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Welcome to the State of North Carolina where NC Statues exist on paper but are not actually enforceable, hopefully you will take the time to investigate to better help change the future for our County Shelter Animals thru our General Assembly Members. If the Rules and Regulations let alone NC State Statues don’t change for these animals in 2013, then all your screams and tears will mean little to nothing for these animals. In NC we can do better for our County Shelter Animals but for that to take place we need our Animals Advocates to be knowledgeable on these issues.


Due to the amount of info I will be running this in 3-4 parts so please check back from time to time.  I do not want to overwhelmed the Animal Advocates and I want you to be knowledgeable on the issues we face and how to fix them. This will take an army to fix but it can be done.


1/ Did you know that our Shelter Vet Care Law is a farce? Get a copy of the Shelter Vet Care from the NC Dept. of Agar and read thru it, then look at the NC Dept. of Agriculture Inspection Reports on each County Shelter and you will see the box marked “ acceptable” for Shelter Vet Care. Now go a step further and view how many of these County Shelter Animals are laying on these concrete floors injured needing medical attention and never receiving it. Nor is the County Shelter asking for rescuers to step in and take these animals to a Vet which is allowed by the State Statues.


2/ The North Carolina Rabies Law is not even in existence really, sure it looks great on paper but did you know that this NC Statue is placed under the NC DHHS and not the NC Dept. of Agriculture and this makes this law unenforceable as the NC DHHS is only a regulatory office? Rabies should be a concern for all NC Residents and to have such an important law under the wrong dept. and unenforceable should be a priority for all of us to come together and reach out to our General Assembly Members to make an amendment and get this bill under the correct dept., which would be the NC Dept. of Agriculture.


3/ The 72 Hr. Rule, another slip up made by the sponsor of this bill. Again this part of the NC Statues was placed under the NC DHHS and they are only regulatory and cannot really enforce this law as none of their staff members Inspect these NC County Shelters. If you doubt me on this one, go ask the NC DHHS how many times their staff have been into a County Shelter and address either the Rabies or 72 hr. Rule then take it further and ask them how many times have they fined or written a letter to one of these Shelters for either of these issues. You will find your reply to be zero, and this is a huge problem for any Animal Advocate trying to help the advancement for better care of our County Animals. Let alone how many times do we see NC Shelter Animals find their way to the Euthanasia room the same day of intake for whatever reason? Our NC State Statues have many loop holes and it’s our job to close these loop holes so our County Shelter Animals have better care starting in 2013.


4/ NC has no law protecting “ Hunting Dog’s”. This is just unacceptable, any descent hunter should care for their animals with the basic needs but in NC you can have 50 Hunting Dogs in your backyard with no access to food, water or shelter let alone they have no rabies or vaccines which is a public Health concern for all NC Residents and your own family pets these animals come into contact with. You can thank the NRA and the Hunter Association for pumping all that money into their lobbyist to keep these “ Hunting Dog’s” from falling under any law, this must change in 2013 for all State Tax Payers and Residents.


More to come on the bigger issues we face with our current General Statues that just need to be “tweaked”  so they not only look good on paper but are all enforceable.


Thank you and if you have any questions please contact us at We want to help others understand these and many other issues that exist for our County Shelter Animals. And more importanly how to fix them for good!


You can find each County Shelter Inspection at:

You can find the NC DHHS at:

You can purchase the NC Animal Control Handbook at:

And you can view all these Rules & Regulations are they are written ( yet many unenforceable by being under the incorrect dept.) at:

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