blood Services Inc

4983 Bird Dr Stockbridge 49285

Michigan 13856 34-B-0173 Ouderkirk, Robin E 6 Okes Chinchillas

3661 East Baker Road Midland 48642

Michigan 9666 34-B-0140 Pfefferle, Diane Lakeshore Aquatics

& Pets 822 N Meyers Rd Ludington 49431

Michigan 6828 34-B-0141 Preuss Animal House Inc 1127 N

Cedar St Lansing 48906

Michigan 2009 34-B-0001 R & R Research 19256 W. Kendaville

Road Howard City 49329

Michigan 39705 34-B-0194 Raymond, William Ann & Billys

Breeding Kennels 11775 Prior Rd St Charles 48655

Michigan 43985 34-B-0200 Scottein Enterprises Inc Pet

Supplies Plus 2621 S Telegraph Road Dearborn 48124

Michigan 31466 34-B-0183 The Growing Point Inc 665 Capital

Avenue Sw Battle Creek 49015

Michigan 29759 34-B-0176 Tolan, Larissa Ann Critters Pet And

Supply 122 W Mill Street Hastings 49058

Michigan 6787 34-B-0193 University Aquarium & Pet Shop Inc

2561 Jackson Road Ann Arbor 48103

Minnesota 36988 41-B-0249 Animal House Pet Supplies Inc

3899 Hwy 73 Hibbing 55746

Minnesota 20052 41-B-0226 Bakken, Kevin Awesome Exotics 5209

520th Street Kenyon 55946

Minnesota 2816 41-B-0005 Bark Ave Inc 39286 Co. Rd 49

Perham 56573

Minnesota 2804 41-B-0159 Bauck, Kathy Puppys On Wheels

51402 410th St New York Mills 56567

Minnesota 42292 41-B-0256 Bjornson, Linda Lkb Kennels 33747 St

Hwy 11 Roseau 56751

Minnesota 19592 41-B-0218 Buehl, Jean Furry Friends 4801 Tuxedo

Blvd Mound 55364

Minnesota 6447 41-B-0190 Clearwater Kennel Inc 24302 Hwy

10 Cushing 56443

Minnesota 27809 41-B-0238 Contential Critters 15801 Pilar

Road North Scandia 55073

Minnesota 34943 41-B-0255 Culver, Kimberly K & G Pets 1845

99th Ave Nw Coon Rapids 55433

Minnesota 17078 41-B-0210 Delles, Lawrence Twin Cities

Reptiles 2363 University Ave. W. St Paul 55114

Minnesota 7669 41-B-0215 Donahue, Randy The Zoo Store P O Box

336 Fulda 56131

Minnesota 11678 41-B-0232 Genetiporc Usa 4125 Minnesota St

Alexandria 56308

Minnesota 39374 41-B-0254 Go Aquatics Llc 1101 Stinson Blvd

Ne Minneapolis 55413

Minnesota 43437 41-B-0257 Har Mar Pet Shop Inc 2100 N.

Snelling Ave. St Paul 55113

Minnesota 2400 41-B-0252 Jouwstra, Mike Jouwstra Kennels

1718 26th St Edgerton 56128

Minnesota 21140 41-B-0241 Jurgenson, Ross Jurgenson Kennels

1344 385th Ave Boyd 56218

Minnesota 26697 41-B-0235 Lampl, Rachel Majestic Te Ranch

26618 110th Ave So Hawley 56549

Minnesota 24612 41-B-0240 Mc Allister, Linda Hlmm Inc 6160

76th Ave Northeast Remer 56672

Minnesota 2766 41-B-0081 Menning Enterprises Inc 269 165 Th

Ave Edgerton 56128

Minnesota 10161 41-B-0211 Midwest Research Swine 31009 645th

Ave Gibbon 55335

Minnesota 2401 41-B-0239 Moulton, Dan Moultons Chinchilla

Ranch 976 14th Avenue S W Rochester 55902

Minnesota 36274 41-B-0246 Murdoff, Larry 2526 170th Ave

Kent 56553

Minnesota 10154 41-B-0200 Neaton Dvm, Holly 11549 Hwy 25

Watertown 55388

Minnesota 2800 41-B-0164 Pautsch, Vern P.O. Box 176

Mora 55051

Minnesota 2811 41-B-0105 Perry Jr, John T 6684 Central

Avenue Ne Minneapolis 55432

Minnesota 18008 41-B-0209 Pet Expo Distributors 1800 Adams

St Mankato 56001

Minnesota 2813 41-B-0138 Petersen, Dale & Vicki Petersen

Ferrets Peterson Ferrets Lamberton 56152

Minnesota 29771 41-B-0242 R&D Systems Inc 614 Mc Kinley Place

Ne Minneapolis 55413

Minnesota 34023 41-B-0250 Rhino Arena Llc 35736 Hinckley Rd

Hinckley 55037

Minnesota 2807 41-B-0017 Schroeder, Kenneth 14552 State Hwy

22 Wells 56097

Minnesota 44438 41-B-0259 Silver Top Breeders Llc Po Box 282

Edgerton 56128

Minnesota 40893 41-B-0258 Special T Pets 38725 12th Ave

North Branch 55056

Minnesota 34161 41-B-0248 Stein, Terri Jeff Stein Enterprises

8034 West Rondeau Lake Rd Forest Lake 55025

Minnesota 2812 41-B-0133 Susalski, Mary Ann 15882 203rd St.

Little Falls 56345

Minnesota 2805 41-B-0161 Swenson, Sherrye 9 State 371 Sw

Backus 56435

Minnesota 2814 41-B-0002 The Bio Corporation 3911 Nevada St.

Alexandria 56308

Minnesota 2808 41-B-0049 Toenges Enterprises 20221 620th

Ave. P.O. Box 7 Alden 56009

Minnesota 20078 41-B-0222 Tropical Fisheries Inc 1301 East

78th Street Minneapolis 55425

Minnesota 2810 41-B-0084 Viessman, Melvin & Beverly Bow Wow

Village 1143 Spruce Ave Luverne 56156

Minnesota 2801 41-B-0155 Wensmann, Angie & Gerry Highdarling

Cattery 32358 305th Street Melrose 56352

Mississippi 43120 65-B-0117 Birdcages For Less 81 Gilligan Rd

Poplarville 39470

Mississippi 6600 65-B-0109 Garrett, Ricky Garretts Exotic

Wildlife 9583 Hwy 304 W. Hernando 38632

Mississippi 39305 65-B-0118 Klein, Kimberly Legs Fins & More

16017 Cherry Dr Biloxi 39532

Mississippi 43473 65-B-0119 Luke Fisher Enterprises Inc Luke Fisher

Enterprises Inc 429 Chulahoma Rd Holly Springs 38635

Mississippi 29926 65-B-0115 Nichols Jr, William 3724 Bethel

Road Olive Branch 38654

Mississippi 42729 65-B-0116 Oliver, Kellie & Kelsie Belmont Three

Angels Exotic Sale 41 Cr14 Belmont 38827

Missouri 4904 43-B-0202 Amigoes Inc. 191 Sunset Rd

Dixon 65459

Missouri 40008 43-B-3646 Amox Inc Aniclin Preclinical 222 S.

Central Ave Suite 901 St Louis 63105

Missouri 19333 43-B-3617 Anderson, Jimmie 26818 Cook Road

Gravois Mills 65037

Missouri 8780 43-B-0374 Angelo, Colleen 1607 E 522nd Road

Brighton 65617

Missouri 4925 43-B-0209 Archer, Ron Route 66 Kennels 26745

Route 66 Lebanon 65536

Missouri 16430 43-B-3610 Averhart, Sharon Sea Kennels Route

1, Box 3950 Naylor 63953

Missouri 6306 43-B-3579 B & T Distributors, Inc. 564

East Road Goodman 64843

Missouri 5694 43-B-3453 Bacon, Chuck Riverside Kennels

2160 S W Hwy H Schell City 64783

Missouri 39311 43-B-3609 Bailey, Carroll 2022 State Hwy 59

Goodman 64843

Missouri 29213 43-B-3561 Bailey, Danny Pet Connect 21248

Juniper Lane Goodman 64843

Missouri 37393 43-B-3598 Barbara Mahurin, Jennifer Brown &

Post Office Box 252 Carrollton 64633

Missouri 4745 43-B-0436 Barnes, Wanda Barnes Corner Kennel

11904 Fr 1200 Aurora 65605

Missouri 33080 43-B-3626 Beaver, Clyde C & P Lil K-9s 9240 Co

Rd 167 Carthage 64836

Missouri 6016 43-B-3589 Beyer, Susan & Erin Beyerpatch Kennel

7715 Hwy Y Chillicothe 64601

Missouri 21903 43-B-3540 Blackburn, Rick Spring Valley Farms

13028 Hwy 28 Dixon 65459

Missouri 36093 43-B-3581 Blacklock, Max Rural Route 1, Box

93-A El Dorado Springs 64744

Missouri 8158 43-B-3515 Blake, Sandy & John Sanjon Kennel

2560 U S Hwy 65 Louisburg 65685

Missouri 5586 43-B-3417 Bowyer, Jackie & Joe Bowyer Kennel

10837 Hwy 36 Meadville 64659

Missouri 6221 43-B-3412 Bowyer, Randy & Cristy 28549 Ash

Dr Meadville 64659

Missouri 31512 43-B-3608 Brehmer, J T. 15600 County Road

640 Dexter 63841

Missouri 42316 43-B-3640 Brewer, Lisa The Puppy House 430 W.

Click Ave Puxico 63960

Missouri 43859 43-B-3650 Bristle Ridge Kennel, L L C 847 S E

601 Leeton 64761

Missouri 10628 43-B-3475 Brown, Lisa Big Oaks Kennel 66 Victory

Road Buffalo 65622

Missouri 4546 43-B-0116 Bryan, James R & Eunice L Bryans

Kennels 2959 Us Hwy 60 N Billings 65610

Missouri 22986 43-B-3551 Burhans, Dennis 8654 Veterans

Memorial Parkway Ofallon 63366

Missouri 21432 43-B-3501 Burns, Craig & Angela M Burns Cuddly

Canines 13610 Fr 1040 Exeter 65647

Missouri 11103 43-B-3584 Burrow, Myra J. Burrow Kountry Kennel

2375 N W 400 Rd Osceola 64776

Missouri 4547 43-B-0142 Byler, Lester & Jean Pinecrest

Kennels 1530 S 155 Road El Dorado Springs 64744

Missouri 42026 43-B-3633 C R S Sales L L C Box 190

Highlandville 65669

Missouri 21966 43-B-3599 Cassinger, Holly & Teresa & Tim Triple

C Kennel 853 County Road 257 Neelyville 63954

Missouri 44497 43-B-3656 Cheney, Clif Cc Family Puppies

1350 County Rd 2445 Huntsville 65259

Missouri 8100 43-B-3496 Christian, Karen & Willard 14478

State Hwy D D Campbell 63933

Missouri 43051 43-B-3649 Christine A. Shepherd, Rickey D.

