Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stop the Puppy Mills of NC, H.B. 930 needs your voice

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Join North Carolina's First Lady in Supporting H.B. 930!
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Dear North Carolina Advocates:

At a recent press conference held in support of North Carolina House Bill 930 and hosted by First Lady Ann McCrory, two puppy mill survivors helped us lobby legislators on the importance of saving our state’s dogs from the inhumane conditions that they were lucky to survive.

H.B. 930, which will require large-scale dog breeders (those with more than 10 breeding dogs) to meet humane standards of care, passed the House of Representatives by a landslide in May, but the Senate has yet to act.

Because neighboring states Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee have enacted strong laws to protect commercially bred dogs and North Carolina has not, our state now finds itself with an enormous puppy mill problem. It’s time to step up, improve our law, and prevent future suffering.
What You Can Do

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to email your state senator in Raleigh and urge him or her to support this critical puppy mill bill. North Carolina’s session ends in a few weeks—we have no time to lose.

Thank you for speaking up for puppy mill dogs, North Carolina!

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