Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NC Shelter Pet's find their way to becoming dissections kits for the US

It's a difficult subject to approach and no matter what words are used, the format or the images used the truth on this subject matter will just make many people upset, angry and left feeling like they are helpless with where some of our homeless shelter pets end up. But with understanding on what is really taking place I feel we can move forward and work on a solution to possible end such a practise.

If you live in North Carolina you most likely know that we are listed as a "High Kill" state for the number of our unwanted Shelter pet's. Link that issue is our lackadaisical attitude towards Spay and Neuter and the open playground for the ever growing "Backyard breeders" and Puppy Mills. Then compiling to these facts that NC has not one Law on the books to protect and over see our large community of Hunting Dog's. ( Again going back to not one law on the books for any Hunting dog means no vaccinations, no rabies and no spay and neuter. If you look to the rural NC Animal Shelters you will find an overwhelming number of starved, pregnant and non vaccinated Hunting dogs of every breed). Another huge issue that NC still has not addressed.

But with this said, many people do not know about the business of buying our euthanized County Shelter Animals, yes you heard me correctly. Cats, Kittens, Dogs,Puppies and don't forget the rabbits or other small animals that find their way into one of our County Shelters could all find themselves being shipped in little baggies to some school for their child's dissection project.

It's been a normal business practise here in North Carolina for sometime now, but with pressure from Animal Advocates many of the Counties have started to decline to continue their contract with companies like Carolina Biological (
http://www.carolina.com/preserved-organisms/preserved-animals-mammals/10749.ct?mCat=10748 ) and now do not resale their euthanized bodies for dissection kits. However a number of Counties still carry a contract with companies like this, is your County one of them?

 Please not above you can buy a dead pregnant cat. So now you can dissect her unborn kittens. Shame on us !!


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  1. It's very tricky, CB refuses to hand over their list and now they use 3rd parties to try and hide what is taking place. My best suggestion is to get with the accounting dept of each county and ask for all accounting records coming in and going out, this way between the bills of electric, food and such you should stumble across who in NC 100 Counties are doing this.