Shepherd Sr. Tails-B-Waggin 208 N. Atkinson St. Galt 64641

Missouri 4550 43-B-0052 Cole, Clyde Heartland Kennels Rural

Route 2, Box 150 Hurdland 63547

Missouri 34245 43-B-3588 Conger, Jeff 5097 Hwy W

Mountain Grove 65711

Missouri 35528 43-B-3578 Connolly, Donna 266 Farm Rd 1110

Monett 65708

Missouri 10841 43-B-3500 Connors-Mc Williams, Ann 10675 N

E Hwy Z Z Osceola 64776

Missouri 5331 43-B-3659 Conrad, Curt & Lori Conrads Cuddly

Canines 6104 Pike 9 Frankford 63441

Missouri 7957 43-B-0368 Correll, Thelma & Bob 26685 Idaho

Rd Brookfield 64628

Missouri 7539 43-B-3600 Cozart, Terry P O Box 132

Neelyville 63954

Missouri 4543 43-B-0177 Cressel, George, Judy & Noah Barkers

Delux 30500 Sterling Rd Laquey 65534

Missouri 14572 43-B-3476 Crewse, Connie County Line Farm

9612 Hwy 38 Graff 65660

Missouri 6195 43-B-0298 Curtis, Charles & Jan Countryside

Kennel 16997 Harmony Church Ave Windsor 65360

Missouri 44141 43-B-3654 Dake, Eric & Karen 10494 F R 1035

Purdy 65734

Missouri 12908 43-B-3661 Darling, Cynthia D. Liars Lake 1226

Liars Lake Rd Sparta 65753

Missouri 4390 43-B-0435 Diana Stephenson, Brandi Cheney & S &

S Family Puppies 26185 Cheyenne Drive Milan 63556

Missouri 44137 43-B-3660 Dickelman, Denise P. O. Box 267

Lampe 65681

Missouri 7928 43-B-0449 Dwiggins, Spencer The Puppy

Connection 28626 Sunset Dr Macon 63552

Missouri 43538 43-B-3658 E-Pets, L L C E-Pets On Line, Pbt

Marketplace, Pbt

Mktplace.Com P O Box 903 West Plains 65775

Missouri 17994 43-B-3604 Easley, John Easleys Kennel 28558

Farm Rd 1210 Eagle Rock 65641

Missouri 17708 43-B-3663 Farley, Stacy K-9 Canyon Kennel

Route 1 Box 127 Lancaster 63548

Missouri 5704 43-B-3484 Fetters, Betty S. Fetters Furry

Friends 16903 State Hwy 6 Novinger 63559

Missouri 10472 43-B-3474 Flores, Jessica Flores Kennel 24449

Hwy N Lebanon 65536

Missouri 5416 43-B-0242 Floyd, Garry & Linda 6980 S

Highway A A Humansville 65674

Missouri 6071 43-B-3547 Franke, Neal Mid-America Animal

Sales Post Office Box 6 Altenburg 63732

Missouri 40142 43-B-3613 Gear, Rhonda 423 Mc Kinley

Galt 64641

Missouri 41197 43-B-3657 Gene Summers, Billy Sexton & Sexton

& Summers Auctioneer 675 Missouri Avenue West Plains 65775

Missouri 22632 43-B-3473 Grosenbacher, Henry Heartland Sales Dog

Auction Post Office Box 616 Cabool 65689

Missouri 4540 43-B-0001 Grotewiel, Edna & Ronald Grotewiel

Family Pets 27 Garrert Rd High Hill 63350

Missouri 5540 43-B-3428 Hale, Kandy Puppy Paradise 22111 Dawn

Rd Milan 63556

Missouri 6338 43-B-0308 Hall, Laura 17972 Butternut Avenue

La Belle 63447

Missouri 7276 43-B-0432 Harris, Anna Ozark Gals Rural Route

9, Box 1310 Gatewood 63942

Missouri 7840 43-B-3435 Hedgpeth, Allison Lonewolf Kennels

143 Hwy E E Iberia 65486

Missouri 24048 43-B-3486 Henderson, Larry & Tracy Flying

Diamond Kennel 4134 F R 2140 Exeter 65647

Missouri 39141 43-B-3605 Hernandez, Keith And Marsha 767 C R

472 Poplar Bluff 63901

Missouri 43164 43-B-3665 Herr, James D. Misty Morning Pets &

Supplies 17329 S. Nebo Drive Versailles 65084

Missouri 7364 43-B-0352 Heying, Deborah Rural Route 2, Box

27 Slater 65349

Missouri 6286 43-B-3463 Highland, Karen Rocky Ridge Kennels

57508 Ram Rd Milan 63556

Missouri 7785 43-B-0361 Hostetler, Sam & Corlene Hostetler

Wildlife Farms 4858 Lawrence 1185 Miller 65707

Missouri 12434 43-B-3601 Hough, Brandon & Tina 6015 Sw Hwy

K Osceola 64776

Missouri 27904 43-B-3517 Hubbard, Deborah Post Office Box

98 Sparta 65753

Missouri 8800 43-B-0386 Hughes, Bob Southwest Auction Service

P O Box 534 Wheaton 64874

Missouri 30129 43-B-3616 Hulvey, Tammy Rural Route 1, Box

187 A Birch Tree 65438

Missouri 4578 43-B-0409 Jacobs, Nina Happy Hollow Kennel

16421 Decal Pl New Cambria 63558

Missouri 4552 43-B-0184 Janet E Kirkham, Jerry Aswegan &

Jerrys Exotic Animals 7907 E 233rd St Peculiar 64078

Missouri 4534 43-B-3576 Keezer, Ruth Heartland Kennel

9605 E Hwy 54 El Dorado Springs 64744

Missouri 29256 43-B-3549 Kigar-Light, Karen Wild Bill's Ranch

Newfies 6009 Shelby 150 Bethel 63434

Missouri 34268 43-B-3606 King, Christina Post Office Box 83

Liberal 64762

Missouri 7332 43-B-3432 King, Jerry & Becky Kings Kennel

35440 Highway 5 Salisbury 65281

Missouri 5123 43-B-0224 Lacey, Lyle J & Dottie S K-9

Marketing & Dreamfield 3560 Fr 2162 Exeter 65647

Missouri 35721 43-B-3595 Lange, Ovella 77 Kent Lane

Silex 63377

Missouri 4335 43-B-3618 Lantz, Todd & Vicki 2763 County

Road 618 Cape Girardeau 63701

Missouri 22864 43-B-3545 Lasiter, David & Michel Show Me Puppies

7948 Sudberry Lane Pierce City 65723

Missouri 22875 43-B-3480 Linda Pyle, Ernest Randall & Kitten

Valley 11856 Lime Kiln Drive Neosho 64850

Missouri 4327 43-B-0010 Lolli Bros Livestock Market Inc.

704 Main St Suite A Macon 63552

Missouri 4328 43-B-0159 London, Jack Londons Kennels Rural

Route 1, Box 74 Weableau 65774

Missouri 44993 43-B-3664 Lora Hughes, Jennifer Brown &

Post Office Box 252 Carrollton 64633

Missouri 44372 43-B-3662 Luvin' Companion Pets 8862 Duane

Lane Joplin 64804

Missouri 13991 43-B-3449 Madison, Heath & Shonda Madison Kennels

15781 Farm Road 1085 Cassville 65647

Missouri 5850 43-B-3512 Malchow, Rod 33 Golden Pond Road

Urbana 65767

Missouri 5673 43-B-3569 Maynard, Gale 10315 State Hwy 38

Marshfield 65706

Missouri 26034 43-B-3508 Mc Creary, Don 2820 State Hwy P P

Fordland 65652

Missouri 40984 43-B-3667 Melissa D. Hale, Linda L. Hale &/Or

2206 Mount Pisgah Road Cabool 65689

Missouri 37871 43-B-3623 Michael Osborn, Tina Osborn & Lil

Doxies And More P O Box 67 Cabool 65689

Missouri 31845 43-B-3550 Mid American Auction Company L L C

28626 Sunset Drive Macon 63552

Missouri 41855 43-B-3634 Mid-America Pet Broker, L L C

11474 Hammer Road Neosho 64850

Missouri 16843 43-B-3643 Miller/Riggs, Linda Funny Farm Rural

Route 1, Box 153 Annapolis 63620

Missouri 4467 43-B-3425 Nelson, Tom Oak Ridge Pets 28696 Jet

Rd Macon 63552

Missouri 40867 43-B-3644 Niemeyer, Michell 55197 Hwy M New

London 63459

Missouri 4326 43-B-3607 Osage Research Primates, L L C 54

Hospital Drive Osage Beach 65065

Missouri 9484 43-B-0398 Owen, Sharon Poodles Plus 2004

Pats Lane Auxvasse 65231

Missouri 44271 43-B-3655 Pampered Puppy Transport L L C

Route 2 Box 45 Downing 63536

Missouri 4897 43-B-0201 Parmley, Warner & Rose Parmleys

Kennels 24598 State Hwy Y Green Castle 63544

Missouri 35609 43-B-3614 Parrish, Joy Jungle Of Joys Pet Shop

R R 2, Box 102 Hurdland 63547

Missouri 5712 43-B-0272 Patrick, Mary Jane Shamrock Kennel 753

Holt Woods Rd Reeds Spring 65737

Missouri 13837 43-B-3530 Pendleton, Janet & Terry Runway Pets

And Penmar Kennels P. O. Box 236 Miller 65707

Missouri 43793 43-B-3653 Pepple, Ginger Babbling Brook Kennel

11213 Route C Russellville 65074

Missouri 7207 43-B-3582 Pet Warehouse Inc. 1669 St. Louis

St. Springfield 65802

Missouri 40342 43-B-3629 Petsway L L C Petsway #9 1669 E. St.

