Sunday, December 16, 2012

All Duplin County Animals to be destroyed on 12-18-2012 due to construction.

Duplin County Animal Shelter in North Carolina which has failed State Inspections time and time again is getting geared up to start some improvements to their facility. This sounds wonderful to the ears until you dig a little deeper and find that the County has stated all animals ( at least the dog's) will be euthanized on 12-18-2012 to help them make these much needed changes.

Now if they planned ahead for the dates to make these much needed improvements why not plan ahead and reach out to local Animal Advocates to help save each of these dog's from a death that seems to be less than 2 days away.

How many of these animals will be killed prior to the NC 72 hr. Holding Rule, how many of these animals are family pet's that Animal Control just picked up as strays and the families and the families are still searching for them? Where was the plea for help from the County Manager to save these animals versus just making the quick decision that they all must die?

Now is the time to aid the Duplin County Animal Shelter, if you could reach out and save a life this week please look to this Shelter due to the timeline we now know exists.

And it wouldn't hurt to voice your corners to the County Manager and ask him to give these animals and extension of time so the Animal Advocates have the opportunity to network these homeless pet's. Why was death the only avenue in this County Manager's mind?

County Manager - Mike Aldridge

Phone: (910) 296-2100

To reach a local group to help save a life please contact:

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