Sunday, January 13, 2013

Surrendering your family pet

When you surrender your  family pet to a Rescue or Animal Shelter, please be as honest as possible on their current vaccinations, heart worm status, if they are spayed, quirks and more. No matter how bad you feel at the time of surrender you will give your pet a better chance if any of us know what we are dealing with from the beginning. So put your embarrassment away and just tell us the truth and the facts on your pet that your about to surrender. This is putting your pet first in such a life alerting situation, remember they can’t speak to us on these matters and extra vetting is very expensive on the back end for us.

It even heps us and sooths the animal if we know the name you called in during your ownership. For us to make up a name, start trying to call them by a strange name it makes the assessment part of any animal much harder.

Just give us all the facts, the good and the bad. We don't care, we just need to know as much as possible to better help the animal find a second chance at life.

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