Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What are you feeding your family pet?

Click on the below link to view all the complaints with consumer affairs:


Symptoms dogs have shown:



•Excessive water drinking


•Weight loss


•Bloat (this is life threatening to a dog)

•Kidney failure

•Liver failure


This problem is not in a single region but across the country. The number of reported cases, mainly from October 2012 through January 2013, has been increasing and currently there are 220 incidents listed on the consumer affairs site alone. With pets dying after eating this food, the following questions must be asked.

Is Purina turning a blind eye to what their Beneful product is doing?

Why has there been no recall or statement issued by the FDA?

How many injuries and deaths must there be before someone takes some action?

 The FDA has three levels of recall.

1.The recall is made by the firm’s own initiative.

2.The FDA makes a request to recall.

3.The FDA orders a recall under statutory authority.

The FDA website was updated as of December 31, 2012, and with just about every other pet food available listed on the site, there is blatantly no mention of either Purina or Beneful.

In 2007, Purina dog food was identified for dog fatalities after an autopsy revealed aflatoxins in the food and the ASPCA became involved. Aflatoxins are known to be found in moldy grains, like the corn that would be in the dog food. At that time, there was a large recall. In 2005 100 dogs died for the same reason prompting another recall of a different brand of food.

What are you feeding your family pet?

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