Louis St. Springfield 65802

Missouri 15700 43-B-3668 Pointer, Henry & Trisha Pointers

Puppies Post Office Box 471 Wheaton 64874

Missouri 15699 43-B-3443 Polk, Bobbi Jo Kiddie Lane Kennel 372

N E Shale Lane Spickard 64679

Missouri 4315 43-B-0089 Poor, Barbara B & J Kennels Rural

Route 1, Box 276 Novelty 63460

Missouri 41457 43-B-3645 Preston, Jennifer Critters Galore 621

Collier Hannibal 63401

Missouri 27082 43-B-3593 Prewitt, Lani Turning Leaf Kennel 852

2nd Street Rocky Comfort 64861

Missouri 8785 43-B-0377 Ragland, James & Mary Jane Elk Creek

Bullmastiffs 5033 Watson Rd Elk Creek 65464

Missouri 4317 43-B-0075 Reed, Martha 270 S K K Hwy

Lamar 64759

Missouri 30842 43-B-3541 Reynolds, Frank 27446 Iva Road

Brookfield 64628

Missouri 36716 43-B-3621 Rocky Springs Kennel, Inc 71

Stanek Road Silex 63377

Missouri 41095 43-B-3624 Russell, Kathy 16592 W 227th Ave

Eagleville 64442

Missouri 43698 43-B-3651 Ryan, Peggy 1729 Holt Woods Road

Reeds Spring 65737

Missouri 6401 43-B-3485 Savorelli, Dana 14505 S Harris Rd

Greenwood 64034

Missouri 23552 43-B-3631 Schachtele, Tony & Becky Schachtele

Auction Service P. O. Box 23 Keytesville 65261

Missouri 4320 43-B-0091 Schindler, Herman & Bonnie Mettoville

Kennels Post Office Box 427 Mexico 65265

Missouri 4321 43-B-0415 Schindler, Herman (Tony) Q D Kennels

9603 Pike 12 Frankford 63441

Missouri 6307 43-B-0305 Schmidt, Dr. Jerome Top Of The Ozark

Auction 6740 Hwy F Hartville 65667

Missouri 8793 43-B-0385 Scott, Jim Rural Route 1, Box 51

Koshkonong 65692

Missouri 7471 43-B-0356 Scott, Randy & Cheryl 4842 S Hwy

61 Perryville 63775

Missouri 5642 43-B-3564 Sherrell, Kae A-O-Kae Kennel Post

Office Box 191 Montreal 65591

Missouri 6657 43-B-0322 Smith, Cindy & Hal Cindys Pet Center

910 Old Exeter Rd Cassville 65625

Missouri 41141 43-B-3652 Smith, Jana Lea Puppy Pros 5477 E M S

Rd Hillsboro 63050

Missouri 16406 43-B-3620 Souza, Josh 144 Cavecreek Rd

Phillipsburg 65722

Missouri 4314 43-B-0172 Sparkman, Verna & Elmer Sparkman Kennel

321 Raintree Lane Poplar Bluff 63901

Missouri 44463 43-B-3666 Stagg, Kim Blissful Heart Puppies L L

C 7 Cascade Drive Kirksville 63501

Missouri 42287 43-B-3642 Stefanie Hood, John Hood & 308 S.

Main Licking 65542

Missouri 5467 43-B-0249 Swindell, Sue Lake View Kennel

38802 Highway 83 Warsaw 65355

Missouri 41662 43-B-3635 Takac, Lou & Jean Bluetails Family

Farm 14446 Hwy B Richmond 64085

Missouri 5371 43-B-0426 Tatum, Dianna H C R 1 Box 1130

Eagle Rock 65641

Missouri 31527 43-B-3565 Teague, Clint 3597 Blackfoot

Hollow Rd. Anderson 64831

Missouri 16688 43-B-3597 Terrie Partee, Robert&Sandra Harris &

Tripple H Kennel H C 84 Box 230 Bakersfield 65609

Missouri 4894 43-B-3493 Tetley, Bill & Rebecca Ann R & R

Kennel 538 Hwy E E Iberia 65486

Missouri 4538 43-B-0123 The Hunte Corporation 121 N

Royhill Blvd Goodman 64843

Missouri 6257 43-B-0441 Tidwell, Sharlette & John Ramblin

Spring Kennel 8431 State Rt A D West Plains 65775

Missouri 23803 43-B-3577 Todd, Kathy Rt. 1, Box 1757 Cross

Timbers 65634

Missouri 4309 43-B-0015 Tracys K & J Pets 1024 State

Rd A A Fair Grove 65648

Missouri 8789 43-B-0381 Underwood, James Underwood Exotics

10356 Soles Rd Windsor 65360

Missouri 5669 43-B-3431 Vadnais, Chad & Vicki Rocky Top

Kennels 7654 L I V 511 Chillicothe 64601

Missouri 4310 43-B-0117 Vinyard, Linda Golden Rule Kennel

20037 Hwy 32 East Stockton 65785

Missouri 4545 43-B-0017 Virginia De Verger, Reghinald Eichor &

D & E Kennel Box 4031 Hwy P Maywood 63454

Missouri 26483 43-B-3648 Walker, Bill 3833 Pike 32

Curryville 63339

Missouri 13228 43-B-0425 Walter, Brenda Hidden Valley Farms

28062 Love Trail Greencastle 63544

Missouri 4311 43-B-0178 Walters, Joyce Select Peets 137

Walters Lane Anderson 64831

Missouri 39741 43-B-3647 Washam, Paula J Austins Playhouse And

Pets 1461 Hwy J J Moberly 65270

Missouri 42170 43-B-3639 Wayne Headlee, Terry Headlee T And S

Kennels P. O. Box 72 Caulfield 65626

Missouri 4304 43-B-3527 White, Margie White Farms 5017 Mc

Daris Dr Hartville 65667

Missouri 31541 43-B-3556 Winder, Clay C & A Auction Rural

Route 5, Box 2 A Butler 64730

Missouri 11864 43-B-3415 Wood, Paul Pet Adventure 422 Vine St

Poplar Bluff 63901

Missouri 30432 43-B-3638 Wright, Melissa 8500 C R 7110

West Plains 65775

Missouri 4306 43-B-0082 Wright, Ramona 4 Acre Kennel 479 Co

Rd 8830 West Plains 65775

Missouri 6272 43-B-3612 York, Barbara Rt 1 Box 235 El

Dorado Springs 64744

Montana 27032 81-B-0014 Exotic Pets, Inc. 2431 Rancho Rd.

Billings 59102

Montana 3746 81-B-0012 Jack's Pet Center & The Pet Nebula 508

Central Ave. Great Falls 59401

Nebraska 5119 47-B-0103 Allen, Jean Diamond Rose Ent. 40403

Road 728 Cambridge 69022

Nebraska 6252 47-B-0091 Brosh, Douglas & Mary Jane Broshs

Kennel R.R. 3, 1550 X Road Pender 68047

Nebraska 5098 47-B-0056 Crittersville Kennels Inc. P. O.

Box 515 Mccook 69001

Nebraska 43758 47-B-0113 Cyrgus Co., Inc. Nebraska Scientific

3823 Leavenworth Street Omaha 68105

Nebraska 8894 47-B-0111 Eskew, Doug M E Auctions 41521 Road

764 Gothenburg 69138

Nebraska 15871 47-B-0106 Hurst, Tori Lil Buddies P.O. Box 744

Sidney 69162

Nebraska 5115 47-B-0079 Nichols, Paul Countree Meadows

71590 Drive 369 Culbertson 69024

Nebraska 6858 47-B-0101 Osborne, Ed & Jana 88234 534

Avenue Center 68724

Nebraska 10331 47-B-0102 Rosenkrans, Kerry "R" Farm Exotics

R.R. 1, Box 72a Crete 68333

Nebraska 6827 47-B-0104 Schaaf, Casey & Angie Big Red Country

Kennel 47282 U.S. Hwy 20 Atkinson 68713

Nebraska 7609 47-B-0098 Scranton, Dix & Linda Madison Animal

Auction 55009 840th Rd Norfolk 68701

Nebraska 5099 47-B-0012 Wright, Erma Little Acres Kennel Box

154 Stamford 68977

Nevada 27203 88-B-0032 Croasmun, Deeanna P O Box 2716

Wendover 89883

Nevada 3687 88-B-0025 Exotic Pets, L.L.C. 2410 North Decatur

Blvd., #160 Las Vegas 89108

Nevada 40957 88-B-0033 Global Research Supply, L.L.C. 4315

Bridle Way Reno 89509

Nevada 43110 88-B-0036 Lucky Glider Rescue & Sanctuary 9811

West Charleston Blvd. Ste. 2-260 Las Vegas 89117

Nevada 13840 88-B-0022 Pet Kingdom U.S.A., L.L.C. 5440 Royal

Vista Lane Las Vegas 89149

Nevada 43232 88-B-0035 The Barking Lot, L.L.C. Paws To Claws

3460 East Sunset Road, Ste. P Las Vegas 89120

New Jersey 701 22-B-0002 Bartons West End Farms Inc 161 Janes

Chapel Road Oxford 07863

New Jersey 1899 22-B-0059 Divito, Anthony Heavenly Animals 62

Lexington Avenue Ewing Township 08618

New Jersey 6905 22-B-0039 Fish Fish Fish 141 Commercial

Avenue Palisades Park 07650

New Jersey 30666 22-B-0055 Ford, Deborah Pampered Pup 2709

Mays Landing Rd Millville 08332

New Jersey 43438 22-B-0062 Hackettstown Pet & Supplies 112

Schooleys Mtm Long Valley 07853

New Jersey 1906 22-B-0064 Merit Imports 736 Route 17n

Paramus 07652

New Jersey 13279 22-B-0057 Newmans Fish Food Inc 37 George

Street Hackensack 07601

New Jersey 182 22-B-0042 Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Inc Reg &

