Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's not about the people, it's about the animals ONLY

It has never been or will be personal for me, my work, questions and care for the animals is just that, it’s about them. So maybe it’s time for some of the other Animal Advocates to stop spinning the facts, same with some Shelter Employees. If it was about you I would without a doubt mention your name, take your inflated ego and leave it at the door. Animals are dying by mass numbers here in NC, many transported illegally to unknown locations up North with no vaccinations. This is not Responsible Rescue, if you really care about the animals you work so hard to get “pulled” from a kill shelter then why don’t you seem to care where or what happens to them after the “pull”. Just being out of the shelter is not “ SAFE”, you might of just sent these animals to live Animal Research Facilities, to a hoarder or to an animal abuser. I’m sorry if you think answering questions is  “drama”, that alone shows you have much to hide.
Again this is about the animals who have no voice on what takes place to them, the best thing you could do for these animals is to follow them from pull to adoption and make sure they are cared for, otherwise you are doing more harm than good to the bigger picture for those of us that work to better change and enhance the NC Animal Welfare Act and Statues.
Responsible Rescue means staying involved after the "pull", fully vetting an animal, spay and neuter, home visits on the people you hand these animals off to. Dropping them off to anyone in a Burger King parking Lot is not caring for these animals.

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