Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wake County Shelter transfers pets elsewhere

The Wake County Animal Shelter is so crowded that it's transferring dogs and cats to rescue groups elsewhere so the animals won't be euthanized.

The shelter has taken in 550 animals in the last 12 days, or about 40 a day, officials said. The animals include strays and pets that owners are surrendering.

A sign at the shelter warns that there's an extremely high chance that animals surrendered by owners will be euthanized. To avoid that outcome for some animals, volunteers took more than 20 dogs and cats Friday to rescue groups in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and South Carolina.

"For me, it's worth it to give these animals a freedom ride and a chance at a second life and a good life," volunteer Erica Goff told WTVD in Durham. "Puppies are adorable. Kittens are adorable. They grow up. There's so many seniors being dumped here every day because they don't want to take care of the bills that come with them. They get sick just like people do."

Staffers are doing everything they can to avoid euthanizing animals for space, said shelter assistant rescue coordinator Cindy Lynch. The shelter, which doesn't usually reach capacity this early in the year, began having problem in April or May, she said.

"We are doing our absolute best not to euthanize for space," Lynch said. "That's why we're reaching out to our rescues not only out of state, but across the state."

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