Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kills Canine Parvovirus

Kills 99.99% of all major viral bacterial and fungal pathogens


Highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant for use in veterinary hospitals, shelters, and boarding facilities.
Mixture of chemicals that work together synergistically: multiple modes of action designed to work on a different and specific parts of the micro-organism.
Kills 99.99% of major viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens within minutes.
Fast acting - 1% solution independently proven to kill bacteria and fungi in less than 5 minutes and parvovirus in less than 10 minutes.
Studies have shown Trifectant is effective on porous surfaces such as wood, against organic challange, in hard water, and at low temperature.
High levels of surfactancy with acidic and oxidizing power provide added activity on biofilms.
1% Solution Safe and Convenient
Non-tainting, no environmental residue problems, of exceptionally low toxicity.
In powder and effervescent tablets for easy storage and transportation and accurate dilution, readily soluble in warm water.
Can be applied to surfaces and equipment to clean and disinfect in a one-step operation.

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