Clin Affairs 1001 U.S. Highway 202 Raritan 08869

New Jersey 37609 22-B-0061 Precious Pets 5 East Somerdale Rd

Somerdale 08083

New Jersey 24564 22-B-0060 Real Pets Corp 193 A Wolfert

Station Road Mullica Hill 08062

New Jersey 44608 22-B-0063 Ricciuti, Joe 88 Pet World 2076

State Hwy 88 Brick 08724

New Jersey 6922 22-B-0040 Schering-Plough Research Inst 144

Route 94, Po Box 32 Lafayette 07848

New Mexico 43026 85-B-0065 Beauregard, Cinda 609 West

Castleberry Road Artesia 88210

New Mexico 44739 85-B-0066 In The Jungle, L L C 834 South

Canal Carlsbad 88220

New Mexico 34515 85-B-0059 Lloyd, Vickie 1503 South Canal

Street Carlsbad 88220

New Mexico 34653 85-B-0060 Miller, Crystal 269 Gene Avenue

N.W. Albuquerque 87107

New Mexico 38539 85-B-0062 Pete's Pets L L C 2801 Cerrillos

Road Santa Fe 87507

New Mexico 43999 85-B-0064 Ullmann, Nathan 219 Ascot Parade

Alamogordo 88310

New York 38740 21-B-0158 Acks Exotic Pets 8052 Thurston

Dr Cicero 13039

New York 7973 21-B-0102 Berchielli, Angie St Hubertus Outdoor

Ent 3861 Sr 85 Westerlo 12193

New York 36569 21-B-0155 Bio Link Inc P O Box 715

Liverpool 13088

New York 2487 21-B-0131 Bowman, Barbara Lake Immunogenics 348

Berg Road Ontario 14519

New York 33686 21-B-0150 Crozoo Zoological Education Services

76 Follette Lane Tonawanda 14150

New York 2068 21-B-0003 Fauna Research Inc 8 Bard Avenue

Red Hook 12571

New York 2090 21-B-0047 Franco, David A D D Aquatics 121

Lincoln Avenue Rochester 14611

New York 30583 21-B-0142 G S Pets Pampered Pets 40

Catherwood Rd Ithaca 14850

New York 44077 21-B-0162 Hale, Jonathan Country Critters Of

Long Island 152 Route 112 Patchogue 11722

New York 39961 21-B-0161 Hollys Hounds Llc 3300 Chambers

Rd P O Box 5202 Horseheads 14845

New York 40409 21-B-0163 Honey Hill Pet Center Inc Honey Hill

Pet Center Inc 370 Washington Ave Kenmore 14217

New York 2083 21-B-0022 Island Animals Ltd Parrots Of The

World 316 Sunrise Highway Rockville Centre 11570

New York 21709 21-B-0132 Komodo Reptiles Po Box 687

Verplanck 10596

New York 32693 21-B-0147 Martin, Curtis 4520 Route 89

Seneca Falls 13148

New York 1920 21-B-0094 Moak, Henry Town & Country Auction

Service 457 Route 32n Schuylerville 12871

New York 2086 21-B-0025 Niagara Aquarium Co Inc 1345

Military Road Kenmore 14217

New York 2089 21-B-0033 Novack, Edward Ed Novack Animal

Exchange 204 Kreig Rd Cairo 12413

New York 16473 21-B-0143 Oechsle, Scott Captive Life Forms 34

Downs Meadow Ct Hamlin 14464

New York 35892 21-B-0153 Patch, Jordan The Reptile Co 3840

Washington Ave Endicott 13760

New York 2092 21-B-0052 Pet Den Inc 6230 Jericho Turnpike

Commack 11725

New York 23820 21-B-0149 Pets Warehouse 1550 Sunrise Hwy

Copiague 11726

New York 2088 21-B-0029 Reaves, Sally Kritter Korner Pet Shop

P.O. Box 242 Palmyra 14522

New York 18942 21-B-0140 Swartz, Daniel Swartz Family Sheep

Farm 1698 Nesbit Road Attica 14011

New York 2074 21-B-0017 Wards Natural Science Est Inc

5100 W. Henrietta Road, Po Box 92912 Rochester 14692

New York 41120 21-B-0159 Wbb Farm Llc 290 Four Rod Rd

Alden 14004

North Carolina 33885 55-B-0169 Animal Jungle L L C 834 Hardee

Rd Kinston 28504

North Carolina 15726 55-B-0173 Aquacon Inc Aquarium Connection Pet

Shop 225 North Main Street Mount Airy 27030

North Carolina 3362 55-B-0139 Blue Ridge Fish Wholesale, Inc.

355 Berry Garden Rd Kernersville 27284

North Carolina 3267 55-B-0010 Carolina Biological Supply Co.

2700 York Road Burlington 27215

North Carolina 9270 55-B-0131 Finkenbinder, Ed & Vi 4805

Hwy 49 N Liberty 27298

North Carolina 17040 55-B-0156 Friendly Pets 625 Friendly

Center Road Greensboro 27408

North Carolina 3278 55-B-0033 Gravitt, Max Baux Mountain

Beagle Farm 7236 Baux Mountain Road Germanton 27019

North Carolina 821 55-B-0110 Greer Laboratories Inc Albion Medical

Holdings Inc 639 Nuway Circle, N.E. Lenoir 28645

North Carolina 9317 55-B-0132 Gregory, Brad B & B Small Animal

Wholesale 1048 Sycamore Lane Walnut Cove 27052

North Carolina 3271 55-B-0069 Hampton, Henry Lazy 5 Ranch

14235 Hwy 801 Mount Ulla 28125

North Carolina 16635 55-B-0177 Jambbas Ranch Tours Inc 5386

Tabor Church Rd Fayetteville 28312

North Carolina 42811 55-B-0186 Jeffares, Patricia Lil Lovin Pets

P O Box 781 Walkertown 27051

North Carolina 34608 55-B-0175 Johnson, Michael Happy Glider

Kennel Po Box 354 Hildebran 28637

North Carolina 3222 55-B-0107 L B S Biological Inc 945

East Elm Street Graham 27253

North Carolina 40830 55-B-0183 Maw & Paws Pets 166-D Millers

Creek Dr. Winston Salem 27127

North Carolina 45013 55-B-0188 Moore, William Double B Gliders

597 Rogers Street Rockwell 28138

North Carolina 41847 55-B-0185 Paradise Pets 740 Se

Greenville Blvd Ste 200 Greenville 27858

North Carolina 25134 55-B-0161 Pet Place 240 Shadowline

Drive Aa10 Boone 28607

North Carolina 32669 55-B-0171 Price, Janice Fish And More Pet

Store 2291 Blanton Branch Rd Sylva 28779

North Carolina 2986 55-B-0116 Rendall, Bruce Highwater Farms

P.O. Box 97 Kipling 27543

North Carolina 34567 55-B-0172 Robinson, Kevin 190 N Pino Road

Mocksville 27102

North Carolina 3270 55-B-0076 S E Lab Animal Farm Inc 5029

Trail Ridge Dr. Raleigh 27613

North Carolina 3002 55-B-0115 Seibel, Larry Triangle Metro Zoo

P.O. Box 1204 Wake Forest 27588

North Carolina 13988 55-B-0164 Simpson, Jim 7310 Secrest

Shortcut Indian Trail 28079

North Carolina 38164 55-B-0180 Smith Farms Po Box 806

Stoneville 27048

North Carolina 41848 55-B-0187 Sweet Pets Llc 2203 Trotters

Ridge Ct Greenville 27858

North Carolina 825 55-B-0182 Wake Forest University Medical

Center Boulevard Winston Salem 27109

North Carolina 34557 55-B-0170 Whitlock, Elizabeth Bell Hollow

Farms And Exotics 1385 Middle Burningtown Rd Franklin 28734

North Carolina 35917 55-B-0178 World Of Wonders Inc Creature

Comforts 1345 N. Sandhills Blvd. Aberdeen 28315

North Dakota 18933 45-B-0030 Berg, Rhonda 3010 South

Broadway Minot 58701

North Dakota 33727 45-B-0033 Gerving, Ben B. Midwest Alternative

Livestock 5050 25th St New Salem 58563

Ohio 44131 31-B-0153 All For Pets Inc Pet Junction 4046

Fishcreek Road Stow 44224

Ohio 31572 31-B-0142 Brinker, Alan Mikesell Stock Farm 18355

County Road 3 Frazeysburg 43822

Ohio 9132 31-B-0098 Cahill, James 14029 Lakota Ave

Cleveland 44111

Ohio 35464 31-B-0144 Chase, Paul Kamms Plaza Pet & Supply

17454 Lorain Ave Cleveland 44111

Ohio 32360 31-B-0141 Coburn, Bill Wild Acres Ranch 1115

Martins Point Rd Sandusky 44870

Ohio 2157 31-B-0033 Collins, Thomas Brunswick Feed & Seed

4261 Hadler Ct Brunswick 44212

Ohio 1871 31-B-0030 Crabtree, Katherine Hill Top Farm 1735

Van Crabtree Road Lucasville 45648

Ohio 41011 31-B-0149 East Side Grooming & Pet Shop 2510

Hayes Ave Fremont 43420

Ohio 9131 31-B-0097 Gingerich, Donald 2599 Tr 414 Dundee


Ohio 2890 31-B-0068 Hackworth, Randall Wapa Animal Auction

19632 Moulton-Ft. Amanda Road Wapakoneta 45895

Ohio 10406 31-B-0148 Hash, Anton Hillview Exotics 16405

Township Rd #388 Frazeysburg 43822

Ohio 30083 31-B-0138 Hershberger, David Po Box 255 Charm


Ohio 10636 31-B-0109 Hershberger, Mose 3286 Cr 114

Sugarcreek 44681

Ohio 9136 31-B-0102 Kessler, Kenneth Pineview Farm 1047

Erhart North Rd Valley City 44280

Ohio 2442 31-B-0121 Koch, Albert 4708 Glenway Avenue

Cincinnati 45238

Ohio 43897 31-B-0152 Linkhart, Dave 1782 Fawcett Road

Xenia 45385

Ohio 1869 31-B-0079 Mast, Orin Rolling Ridge Ranch 3961 County

Road 168 Millersburg 44654

Ohio 31195 31-B-0146 Miller, Abe 29952 Cr 10 Fresno 43824

Ohio 22888 31-B-0134 Miller, Eugene Eastern Kennel 4603

Township Road 352 Millersburg 44654

Ohio 2156 31-B-0031 Mount Hope Auction Inc State Route 241

P.O. Box 82 Mount Hope 44660

Ohio 31028 31-B-0145 Neuhart, Harold Seneca View Kennels 11160

Rich Street Senecaville 43780

Ohio 2485 31-B-0056 Osting, Ben Antler Island Ranch 8325 German

Road Delphos 45833

Ohio 9656 31-B-0104 Perry, Robert 10228 Nioga-Toops Rd

Mt Sterling 43143

Ohio 2588 31-B-0064 Pets Please Inc Professionals Pet Supply

36954 Sugar Ridge Road North Ridgeville 44039

Ohio 19503 31-B-0118 Pozza, Ethel 64300 Carlisle Road

Salesville 43778

Ohio 31756 31-B-0140 Quality Tropical Fish Ltd 2842

Banwick Rd Columbus 43232

Ohio 9130 31-B-0116 R & R Chinchilla Inc 7754 Sr 103

Jenera 45841

Ohio 18238 31-B-0114 Rms Aquaculture Inc 6629 Engle Road

Unit 108 Middleburg Heights 44130

Ohio 7075 31-B-0090 Sipe, Christine Sipes Small Animal Farm

6160 N. Lostcreek Shelby Rd. Fletcher 45326

Ohio 16574 31-B-0110 Skunk Haven Inc 32072 Center Ridge Rd.

