Saturday, December 22, 2012

North Carolina Shelter Animals need warmth, can you donate today?

In North Carolina many of our County Shelters have dog runs outside where the dogs are unable to get out of the rain, snow or wind. Many of our County Shelter guillotine doors do not close or the staff refuse to close them at night to keep the elements of the weather away from the Shelter Animals. While many of us are seeing freezing temperatures and snow across the State of NC, could you dig thru your closets and donate some old towels, sheets or blankets to your local County Animal Shelter to help these animals have some warmth. Also many of these animals water bowls will be frozen and they will have no access to drinkable water, maybe you could go to your local Shelter and start a conversation on what it is that they need and address it with the County Manager or NC General Assembly. In 2013 we do not need to have our County Shelters in such horrible conditions, to cage an animal in freezing temperatures with no access to any warmth or drinkable water is just animal cruelty on a Government Level. We can do better for these animals and it starts with all of us taking a stand and giving them a voice. Donate to a local County Animal Shelter and make the conditions just a smidge better for a Shelter Pet. It’s the least we can do for them. Thank you and Happy Holiday’s from NC Shelter Rescue, Inc.

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