Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Samspon County moves forward to remove the Gas Chamber and Welcomes Alan Canady, a New Shelter Manager

Published: 12:00 AM, Tue Jan 08, 2013
Sampson County takes grant to eliminate gas chamber at animal shelter
What happened: The Sampson County Board of Commissioners on Monday accepted a grant aimed at getting rid of its animal shelter gas chamber on the same night it welcomed new Animal Shelter Director Alan Canady, who had just completed his first day of work.
Why it matters: Canady replaces Lori Baxter, who had filled in as shelter director since June. The shelter has come under fire from animal rights activists in recent years in part because it still uses a gas chamber to euthanize animals.
What they said: "Fortunately, when Baxter left, she had the ball moving in the right direction. I want to move everything forward," said Canady, who most recently worked as a lead officer in animal control for Cumberland County.
What's next: The county on Monday announced it had received three shelter grants, including $7,000 to dismantle the gas chamber and switch to lethal injection within six months and another $9,300 for two vaccine programs.
- John Ramsey

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