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Restraining a dog in NC in a crule manner, what can you do?

Have you saw a dog in North Carolina chained by a logging chain or another type of heavy chain? If so did you know you can do something about it? Step up, report it to the local Animal Control and whether you refer to the NC General Statues or use the local County Ordinance you can help give an animal the better life and relief they so deserve. Please use your voice and help unchain all North Carolina dogs esp. those who are under duress of logging chains or other heavy chains.

§ 14-362.3. Restraining dogs in a cruel manner.
A person who maliciously restrains a dog using a chain or wire grossly in excess of the size necessary to restrain the dog safely is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. For purposes of this section, "maliciously" means the person imposed the restraint intentionally and with malice or bad motive. (2001-411, s. 2.)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Loophole lets accused puppy mill operator sell dogs online

SEATTLE -- A controversial commercial dog breeder who has been repeatedly fined, had her license suspended, and served jail time near Seattle for animal-related violations continues to sell dogs over the Internet because of a loophole in federal regulations, a KOMO News Problem Solvers investigation has found.

In fact, Wendy Laymon, who has since moved to Missouri and opened a commercial breeding facility with as many as 100 dogs, according to government documents, also runs a website that purports to be a "non-profit, rescue adoption agency" for dogs in puppy mills. However, several sources say she’s selling her own dogs and others for $1,000 or more.

"The most petrified animal I’ve ever seen in my life." That’s how one angry dog lover describes Frankie, a French bulldog she found on the "adoption" website for $900 plus shipping.

Jennifer Izzi, of Selbyville, Delaware, says when Frankie arrived in a rickety van filled with 50 other dogs nearly a year ago, he was "skin and bones," afraid to walk on grass or on the stairs, and scurried under furniture whenever human feet came near. Her vet said Frankie had incessant ear infections, severe kennel cough and was malnourished. Izzi believes it gave her a glimpse into Frankie’s past.

"I was looking to rescue. I was looking to adopt," says Izzi. Now that she believes Laymon’s website was deceptively portraying itself as a traditional dog rescue charity, she feels completely duped. "I’m glad I have him, but she needs to be stopped. And people like her." Several leading national dog rescue groups agree with Izzi.

The Humane Society of the United States calls Laymon’s operation a puppy mill, a term generally describing large commercial kennels where dogs rarely touch the ground, live their lives in cages, and are rarely fully socialized. Animal welfare experts say puppy mill dogs have a higher propensity for illness and genetic defects.

"They’re literally dog-breeding machines," says Dan Paul, of the Humane Society of the United States, "and it’s just not right."

The Humane Society called Laymon’s operation in 2010 and 2011 one of Missouri’s "dirty dozen" puppy mills and describe a long list of animal care violations.

Missouri state inspectors have repeatedly found serious violations of animal care regulations, including a period of nearly two years where they found no inspections by an attending veterinarian as law requires, cages and grounds in shabby condition, outdated medicine with some labeled for cows – not dogs.

Laymon failed to show up for scheduled inspections and, in one case, flatly refused to let an inspector look inside one of her out buildings. The State of Missouri still issues her a commercial breeder’s license but a spokesperson said they have no record for a special dog rescue license under her name or company. She often used aliases.

Laymon signed a federal consent order admitting to willfully violating the Animal Care Act. As part of that agreement, she lost her USDA license to sell to pet stores, was fined and ordered to improve conditions.

Several new kennels were built on her property near Rogersville, Missouri since that consent order that appear to include heating and cooling. When KOMO News visited her property, Laymon refused to show us a number of out buildings behind her home that could be clearly seen from nearby.

So, even without a USDA license – which requires inspections – federal regulations do not prevent her from selling directly to dog buyers via the Internet.

"The law was written before the Internet. So now there’s a giant loophole for sellers that want to sell directly to the public via the Internet," says Paul. "No inspections. And the Internet is the 'puppy miller's' best friend."

Laymon initially agreed to an interview but abruptly cancelled. In conversation, she is courteous, proud of her kennels and says she has lots of happy customers nationwide.

She blames animal welfare groups for harassing her for years.

Cydney Horne of Sammamish, Washington, and Julie Hallan of Stanwood, Washington, beg to differ. In 1999, they lead an impassioned news conference at a Lynnwood, Washington animal welfare facility after they bought Mandy and Betty from Laymon when she ran a dog selling and breeding operation near Arlington in Snohomish County.