North Ridgeville 44039

Ohio 44078 31-B-0151 Town And Country Pets Llc Town And

Country Pets 1858 E Second St Defiance 43512

Ohio 23308 31-B-0147 Vierstra, Cyril Bethsaida Farms 35863

Huston Rd Radcliff 45695

Ohio 22547 31-B-0123 Yoder, Jonas J 9475 Rowe Road Nw

Sugarcreek 44681

Ohio 31438 31-B-0150 Yoder, Vernon A & Bertha J 2250 County

Road 70 Sugarcreek 44681

Oklahoma 3971 73-B-0004 Anderson, O. J. Anderson Kennel 10398 E

550 Locust Grove 74352

Oklahoma 20661 73-B-1794 Armers Exotic Farm, Inc. 37472 W

Hwy 16 Bristow 74010

Oklahoma 3972 73-B-0100 Baker, L. V. And Pat Safari B Ranch

P O Box 988 Elk City 73648

Oklahoma 8943 73-B-0204 Baker, Linda Okie Pets P O Box 21

Ketchum 74349

Oklahoma 17143 73-B-1776 Blevins, Chad And Tammie Blevins

Farms P O Box 36 Sweetwater 73666

Oklahoma 8339 73-B-1785 Bowman, Rick & Pat 18251 E. 370

Road Chelsea 74016

Oklahoma 8888 73-B-0213 Bozarth, Melvin And Teresa Heartland

Pets R R 2 Box 194 Laverne 73848

Oklahoma 6525 73-B-0183 Callicoat, Joanne Bentley Kennel 462

E Allison Rd Atoka 74525

Oklahoma 5507 73-B-1782 Cannon, Dae 2181 E Standridge Rd

Atoka 74525

Oklahoma 28709 73-B-1806 Chouteau Auction Company, L.L.C.

17500 S 550 Rd Fairland 74343

Oklahoma 12545 73-B-0219 Crane, Carol Dean C & C Ranch P O Box

3687 Bernice 74331

Oklahoma 5762 73-B-1786 Crenshaw, Sarah Sarah's Blue Skies &

Pets 1901 Key Rd Mcalester 74501

Oklahoma 7131 73-B-0215 Ensign Livestock 50815 E 44 Rd

Pawnee 74058

Oklahoma 22105 73-B-1793 Garside, Rick And Joey Bald Knob

Kennel 231 N E Tellico Rd Atoka 74525

Oklahoma 43082 73-B-1838 Guy And Becky Franks First Class

Puppies H C 83 Box 848 Antlers 74523

Oklahoma 3965 73-B-0017 Hess, Shirley Hess Kennels 8526 E

86 St N Owasso 74055

Oklahoma 7682 73-B-1819 Himes, Terry J. And Bernadine Kimichi

River Wildlife 22212 Patterson Rd Hodgen 74939

Oklahoma 1421 73-B-1810 Immuno-Mycologics, Inc. 2700

Technology Pl Norman 73071

Oklahoma 39697 73-B-1837 Johnson, Kim And Kathie R R 1 Box

52 Tupelo 74572

Oklahoma 3960 73-B-0021 Jordan, Joyce Jordan Kennels 800 W

Voca Rd Caney 74533

Oklahoma 29025 73-B-1816 Klontz, Terrie Barnyard Animals &

Exotics 3009 N W 168 Ct Edmond 73012

Oklahoma 23909 73-B-1797 Lake Country Pets, L. L. C. P O Box

535 Atoka 74525

Oklahoma 4016 73-B-1812 Lourance, Robert And Darlene R R

4 Box 200 Duncan 73533

Oklahoma 6432 73-B-0223 Mackey, Bob R R 4 Box 144 Sayre


Oklahoma 5835 73-B-0168 Martin, William F. And Daphne Jump, Sam

Domino Kennels 703 N Main St Fairfax 74637

Oklahoma 5595 73-B-0159 Mc Bride, Laraine Mc Bride's Kennel

7406 N E Cache Rd Lawton 73501

Oklahoma 5439 73-B-0210 Mercer, Wanda Luv & Kare Kennel P O

Box 705 Velma 73491

Oklahoma 23307 73-B-1821 Meyer, Jr., Johnny Rr 2 Box 251

Laverne 73848

Oklahoma 39436 73-B-1839 Oklahoma Champion Pups Trust

8177 S Harvard Ave Ste 535 Tulsa 74137

Oklahoma 6406 73-B-1817 Oostveen, Stephanie 14850 E Post

Oak Rd Noble 73068

Oklahoma 17124 73-B-1780 Pease, Dan, Hattie And Kim Rockin P

Kennel 8100 S 590 Rd Miami 74354

Oklahoma 11576 73-B-1822 Pullen, Donald Blue Moon Dogs 440986

E 350 Rd Big Cabin 74332

Oklahoma 3955 73-B-1814 Quality Pets, Inc. 1501 S Agnew

Oklahoma City 73108

Oklahoma 38770 73-B-1830 Querry Enterprises, L. L. C. Critter

Dome 21725 S E 134 St Mcloud 74851

Oklahoma 7184 73-B-1787 Raley, Debbie And Kevin K & D Puppy

Talk 15216 Fort Coffee Rd Spiro 74959

Oklahoma 11916 73-B-0226 Rayjo, Inc. Kickingbird Animal Supply

Center 419 N Bryant Edmond 73034

Oklahoma 3957 73-B-1791 Sheena Marie, Inc. 16408 S 385 E

Ave Porter 74454

Oklahoma 7359 73-B-0192 Sumpter, Tony And Lorrie Bar Lazy S

Kennel R R 1 Box 43 Reydon 73660

Oklahoma 22362 73-B-1805 Taylor, Mark And Stacie Dog Wood Kennel

P O Box 72 Comanche 73529

Oklahoma 11778 73-B-1828 Totty, Anita My Sweetgliders 5546 S

Birmingham Ave Tulsa 74105

Oklahoma 11692 73-B-0224 Wade, Kelly Green Country Kennel P O

Box 513 Chouteau 74337

Oklahoma 8279 73-B-1836 Williams, Susan Potlicker Kennel P O

Box 9 Bethel 74724

Oklahoma 24290 73-B-1808 Wilson, Kathleen K W Kennels 33760

Peach Creek Rd Red Oak 74563

Oklahoma 20711 73-B-1826 Winkler, Camelia Backwoods Tails &

Scales 7201 Ridge Rd Harrah 73045

Oregon 3521 92-B-0213 Amos, Donna Safari Exo African Serval Cats

552 Cedar Tree Drive Roseburg 97470

Oregon 39445 92-B-0240 Ashland Pets 1664 A Ashland St.

Ashland 97520

Oregon 43355 92-B-0242 Brasuell, Eric Noah's Ark Fish-N-Pets

93740 Shutters Landing Lane #28 North Bend 97459

Oregon 24069 92-B-0228 Critter Cabana, L L C 516 E. First

Street Newberg 97132

Oregon 14447 92-B-0235 Cross, Lucy 17415 Brown Rd. Dallas


Oregon 3650 92-B-0146 Dye, Mike & Carol Dye Game Farm 5820

Aumsville Road S. Salem 97301

Oregon 14619 92-B-0220 Fish World & Exotics Pets, Inc. 1745

Foothill Blvd. Grants Pass 97526

Oregon 3649 92-B-0142 Hema-Resource & Supply, Inc. 28743

S. Meridian Rd. Aurora 97002

Oregon 8701 92-B-0233 Hi-Tech Fisheries 4701 N.E. Lombard

Street Portland 97218

Oregon 8136 92-B-0208 Jungle Fever Exotics 6306 62nd

Avenue Ne Salem 97305

Oregon 35865 92-B-0237 Kraker, Janet 524 Ballad Lane Forest

Grove 97116

Oregon 3652 92-B-0153 Oregon Wildlife Foundation 8375 Steel

Bridge Road Sheridan 97378

Oregon 3711 92-B-0179 Resource Cutters, Inc. New World Pets 969

Oakhill Rd. Roseburg 97470

Oregon 3663 92-B-0219 Roberts, Donna 7247 Old Stage Rd.

Central Point 97502

Oregon 43100 92-B-0241 Slack, Ronald Bailey Kennels 4716 Hwy.

