Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Did you know that taking a simple picture of an animal can save their life?

Robeson County Animal Shelter in Saint Pauls NC is looking for a few good volunteers to help take pictures of their shelter animals, uploading them on FB, other pet sites and also informing the public when one has been adopted. Do you have some spare time that you could volunteer to help give lost pets a chance at life versus death? Mon thru Friday, the shelter is open from 12-5pm. If you could volunteer 1-3pm or 2-4 pm or even longer then contact Bill Smith who over see’s the shelter. His email is Please do not contact the shelter staff, only deal with Bill Smith.

What a great gift to give an animal, a simple act of taking their picture so the public will know they exist in this world. Please if you are local and can help, this is the time so desperately needed to offer your time.

Thank you,

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