Sunday, July 7, 2013

NC's AG GAG BILL wants to cover up what's in your meat

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Just about all of us no matter where you live should be very concerned if NC approves the NC SB 648 better known as the” AG GAG Bill”. Why? NC is the primary state that ships your local grocery store their Butterball Turkeys, Bacon, Jimmy Dean Sausage, Perdue Chicken and more. Next time you sit down to bite into any form of meat you need to ask yourself, how safe is it for you to eat? How sanitary are the factory farms and slaughter houses now that NC wants to make it illegal for anyone to obtain the truth behind those closed doors on any of the conditions that take place. Speaking of all those food recalls, those came from a whistle blower that now NC wants to place in jail for speaking the truth. We need more transparency in today’s world, esp. with our food supply, not more cover ups. Step up, Speak out and tell NC that this is unacceptable and to withdraw this bill.


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