Sunday, November 25, 2012

North Carolina Animal Shelter & Rescue Inspectors Fall Short on Employee Handbooks

In North Carolina we have State Animal Shelter & Rescue Inspectors that are put on the job with no Policy and Procedure Manuals. So now we know why Shelters are not Inspected or Audited in the same fashion or timeline, this is why many in the Animal Rescue Community do not see consistency from Inspection on local rescue to the next. If NC can create an Animal Welfare Act, Hire State Inspectors from a State Budget then the least they can do is prepare an Employee Handbook on how to conduct yourself for rules and procedures while doing these State Required Inspections, if you agree I hope you write the NC Dept. of Agriculture and tell them it's time they draft and publish a Shelter & Rescue Inspection Employee Handbook for their employees to adhere to. Maybe this way they can keep themselves out of many of the ditches they found themselves in lately. Favoritism is at play when no written policy is in place for everyone to follow.

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