238 Jacksonville 97530

Oregon 27401 92-B-0230 Zany Zoo Pets, L L C 26207 Ferguson

Road Junction City 97448

Pennsylvania 21942 23-B-0155 Animal Biotech Industries Inc

Po Box 519 Danboro 18916

Pennsylvania 16752 23-B-0181 Berrigan, Michael Keystone

Exotics Old Reading Road Rr 4 Box 158a Sunbury 17801

Pennsylvania 710 23-B-0002 Buckshire Corporation 2025 Ridge

Road Perkasie 18944

Pennsylvania 2215 23-B-0052 Bukovitz, Gerald Jerry's Wild

Animal Farm 158 Bukovitz Farm Rd Mcclellandtown 15458

Pennsylvania 12421 23-B-0179 Burry, Robert Rojo Stock Farm

3185 State Rd New Castle 16105

Pennsylvania 31296 23-B-0182 Byler, Emanuel Creekside Kennels

18424 Dryrun Rd W Spring Run 17262

Pennsylvania 360 23-B-0028 Cocalico Biologicals Inc 449

Stevens Road P O Box 265 Reamstown 17567

Pennsylvania 26913 23-B-0185 Creatures & Critters Inc

1413 Elkins Ave Bristol 19057

Pennsylvania 26482 23-B-0162 Derr, Ronald Exotic Critters 119

Oman Road Bloomsburg 17815

Pennsylvania 6899 23-B-0188 Esh, Daniel Scarlet Maple Farm 68

Clearview Rd. Ronks 17572

Pennsylvania 12682 23-B-0140 Fischer, Christine 493 N Tower

Rd Fombell 16123

Pennsylvania 2199 23-B-0026 Forest Ridge Stable & Kennel Inc

296 S. Vintage Road Paradise 17562

Pennsylvania 2189 23-B-0011 Gregory, Barbara Timberlea

Kennels Po Box 40 York Haven 17370

Pennsylvania 2213 23-B-0042 Holmes, Martha Holmes Chinchilla

Ranch 117 Conrath Rd. Barto 19504

Pennsylvania 2227 23-B-0061 Horning, Phares Hornings Kennel

2140 Mensch Road Mifflinburg 17844

Pennsylvania 31445 23-B-0173 Hostetler, Noah Ridgeview Kennel

R D 1 Box 272 Tyrone 16686

Pennsylvania 32126 23-B-0172 Huyard, John 235 Queen Road

Gordonville 17529

Pennsylvania 358 23-B-0067 Jackson Immunoresearch Labs Inc 872

W. Baltimore Pike West Grove 19390

Pennsylvania 23865 23-B-0161 Kamer, Douglas 311 Stargill

Road Cabot 16023

Pennsylvania 13427 23-B-0148 Kauffman, Michael Conodoguinet

Creek Kennel 31 Quigley Rd, Newburg 17240

Pennsylvania 7263 23-B-0098 Kessler, Brad 1000 Grandview

Road York 17403

Pennsylvania 369 23-B-0020 Lampire Biological Laboratories Inc

P. O. Box 270 Pipersville 18947

Pennsylvania 13482 23-B-0187 Lynch, John Lynch's Little Puppies

240 Walnut Dale Rd Shippensburg 17257

Pennsylvania 361 23-B-0164 Magee Womens Research Institute 204

Craft Avenue Pittsburgh 15213

Pennsylvania 33605 23-B-0174 Martin, Floyd Chestnut Grove

Kennel 120 Chestnut Grove Shippensburg 17257

Pennsylvania 39362 23-B-0184 Meck, John 371 Walnut Run Rd

Willow Street 17584

Pennsylvania 24187 23-B-0157 Myer Kennels Inc 170 W

Brubaker Valley Road Lititz 17543

Pennsylvania 2190 23-B-0012 Oneill I I I, Harry 425 Mccoy

Lane Leesport 19533

Pennsylvania 28099 23-B-0191 Peachey, Jonathan Rocky Creek

Kennel 99 Pine Lane Belleville 17004

Pennsylvania 14919 23-B-0159 Peachey, Noah Whispering Oaks

Kennels 140 Whispering Oaks Rd. Belleville 17004

Pennsylvania 28664 23-B-0167 Plank, Marie Berlin View Kennels

Po Box 95 New Berlin 17889

Pennsylvania 373 23-B-0183 Pocono Rabbit Farm & Lab Inc

P.O. Box 240, Dutch Hill Road Canadensis 18325

Pennsylvania 375 23-B-0008 Rockland Inc Po Box 326

Gilbertsville 19525

Pennsylvania 2222 23-B-0047 Rodent Ranch Inc 712

Hoffmansville Road Bechtelsville 19505

Pennsylvania 2223 23-B-0057 S O S Rodent Express 54 Club

Rd. Oley 19547

Pennsylvania 13001 23-B-0168 Sand Valley Farms Inc Rr # 1

Box 526 Richfield 17086

Pennsylvania 2637 23-B-0078 Schober, Paul P & E Pet 238

Nevin Street Lancaster 17603

Pennsylvania 2143 23-B-0165 Sgarlat, Eileen S & S Associates

P.O. Box 141 Harveys Lake 18618

Pennsylvania 17416 23-B-0154 Shared Enterprises P.O. Box

910 Richlandtown 18955

Pennsylvania 40556 23-B-0190 Swarey, Henry Bow Wow Hollow

Kennels Rr2 Box 439 Mifflintown 17059

Pennsylvania 2214 23-B-0050 Three Springs Scientific Inc

1730 West Rock Road Perkasie 18944

Pennsylvania 289 23-B-0152 University Of Pittsburgh 3500

Terrace Street S1040 Bio Sci. Twr. Pittsburgh 15261

Pennsylvania 31425 23-B-0175 Walk Jr, Warren R D 3 Box 66a

Tyrone 16686

Pennsylvania 31295 23-B-0180 Weaver, David The Pet Barn

1531 Eshelman Mill Rd Willow Street 17584

Pennsylvania 25732 23-B-0160 Weaver, Ira 1421 Union Grove Rd

East Earl 17519

Pennsylvania 2197 23-B-0010 Weaver, Kevin Schoeneck

Laboratories 1150 Carpenter Road Lititz 17543

Pennsylvania 28814 23-B-0166 Wernett, Lamont Sunrise Farm

1720 California Rd Quakertown 18951

Pennsylvania 2194 23-B-0022 White Mills Pet Shop Inc 529

Texas Palmyra Hgwy Hawley 18428

Pennsylvania 10305 23-B-0145 Youst, Denny Rr1 Box 81a

Millerton 16936

Pennsylvania 34288 23-B-0176 Zimmerman, Paul Ray 329

Pleasant Valley Rd Ephrata 17522

Rhode Island 20640 15-B-0010 Fish Bowl Aquarium & Pet Mart

725 Providence Street West Warwick 02893

Rhode Island 12958 15-B-0011 Rumford Pet Center 865 Warren

Ave East Providence 02914

South Carolina 905 56-B-0120 Alpha Genesis Inc 95 Castle Hall

Rd P O Box 557 Yemassee 29945

South Carolina 28873 56-B-0118 Aquarium & Pet 1701 Rockland

Road Columbia 29210

South Carolina 32861 56-B-0119 Maggart, Melena & Gregory Animal

Supply House 523 Hwy 17 North North Myrtle Beach 29582

South Carolina 42998 56-B-0125 Taylor, Rodney 306 74th Avenue

North Unit 208 Myrtle Beach 29572

South Carolina 10055 56-B-0110 Technical Services Specialists Inc

6133 Mount Carmel Rd. Walterboro 29488

South Carolina 7873 56-B-0109 Whale Branch Animal Services Inc

Po Box 299 34 Whale Branch Dr Seabrook 29940

South Carolina 27988 56-B-0117 Young, Phyliss Mighty Mice

Enterprises 1239 Brown Road Anderson 29621

South Dakota 34678 46-B-0083 Anderson, La Vaine 521 East

4th Avenue Bristol 57219

South Dakota 11429 46-B-0075 Dohn, Judy & James Kitty City

32821 100th St Eureka 57437

South Dakota 5007 46-B-0032 Heilman, George & Gerry George &

Gerrys Kennel Box 188 Bowdle 57428

South Dakota 13781 46-B-0072 Ketcham, Barb & Mike Ketcham

Kennels 26985 455th Avenue Parker 57053

South Dakota 4975 45-B-0017 Langeliers, Ann Langeliers Lakeside

Kennel 555 100th Street South West Pollock 57648

South Dakota 4995 46-B-0068 Sanborn, Gary And Dorothy

Countryside Kennel 45129 243rd Street Madison 57042

South Dakota 10378 46-B-0065 Schanzenbach, Tamara Pets N

Stuff 308 Main Street Mobridge 57601

South Dakota 8343 46-B-0060 Strenger, Jan Fish-N-Stuff 111

West 3rd Street Yankton 57078

South Dakota 39291 46-B-0084 Strobel, Jill P O Box 191

Herreid 57632

South Dakota 5110 46-B-0066 Strobel, Scott Strobel Kennels

32670 121 St Eureka 57437

South Dakota 5002 46-B-0077 Veurink, Karen Dakota Kennels

38046 272nd Street Harrison 57344

South Dakota 5013 46-B-0069 Wagner, Ronald Wagner's Kennel

3003 14th Avenue N.E. Watertown 57201

South Dakota 43925 46-B-0085 Wolff, Leslee 31731 130th St

Java 57452

Tennessee 6450 63-B-0154 Autrey, Martha Jean 295 Oak Grove

Rd Trezevant 38258

Tennessee 21147 63-B-0144 Bauman, Leslie Valley View Kennels 143

Schrock Lane Monterey 38574

Tennessee 21297 63-B-0148 Brown, Larry Critter Barn Pet Shop

209 Concord St. Knoxville 37919

Tennessee 42069 63-B-0167 Dishman, Sylvia Sugar Glider Alley

1640 Silverado Court Sevierville 37876

Tennessee 39667 63-B-0164 Dobson, Dale & Tesa Critters And

Creepers Pet Shop 105 1/2 Fox St Jonesboro 37659

Tennessee 3287 63-B-0116 Gracy, James Coon Mountain Pet Farm

On Top Of Mountain Spring City 37381

Tennessee 16234 63-B-0166 Greer, Jason 398 Burford Road

Lebanon 37087

Tennessee 7663 63-B-0129 Hazelwood, Jimmy 740 Cypress

Creek Road Martin 38237

Tennessee 30947 63-B-0159 Hillcrest L L C 637 Conley Rd

Alamo 38001

Tennessee 28986 63-B-0153 Jochen, Sherry 2616 Shaconage

Trail Sevierville 37876

Tennessee 6815 63-B-0138 Kiviniemi, David Animal City 919 Nw

Broad Street Murfreesboro 37129

Tennessee 22600 63-B-0146 Perez, Ellen Smoky Mountain Bird

Shop 1436 Winfield Dunn Pkwy #7 Sevierville 37876

Tennessee 1892 63-B-0165 Smith, George Mike 964 Kyker Perry

Kodak 37764

Tennessee 42664 63-B-0168 Vandergriff, R B R B V Farms 2789

Sparta Highway Smithville 37166

Tennessee 43772 63-B-0169 Waters, Connie 123 Nikki Circle

Church Hill 37642

Tennessee 38048 63-B-0162 Wilson Horse & Mule Sale Inc Triple

W Arena 150 Clay Wilson Rd Sparta 38583

Tennessee 11120 63-B-0155 Woodson, Kathy Sugar Gliders R Us P O

Box 395 Rockvale 37153

Texas 35573 74-B-0592 Aanimal Wonders, Inc. Animal Wonders Pet

Store 1104 Thorpe Lane Suite T San Marcos 78666

Texas 42402 74-B-0621 Abundant Life Exotics, L L C 168

High Mesa Alvord 76225

Texas 40256 74-B-0605 Addcco Enterprises, Inc. Plano Pets

1100 Bristlewood Drive Mckinney 75070

Texas 7157 74-B-0315 Animal Source Texas, Inc. 3513

Hopkins Road Krum 76249

Texas 6797 74-B-0328 Barham, Russell 4 B Livestock P. O. Box

28 North Zulch 77872

Texas 32822 74-B-0559 Barrel House Feed And Hardware 11740

State Hwy 16 South Pipecreek 78063

Texas 36595 74-B-0569 Beason, Cindy Smith Pet Mystique 2616

Alice Odessa 79764

Texas 41027 74-B-0608 Bioo Scientific Corp. 3913 Todd Lane,

Suite 312 Austin 78744

Texas 6766 74-B-0521 Birds, Etc., L L C 3900 Candlewick

Court Bedford 76021

Texas 7373 74-B-0348 Blakley, Ryan Walters World Of Pets

3020 34th Street Lubbock 79419

Texas 3924 74-B-0396 Branyon, Victor Troy P. O. Box 118

Lockhart 78644

Texas 41063 74-B-0617 Brown, Ben 5311 Ganzer Rd Krum


Texas 17700 74-B-0548 Caruth Clark Byrd Wildlife Found.

