Saturday, December 22, 2012

North Carolina illegal animal transport, reckless rescue and out-of state- animal rescuers


Inside view of Tom and Amber Adkins Animal Transport Vehicle. Note that there is no access to air condition or heat. Just a metal box on wheels. No ventilation at all.
Side view of Tom and Amber Adkins Animal Transport out of Reidsville NC property. Again notice no air, no vents or any heat for winter travel up to New York where they took their animals. Pancake Hollow out of New York was one of their partners.

The housing Tom and Amber kept the dogs until they shipped them up to New York. This picture was taken in the middle of the NC summer months where it was 90 plus degree. No Shelter from the sun or rain to fit all these dogs.

What happens when you don't give a dog shelter from 90 degree days, day after day, let alone food or fresh water.... they die.

And how much did Tom and Amber Adkins care about these animals they sold for cash, apparently not enough to remove the dead dogs while their kennel mates looked over their dead fly riddled bodies.

So what I am trying to show you is what happens when you put the animals last in the rescue community, this is what happens when on social media you ask profiles that you have never verified or meet to pull and ship an animal to you for a price. 

For them the price is their life, a life more horrible than being humanly euthanized in a Shelter. SO before you go onto social media like Face book and say pull me that animal from 5 states away, or ship me that animal from 5 states away, or before you say I will donate to your Chip In and I don't even know if you are for real..... think of this. Is this what you want to have a hand in?

Investigate who you are dealing with when it comes to a live animal, ask their full name and what state they are registered in, ask that state if this is correct and last but not least go onto the IRS website and see if they have reported their $ in the last year.

Take precautions, put the animal;s health first. Don't allow this to go on in the Animal Rescue Community, this never should of happened and these animals never should of dies such a slow horrible death.

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  1. "rescue groups" gather animals for the chip in money, so many neglect the animals , they just scam the money, legit rescues will have animals posted for adoption , have adopted pets listed with follow ups,and be begging for fosters and volunteers.
    Scammers getting rich through chip ins must be stopped and exposed. This is the fault of the shelters not doing rescue shelter inspections, and foster inspections, 501 c3 is a joke anyone can get one with $400. actual inspections are the only way to ensure the animals safety

  2. We agree with you Terri. So much more is going on here and it needs to come to an end. The animals need to be put first at all times.

  3. Praying something can get done to STOP these people from transporting any more animals. It is unconscionable IMO to have so little regard for life. Sharing

  4. Do not stereotype ALL rescues as scam; that is faulty and gives rescues a bad name. I am a veterinary technician who works with a 501c(3)rescue in which volunteers take the fosters in to their home and treat them as one of their own until they are adopted; we treat any medical issues (my own personal dog had $10,000 in treatments to deal with a chronic and congenital issue while she was a foster within the rescue before I became involved), dogs must reside in the home with the foster (a home check is done before anyone may become a foster), all dogs are updated on vaccines and spayed or neutered if not already. We also work with many other rescues in the area and all treat their fosters in the same manner and they all have the same standards of care. So while what this "rescue" is despicable, stereotyping all rescues as scammers is equally despicable.

  5. I am a USDA licensed Class T coast to coast animal transporter and to see this makes me ill..SO MANY HORRIBLE transporters out there only in it for the money and nothing else......sad,,,so sad...Southern California is crawling with them....

  6. Yep. And if you criticize the actions of irresponsible transporters you are vilified in social media and sometimes threatened as well. I wrote a blog earlier in the year about a local county municipal shelter and the problems in dealing with them as well as problems in how animals, especially feral cats are treated. In the blog I mentioned the name of a transport coordinator used frequently by this shelter whom, in my opinion is extremely irresponsible because she allows transports to leave the shelter when she doesn't have all the legs filled. This opinion was only a small part of the blog at large but her supporters took over the comment section of the blog, making it all about her and how mean I was instead of about the welfare of the animals. The TC even sent me a private message threatening me with legal action if I didn't take down the blog. When I refused I started getting pressure from rescue friends, talking about all of the animals this person has saved. What they don't get is that it doesn't matter - when you consistently act irresponsibly with regards to the animals in your care, sooner or later a crisis will arise, and it's always the poor animals that pay in the long run

  7. Denise, I see you are still at it with your lies - once again, I invite anyone to come check out what we do at Rural Shelter Transports and reiterate that when we send transports on the road with "legs" unfilled we HAVE A BACKUP FOSTER IN PLACE along the route. You got lots of responses because you jumped to erroneous conclusions and despite all evidence and argument to the contrary prefer to cling to your misguided baloney that you are spouting. *I* am the transport coordinator in question and it's interesting to watch you continue to hang onto this desperately with both hands despite a complete lack of any evidence for your outlandish claims. Nobody threatened you, but if you want to believe that to add drama to your story, have at it. There are plenty of irresponsible transports out there. Mine is not one of them. I bust my butt every single day to make sure that everyone gets where they're going safely - and they do. Every weekend. To properly screened rescues. Anyone with any questions may contact me via email at While there are lots of bad folks out there, there are also people like Denise who spew garbage about people who don't deserve it. And this is why so many good people run screaming out of rescue... because the bad guys tend to have the biggest mouths of them all.

  8. That said, please DO check out transporters carefully - ask for references, if they're doing van/truck/whatever transports ask to see their vehicle. If you receive animals in bad shape, don't be quiet about it... ask questions. Too often people are content with just "at least they got here" - there has to be more questioning and less money flying around without ever really screening people. There are good transports out there, and transport coordinators, you just have to do your homework and find them.

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