Eyewitnesses describe "horrific" conditions, with dogs matted with feces, the stench of urine everywhere, and "cages and cages and cages stacked on top of each other.

That news conference lead authorities to raid Laymon’s operation, seize hundreds of mistreated dogs, and sentence Laymon to several weeks in jail.

Fourteen years later, Horne and Hallan were stunned to learn Laymon remains in business. "I was appalled," says Horne, "to say the least."

"I thought that when she left Washington," says Hallan, "I don’t know why, I thought that she’d stop."

Back then, Laymon told KOMO she blamed her accusers for her problems. "Of course they’ve lied about me," she said in 1999. "It’s their job."

Last Friday, the State of Missouri issued Laymon yet another formal warning letter for violations found during the most recent inspection.

All major animal welfare groups urge people considering a pet to never buy online. They underscore that hundreds of thousands of pets are euthanized each year at shelters when not enough people opt to adopt


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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boots & Barklay expanded Dog Treat Recall

Expanded Dog Treat Recall for Several Other Brands:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 19, 2013 - Kasel Associated Industries of Denver, CO is voluntarily recalling ALL PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED AT ITS DENVER, COLORADO FACILITY FROM APRIL 20, 2012 THRU SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 due to possible Salmonella contamination. Salmonella can sicken animals that eat these products and humans are at risk for salmonella poisoning from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the pet products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these symptoms after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has any of these signs, please contact your veterinarian.

The recalled Products of Dog Treats were distributed nationwide through various retailers from April 20th to September 19th.

Kasel Industries is recalling Boots & Barkley, BIXBI, Nature’s Deli, Colorado Naturals, Petco, and Best Bully Stick items. Lot numbers as shown in 1 Year Best By Date Table and 2 Year Best By Date Table, which are attached.

Kasel Industries has not received any reports of illnesses to date in connection with these products.

No other products made by Kasel Associated Industries are included in the recall. Specifically no products with best by dates after the specified ranges are included in the recall.

Consumers who have purchased any listed products are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Kasel Associated Industries at (800) 218-4417 Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm MDT.

2 Year Best By Date
UPC Lot/Best By Date
085239043165 Boots&Barkley American Beef Bully Stick 12" 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239403495 Boots&Barkley American Smoked Beef Femur Bone 3" 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043103 Boots&Barkley American Flossie 6-8" 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239403440 Boots&Barkley American Pig Ear Strips 8oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043202 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Stuffed Beef Femur Bone 6" 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043110 Boots&Barkley American Braided Bully Stick 5" 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043325 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Jerky 16oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043400 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Jerky 8oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
490830400086 Boots&Barkley American Variety Pack 32oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899196 Boots&Barkley American Beef Ribs 2ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899172 Boots&Barkley American Beef Knuckle 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899158 Boots&Barkley American Pig Ears 12ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899189 Boots&Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks 6ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899165 Boots&Barkley American Pork Femur 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
681131857246 Roasted Pig Ear Dog Treats 28oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092903 25 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092910 12 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092927 12 PK Smoked Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092934 7 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092941 7 PK Smoked Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800291 16oz Chicken Chips 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263900151 16oz Salmon Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800178 4oz Chicken Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263510176 4oz Lamb Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263900175 4 oz Salmon Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263801175 4oz Beef Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800291 16oz Chicken Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263700157 16oz Pork Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018021 BIXBI Skin & Coat Beef Liver Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018045 BIXBI Skin & Coat Lamb Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018007 BIXBI Skin & Coat Chicken Breast Jerky Treats 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018069 BIXBI Skin & Coat Pork Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018144 BIXBI Hip And Joint Pork Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018120 BIXBI Hip And Joint Lamb Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018083 BIXBI Hip And Joint Chicken Breast Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018106 BIXBI Hip And Joint Beef Liver Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Buffalo Hearts Sliced 3 lbs 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Knee Caps 25 Ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Pork Jerky Strips 16oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Chicken Jerky 16oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Turkey Cubes 4.5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Pig Snouts 25ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Beef Lobster Tails 1ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Turkey Jerky Sticks 6ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Hearts of Lamb 4oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Lamb Jerky 4oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN

1 Year Best By Date
UPC Lot/Best By Date
647263800215 Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky 3lbs 04202013 DEN-10032013 DEN
647263800208 Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky 2.5lbs 04202013 DEN-10032013 DEN



Monday, February 11, 2013

Man wanted for Animal Cruelty in North Carolina

Man wanted for animal cruelty, another charged

Posted: Feb 11, 2013 9:20 AM ESTUpdated: Feb 11, 2013 5:59 PM EST

Land where three dogs were found dead.Land where three dogs were found dead.