7440 F M 16 Van 75790

Texas 9752 74-B-0593 Chars Reptile Store And More 3800

Garrott St. Houston 77006

Texas 6205 74-B-0492 Cherry, Cindy Cherryville Farms 4503

Cherry Ln Santa Fe 77517

Texas 29762 74-B-0519 Clark, Theresa Super Pet World 4537 Garth

Road, Suite 107 Baytown 77521

Texas 4943 74-B-0205 Cmajdalka, Paul W W Exotics 405 Old Burton

Rd Brenham 77833

Texas 6906 74-B-0332 Covance Research Products Inc C R 381

Alice 78332

Texas 3923 74-B-0570 Cranmore, Dr. Cathy Tri Lakes Exotics. 111

F M 21 Mount Pleasant 75455

Texas 9518 74-B-0391 Custom Cage Works, Inc. 19892 N State

Hwy 34 Terrell 75161

Texas 10692 74-B-0400 Davis, I I I, Claude P.O. Box 92

Sacul 75788

Texas 5542 74-B-0576 Dicks, Mary 1618 Swan Rd Diana


Texas 6278 74-B-0628 Drozd, Bette P. O. Box 787

Bloomington 77951

Texas 1752 74-B-0345 Equitech-Bio, Inc. 512 Cotton Gin Lane

Kerrville 78028

Texas 29373 74-B-0511 Feathers N Fur L T D P. O. Box 341

Kress 79052

Texas 42662 74-B-0618 Forever Pets, Inc. 13906 O'Conner Road

San Antonio 78233

Texas 8124 74-B-0541 Friedel, Gerwin Topsey Exotic Ranch 818 N.

23rd Street Copperas Cove 76522

Texas 27784 74-B-0502 Gradick, James M. & Jennie A. 33629

State Hwy 64 Wills Point 75169

Texas 29518 74-B-0527 Greenwood, Peggy The Fish Bowl P. O.

Box 68 Hull 77564

Texas 32925 74-B-0560 Hasan, Maqbool Star Pet Shop 2328 N.

Alexander Drive Baytown 77520

Texas 18987 74-B-0616 Henderson, Annie Huffman & Vivian Avian's

Bird Barn 1522 Florence Road Killeen 76541

Texas 6479 74-B-0603 Herpeton Exotic Pets, Inc. Herpeton South,

Herpeton North 4211 S. Lamar Blvd, Ste. A-1 Austin 78704

Texas 8050 74-B-0626 Hijazi Pets, Inc. Pet Fair 1201 Lake

Woodlands Drive The Woodlands 77380

Texas 11733 74-B-0550 Housley, Steve Polly's Pet Shop 920 Pat

Booker Rd Universal City 78148

Texas 8926 74-B-0513 Huntsville Livestock Services P. O.

Box 360 Huntsville 77342

Texas 23467 74-B-0574 Incredible Pets U S A, Inc Pet-O-Rama

1616 E. Main St. Waxahachie 75165

Texas 2084 74-B-0512 J. C. Schulz, Inc. 1691 C R 2806

Lampasas 76550

Texas 8167 74-B-0565 Johnson, Larry Safari Enterprises P. O.

Box 2012 Boerne 78006

Texas 43595 74-B-0631 Johnson, T. Johnny 5025 Abner Road

Terrell 75161

Texas 7572 74-B-0449 Keeper, Daniel Zookeeper 9012 Research

Blvd Suite C-11 Austin 78758

Texas 3919 74-B-0423 Kindred, Mary Kay K-Bar Livestock H C 69

Box 270 Sabinal 78881

Texas 43428 74-B-0634 Kopecky, Roger Glider Rescue (West Texas)

5450 Vancouver El Paso 79924

Texas 3925 74-B-0115 L. A. Waters Ranch L L C Amigita Rare

Animal Sanctuary 2800 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 5850 Houston 77056

Texas 40249 74-B-0599 Larkin, Steve Pocket Pets Of Dallas

15707 Jacks Drive Terrell 75161

Texas 17448 74-B-0531 Loehr, Julia Paradise Fish And Pets

2101 Raspberry Lane Pasadena 77502

Texas 3916 74-B-0137 Maass, Pamela "Rocking P Ranch" 610

Boyce Rd Waxahachie 75165

Texas 11801 74-B-0619 Marbach, Randy 360 S. L. B. J. San

Marcos 78666

Texas 39663 74-B-0601 Milburn, Terry Major Pet Planet 2600

Hwy 67 E Mount Pleasant 75455

Texas 42298 74-B-0624 Moore, Brian B. Moore Retrievers 143 W.

Cedar Lane Murchison 75778

Texas 5824 74-B-0607 Moreno, Helen 22211 Impala Peak San

Antonio 78260

Texas 34595 74-B-0577 Murillo, Sr., Roy Sun City Reptiles

2713 Berwick Rd. El Paso 79925

Texas 32947 74-B-0547 Myla's, Inc. Myla's Pet Shop 5201

Anthony Pasadena 77502

Texas 3918 74-B-0571 N B J Zoological Park, Ltd 13850 Hwy

46 West Spring Branch 78070

Texas 43294 74-B-0629 Nelson, Brian 7633 County Road 604

Alvarado 76009

Texas 15635 74-B-0430

Nextpet.Com, L. L. C. 4532 Leona Rd

Bowie 76230

Texas 6543 74-B-0324 Nordin, Larry W. Munchrath And Michael L.

Munch Ranch 261 V Z C R 2924 Eustace 75124

Texas 36447 74-B-0572 Northside Ag & Ranch, Inc. 5705 N.

Main St. Victoria 77904

Texas 27053 74-B-0500 Parmer, Kyle Parmer Farms 645 Cr 4356

Tenaha 75974

Texas 8916 74-B-0594 Passmore, Connie 708 1/2 Texas Ave

Liberty 77575

Texas 7842 74-B-0585 Pereira, Bonnie L. Jenkins & Jami L.

Morning Star Kennel H C 1 - Box 460 Hankamer 77560

Texas 41533 74-B-0615 Pet City Houston, Inc. 230 Bammel

Westfield Road Houston 77090

Texas 43883 74-B-0633 Pet Connection 1512 N. Grant Odessa


Texas 45037 74-B-0637 Pet World 4950-X Hondo Pass El Paso


Texas 31750 74-B-0523 Pets Plus 6419 University Lubbock


Texas 33535 74-B-0597 Pets R Us 12760 Fountain Lake Circle

Stafford 77477

Texas 42654 74-B-0625 Potter, La Jana Paws & Claws Pets & More

1342 Lamar Ave. Paris 75460

Texas 3913 74-B-0611 Pradon, Daniel Pradon, Bobbi Waterhole

Exotics 1101 N Tripp Odessa 79763

Texas 6048 74-B-0303 Prairie Services, Inc. 738 Ashleigh

Lane Lantana 76226

Texas 8120 74-B-0371 Probetex, Inc. 7418 John Smith San

Antonio 78229

Texas 15284 74-B-0524 Provost, Steve 111 Sky J Ranch Avenue

Harper 78631

Texas 42926 74-B-0632 Puppy Dot Dog, L L C 22229 E.

Highway 64 Canton 75103

Texas 1362 74-B-0410 Quality Bioresources, Inc 1015 N

Austin St Seguin 78155

Texas 31000 74-B-0540 Rainbow Exotics Inc 4772 C R 105

Hamilton 76531

Texas 39877 74-B-0604 Rainforest Pets L L C 2121 D West

Main Street League City 77573

Texas 5929 74-B-0293 Rancho Raton, Inc. 890 P R A 81

Pleasanton 78064

Texas 8917 74-B-0614 Raz Livestock 22882 West U. S. Hwy

290 Harper 78631

Texas 22772 74-B-0485 River City Exotics, Inc. 6025 Tezel

Rd Suite 110 San Antonio 78250

Texas 18593 74-B-0591 Russell Feed, Inc. 5710 Jacksboro Hwy

Fort Worth 76114

Texas 5730 74-B-0469 S & S Exotic Animals, Inc. 1711

Connorvale Houston 77039

Texas 11850 74-B-0516 Sandridge, Laura & David Sandmans

Sugargliders 1027 Arborside Dr Mesquite 75150

Texas 4949 74-B-0212 Schuetze, Melba The Pet Center R R 1 Box

285 El Campo 77437

Texas 39429 74-B-0622 Setser, Byron 2540 Krueger Canyon New

Braunfels 78132

Texas 13668 74-B-0418 Simmons, Carolyn & Jerry Swan Lake Farm

& Kennels 918 C R S. E. 4415 Scroggins 75480

Texas 3912 74-B-0018 Slovak, Richard & Gloria Rich-Glo Lab

Animals 1518 C R 307 El Campo 77437

Texas 15361 74-B-0635 Small Paw Kennels, Inc. Zakk's Pets P.O.

