Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NCVAW and Susie's Law thoughts on an individual’s rights to speak out on NC Shelter Issues

NCVAW and Susie's Law thoughts on an individual’s rights to speak out on NC Shelter Issues

Privacy and Respect are out the window, today when we want to prove our point we fight as dirty as we can to win, is that the world we live in now days?

I’m not a bandwagon jumper, my wagon is not “hitched” to PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, Nathan Winogrand, NCVAW, Susie's law nor any other group not listed, but in the minds of many of these larger money making organizations if you’re not in their “camp” you are their target enemy number 1.

Money, Money, Money…. We all need it to keep the doors open for any business but when it comes to being an Animal Advocate one would think the fight for a piece of the pie wouldn’t be so brutal and you would be completely wrong.

Each organization it trying to get you to donate your funds to them and when doing so the truth seems to be stretched many times over. My question would be, how much of any of the money taken in by some of these groups actually make its way back to the animals and the care they need versus paying for salaries, office buildings, furniture, phone and gas allowances and any such items that go into running a business? Yes, key word here is business and all these organizations are operating a business with assets of one kind or another. And when you are in business you become cut throat to take out your competition. Sadly in this ball game the competition is another group or individual that is also trying to save the lives of our voiceless animals. So as you guessed the animals get the short end of the stick due to this competitive fight.

The last several weeks I have been at a crossroads after reviewing information that had made its way to me. I had to take a long look at how I personally felt about the situation and the long term impact if myself and others buried what we knew took place. Do I ignore it or do I get involved and speak out about it from my point of view due to the impact for future NC Animal Shelter Issues.

So after contacting all parties involved and expressing my concerns with what took place it finally brought me to hoping I could bring awareness on how this could be the start of some Groups, Organizations and Business’s ending the work of individuals in the Animal Advocates Community as a whole simply due to the fact that we don’t beat to the sound of their drum.

What we all need to realize is that each of us no matter what Group, Organization, Business or Individual we are, we all bring something different to the table in the Animal Advocate Community and with this we all need to show some respect for the others work and not try and to make everyone conform to a particular or agenda. If someone wants to work independently off and away from any other group, then it’s their right and they are also allowed to have their personal views on a subject and at no time should anyone feel just because they have a title behind their name they can squash others like bugs on a windshield. ( And everyone needs to keep it about the topic at hand only).

So for your view, here is a formal complaint to an individual’s employer demanding to have a blog removed about NC Animal Shelter Issues. And notice this person felt the need to add in both her titles to show weight to force a hand in getting her way. I feel this is 100% incorrect as the person who wrote the complaint didn’t one time contact the blogger to ask for a “meet and greet” to better understand her take on such emotional issues that seem to divide us all.

Attacking one another is normal in the AR World. It's gone to far when your intention is to get someone fired from their employment for only writing a blog about events that actually took place in such a depressed economy you have went too far, but I need to add these are my thoughts as I feel this is hitting below the belt.

In NC many ACO and Shelters call themselves “pounds”. They even answer the phone calling themselves a pound, if you go sit thru a town meeting or board of health meeting in a rural community you will hear the word “ pound “ used to refer to the Animal Shelter. I personally hate this word and I feel in 2013 no matter how rural your area is you need to get with the times and stop referring to any Animal Shelter a “pound." And the only reason I even bring up the word “pound” is the person who wrote the complaint uses this word to strictly try and swing the vote her way to have a blog removed. The word is used to excite and sensationalize the situation at hand again to swing the vote in her favor.

I personally do not know the person who writes the Fix NC Blog, I have no real connection to any of the parties involved other than it hit too close to home due to current issues I find myself in. And what I despised more than ever is that another person felt they could use titles to force an individual to stop speaking out on issues we face here within the NC Shelter System.

So for me this complaint is nothing more than a bully tactic to  both shut up and shut down anyone who speaks out as an individual on the issues they see before them. Either conform with the big fish or they want to eat you, is this where this is now going?

I know from personal experience that the larger Organizations do not speak out on many issues that some of us see weekly if not daily within our Shelter System. Is it perfect, NO, are all NC Shelter Employee’s uncaring, NO, but sadly we all need to understand that not all of our County Shelters or Employees have the best intentions for these animals. Just like in any other business, you have some great employees and then you have the ones who leave you with nothing but issues to deal with and their mess to clean up.  If we all did what we were supposed to in life, none of us would find ourselves where we are now, but we don’t live in a perfect world and we are not surrounded by perfect employees in every job.  No one is perfect.

Take what you want from the complaint shown below, but for me this is just another sign of the times that the powers that be want us to march in line with them and have no individuals rights of any kind.  Just take this situation and compare it to all those bloggers and News Stations who report on issues that are not agreeable to others, those that try and shed some light on some dark issues we face in our world. So does this mean that none of us are allowed to write how much we disagree about the economy, local Government Offices or School System issues? Are we now to understand that we better not ever bring up uncomfortable issues in hopes to spread the word of an unpleasant situation?

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  1. I know there are a few people that will never open their eyes and believe the facts about an organization or person they have trusted no matter what, but as for the rest of us, it's important to find out about things from some insiders to make our own educated decisions. I'm sorry, for example that my shelter is full of nepotism and the Director has stated she does not have to comply with NC Plublic Records Laws. I think everyone should know that. I hope FixNc will KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!