One of the dogs found chained up. (Source: Fair Bluff Police Department)
One of the dogs found chained up. (Source: Fair Bluff Police Department)

Xavier Hemingway (Source: Fair Bluff Police Department)
Xavier Hemingway (Source: Fair Bluff Police Department)


FAIR BLUFF, NC (WECT) – Officers with the Fair Bluff Police Department have arrested one man in connection to an animal cruelty case, and are searching for another.

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According to Chief J.H. Hewett, someone called to report dog fighting in the area of Hamer Street but didn't give any information about who was involved.
While officers were responding to a stolen property call on the same street, Hewett said several dogs were seen nearby that appeared to be mistreated.
After further inspection, the dogs appeared to have life-threatening injuries and were chained to stakes driven in the ground.
According to Hewett, Columbus County Animal Control took six bull dogs into custody. Officers also found at least three other dogs were found deceased and decomposed across the street.

Monday, Fair Bluff police received several calls from people who recently had dogs stolen. Officers tell us, they're investigating to see if any of those dogs were some of the ones they seized. While we were at the animal control shelter, we learned people had already adopted some of the dogs.

James Earl Hemingway was arrested and charged with:
• six counts of cruelty to animals
• assault and battery
• two counts of communicating threats
• assault on a handicapped person
• attempted larceny of a motor vehicle
• two counts of possession of stolen goods
Officers are looking for Xavier Hemingway who will be charged with:
• six counts of cruelty to animals
• assault and battery
• communicating threats
• assault on a handicapped person
• attempted larceny of a motor vehicle
• two counts of possession of stolen goods
Anyone with information regarding Xavier Hemingway's whereabouts

Charlotte Dog Fighting Ring Bust

Police bust reported dog fighting ring
Dog ring

Published: Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 13:42 PM.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On Friday, officers with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department's Hickory Grove Division and Animal Care and Control Unit made arrests in a dog fighting ring in east Charlotte.
Officers said the house on Carelock Circle has several pit bulls in the backyard. When officers arrived, they reported several pit bulls were tied up with large chains that were attached to spikes driven into the ground.
Upon arrival, Animal Control officers said they located evidence consistent with training dogs for the purpose of fighting.
Officers located a total of 27 animals on the property and several of the animals had injuries consistent with dog fighting.
Both paraphernalia for dog fighting and a dog fighting arena were also discovered on the property.
Melvin Smith, 46, and Lefonze Williams, 42, were arrested and are both being charged with felony training animals with the purpose of dog fighting and baiting.
Based on the number of dogs and evidence seized at the scene, this location is one of the largest dog fighting operations the CMPD and Animal Care and Control have investigated to date.

Monday, February 4, 2013

NC foxes and other small animals need your help, now!

The North Carolina Assembly is considering House Bill (H.B.) 33, which, if passed, would lift a ban on the use of steel-jaw traps to catch foxes, raccoons, and other wildlife in Polk, Rutherford, and Cleveland counties. These traps are indiscriminate, and their use is exceedingly cruel—even rubber-coated steel-jaw traps cause immense pain and injury! Terrified animals, in their frantic struggles to escape the traps, will commonly injure themselves further. Bones can snap, flesh tears, and some victims will chew or twist off their limbs in order to break free. Trapped animals can succumb to exposure, stress, or injuries sustained during attacks by other animals. These traps also pose a definitive risk to dogs, cats, and nontarget wildlife, including protected bird species. Your voice is needed! More information regarding these vile devices can be viewed here. Please click here and politely ask your representative to oppose H.B. 33. Remind him or her that steel-jaw traps cause extreme suffering, pose risks to nontarget animals, and are unnecessary because effective alternatives exist. Steel-jaw traps are banned in 88 countries, and North Carolina doesn't need any more of them! Please forward this e-mail widely!
Click here to send in your email on this issue, please they need all of us now.