Box 386 Greenville 75403

Texas 43427 74-B-0630 Smith, Deborah 208 N. Main Fort

Stockton 79735

Texas 16576 74-B-0612 Smith, Lorre Tejas/Afrikhan Cattery

3035 C R 255 Georgetown 78628

Texas 42538 74-B-0623 Starling, Adonia Maudine P.O. Box 85

Tennessee Colony 75861

Texas 44359 74-B-0636 Steffek, Chris 1181 C R 130

Hallettsville 77964

Texas 7800 74-B-0363 Stevens, Devera Zoocatame 1020 Sutton

Drive Somerville 77879

Texas 5520 74-B-0254 Stillmeadow, Inc. 12852 Park One Dr

Sugar Land 77478

Texas 3908 74-B-0089 Storer-Rinne, Pat P. O. Box 160

Columbus 78934

Texas 35494 74-B-0563 Sullivan, Stacy Lone Star Tail Waggers

1110 Brandy Court Midlothian 76065

Texas 18347 74-B-0578 Szostek, Jim Jolly Jims Pet Center,

Jolly Jims Too 10 B Basset Place El Paso 79925

Texas 8906 74-B-0555 Talley, David Joshua 3936 F M 1052

Uvalde 78801

Texas 21131 74-B-0520 U.S. Global Exotics, Inc. 504

Edinburgh Lane Coppell 75019

Texas 16139 74-B-0435 Walker, Venette P. O. Box 380704 San

Antonio 78268

Texas 5876 74-B-0498 Wallace, John P. O. Box 4272 Bryan


Texas 3906 74-B-0021 Waters, Dan Waters Ranches P. O. Box 131

Mountain Home 78058

Texas 35733 74-B-0568 Westex Exotics I I Inc. 3201 South C R

1140 Midland 79706

Texas 28675 74-B-0620 Wet Pets N Critter, Inc. 103 W. Loop

281, Ste. 300 Longview 75605

Texas 41376 74-B-0627 Williams, Cindy Your Pet's Store 1019 N.

Midkiff Rd. Midland 79701

Texas 17435 74-B-0606 Y. O. Ranch 924 Jefferson, Apt.

Kerrville 78028

Utah 18689 87-B-0029 Edwards, Tom P O Box 770 Brigham

City 84032

Utah 38899 87-B-0028 Goularte, Cynthia 389 N. 100 W. Ste #

8 Cedar City 84720

Utah 21700 87-B-0019 Lundberg, Elisabeth 408 West Devon Glen

Dr. Springville 84663

Utah 21567 87-B-0027 Martinez, Sandra West Wind Critters

1231 E. Tamara Street Sandy 84094

Utah 10892 87-B-0020 Pets & Such, Inc. 3680 West 3500

South Kearns 84118

Vermont 2484 13-B-0003 Djs Chinchilla Ranch 38 Chipman

Point Road Orwell 05760

Virginia 9024 52-B-0121 Animal Jungle 4318 Holland Road

Virginia Beach 23452

Virginia 6704 52-B-0110 Bellona Arsenal Farm 3816 West

Old Gun Road Midlothian 23113

Virginia 40999 52-B-0151 Cuellar, Paula 8234 Mercer Dr

Norfolk 23505

Virginia 29635 52-B-0150 Franks Pet World Llc 10028 James

Monroe Hwy Culpeper 22701

Virginia 33165 52-B-0139 Hash, Jack Windy Ridge Farm 390

Hill Lane Saltville 24370

Virginia 43260 52-B-0152 Laura Steere Infinity Acres Llc 136

Joppa Rd Ridgeway 24148

Virginia 33112 52-B-0145 Mallow, Leslie Indigo Ridge Farm

1212 Quicksburg Road Quicksburg 22847

Virginia 2493 52-B-0154 Perfect Pets Of Va Llc 9132 West

Broad St Richmond 23294

Virginia 17497 52-B-0122 Pet World Ltd 109 Piankatank Turn

Yorktown 23693

Virginia 40007 52-B-0146 Pets N Things 7525 Tidewater Dr

Ste 17 Norfolk 23505

Virginia 35175 52-B-0142 Pets Plus Inc 60 Susa Dr, Ste 117

Stafford 22554

Virginia 15330 52-B-0120 Sh0twell, Karen Po Box 532

Stanardsville 22973

Virginia 1886 52-B-0107 Wilcox Bait & Tackle Inc 9501

Jefferson Avenue Newport News 23605

Virginia 29786 52-B-0136 World Of Pets 3303 N Main St Ext

Suite K Danville 24540

Washington 3791 91-B-0056 African Northwest, Inc. 470 South

Kenyon Street Seattle 98108

Washington 7040 91-B-0076 Benhardt, Ed Reindeer Express P.

O. Box 311 Reardan 99029

Washington 39508 91-B-0092 J & L Green, Inc. Pioneer West 710

N. Tower Centralia 98531

Washington 7649 91-B-0071 Jones & Co. Pets, Inc. 1340 State

Avenue Marysville 98270

Washington 36479 91-B-0094 Lane, Dawn Marie Little One Rescue

Home 361 4th Avenue Se Ephrata 98823

Washington 30567 91-B-0088 Northwest Zoological Supply L L C

P O Box 384 Edmonds 98020

Washington 11124 91-B-0078 S N B L U S A, L T D 6605

Merrill Creek Parkway Everett 98203

Washington 25151 91-B-0086 The Twisted S Ranch, Inc. 20511

Se 424th St. Enumclaw 98022

Washington 19887 91-B-0093 Tiny Bubbles 1130 E. Front

Street Port Angeles 98362

Washington 15097 91-B-0080 Triple J Farms & Kent Labs 777

Jorgensen Place Bellingham 98226

Washington 7096 91-B-0068 Young, Michelle Animal Talk 6514

Roosevelt Way N E Seattle 98115

West Virginia 14234 54-B-0038 Animal Kingdom 2500 Fairmount

Ave Fairmont 26554

West Virginia 28783 54-B-0036 Davis, Michael Rocky Hill Farm 156

Kepler Ln Bunker Hill 25413

West Virginia 30380 54-B-0039 Pursley, Tracy 809 Church St

Evans 25241

West Virginia 43325 54-B-0043 Susans World Of Pets Rr2 Box

355 Lewisburg 24901

West Virginia 41351 54-B-0042 The Pet Escape Llc 111 Davis

Ave Elkins 26241

West Virginia 22544 54-B-0041 Vannatter, Brandy Brandys

Critters 810 Middle Horse Creek Road Julian 25529

West Virginia 7541 54-B-0028 Williams Jr., Buford 1038

White Oak Creek Road Whitesville 25209

Wisconsin 11173 35-B-0122 Animart Inc 4303 East Towne Way

Madison 53704

Wisconsin 8187 35-B-0113 Aprill, Michael Milwaukee Superpogs

9910 West Beloit Rd Milwaukee 53227

Wisconsin 37233 35-B-0185 Bazille, Brian B B Hidden Ranch

N12627 220th St Boyceville 54725

Wisconsin 44507 35-B-0192 Bender, Michelle W5978 Gorman Rd

Rio 53960

Wisconsin 38961 35-B-0187 C & J Pet Supply Inc Pet Supply Port

620 E Green Bay Ave Ste 108 Saukville 53080

Wisconsin 22661 35-B-0145 Doyles Farm & Home Inc 560 Deere

Drive New Richmond 54017

Wisconsin 2420 35-B-0034 El Ranchito Pets Inc 31567 Dog

Hollow Road Cazenovia 53924

Wisconsin 6544 35-B-0106 Hess, Sheryl 4570 Hwy 61 South

Potosi 53820

Wisconsin 19366 35-B-0166 Hestekin, Teresa Hestekin Hills

4147 Soley Lane Eau Claire 54703

Wisconsin 6211 35-B-0104 Hofferber, Dawn N 1720 Bucholtz

Road Weyauwega 54983

Wisconsin 39883 35-B-0182 Hoffers Tropic Life Pets Llc

7323 N 76th St Milwaukee 53223

Wisconsin 32540 35-B-0188 Horst Stables L L C N13653 County

Road M Thorp 54771

Wisconsin 25976 35-B-0151 Hostetler, Aaron W4775 Elm Ave

Stetsonville 54480

Wisconsin 31946 35-B-0163 James, Cary Cj Birds & Pets 2209 E 4th

St Superior 54880

Wisconsin 44357 35-B-0191 Jills Pet Shoppe 712b E Green

Bay St Shawano 54166

Wisconsin 38613 35-B-0178 Johnson, Valerie & Ben 917 Elm St

Manawa 54949

Wisconsin 16916 35-B-0135 Knapp, Scott Country Critters &

Supply Llc 7820 S Howell Ave Oak Creek 53154

Wisconsin 20300 35-B-0181 Krueger, Randy Spectrum Ranch 435

East Pearl Street Neshkoro 54960

Wisconsin 40795 35-B-0189 Landsinger, Earl W5855 Lavalle

St Reedsburg 53959

Wisconsin 24276 35-B-0149 Lee, Albert Lees Kennel 25420 Mimosa Rd

Wilton 54670

Wisconsin 622 35-B-0193 Panigen Inc W8959 Highway 39

Blanchardville 53516

Wisconsin 9574 35-B-0119 Pet World Inc Pet World Warehouse N

84 W15670 Appleton Ave Menomonee Falls 53051

Wisconsin 2432 35-B-0121 Pewaukee Veterinary Service N29

W23950 Schuett Drive Pewaukee 53072

Wisconsin 43252 35-B-0190 Pine Street Pets And Supplies Andy

Dufeck & Susan Linssen 1331 Bellevue St Lot 491 Green Bay 54302

Wisconsin 33579 35-B-0176 Rienow, James Dreamcatchers 4312 N.

Lakeview Dr Suamico 54173

Wisconsin 2382 35-B-0120 Schley, Nola Polish Enterprises

E8190 620th Avenue Elk Mound 54739

Wisconsin 2424 35-B-0033 Schoebel, Mark R-Zoo W 583 Eagle

Road Neshkoro 54960

Wisconsin 6909 35-B-0169 Silver Lining Kennels Inc E9315

1010th Avenue Colfax 54730

Wisconsin 18918 35-B-0136 The Aristotle Corporation Nasco 901

Janesville Ave. Fort Atkinson 53538

Wisconsin 41843 35-B-0186 The Family Patch Inc Puppy Prints

2360 Short Rd Athens 54411

Wisconsin 7830 35-B-0112 Wheeler, Gene N1426 Midway Road

Hortonville 54944

Wisconsin 36856 35-B-0174 Zelenski, Bill Wild Bills Exotics

N1603 East Rd Waupaca 54981

Wyoming 25264 83-B-0003 Keck, Ronald & Ruth R & R Pet Barn 201 N.

Sun Drive Casper 82609