Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unlicensed Animal Transport of Shelter Animals

You pulled a dog thru social media, you dealt with profiles that you have never meet in person, you gave them money to transport an animal to you many states away, also you forgot to ask the Animal Transporter for their APHIS License number... which is a Federal Law.... so your mistakes paid for animals to be transported like this. Next time maybe you should check out who you are dealing with by asking some keys questions. This is not Animal Rescue nor Responsible Animal Transport.
Did you just pay for this to happen to these dogs? Do you Chip In on Facebook to pull and transport animals from Shelter via people and profiles you have never meet? If so this is what you might of just played a hand in.


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  1. "rescue groups" gather animals for the chip in money, so many neglect the animals , they just scam the money, legit rescues will have animals posted for adoption , have adopted pets listed with follow ups,and be begging for fosters and volunteers.
    Scammers getting rich through chip ins must be stopped and exposed. This is the fault of the shelters not doing rescue shelter inspections, and foster inspections, 501 c3 is a joke anyone can get one with $400. actual inspections are the only way to ensure the animals safety