Thursday, November 1, 2012

Duplin County Animal Shelter fails State Inspection yet again Oct 25,2012

What does it take to understand that if you work in an Animal Shelter and you go by a kennel with an animal inside a cage and they have no water, you stop what you are doing and you give it water. Why would anyone need to have it in writting that you MUST GIVE WATER TO CAGED ANIMALS? If this is your staff then you need to fire and re-hire people with compassion and people who can think on their feet.

Duplin County Animal Shelter and Staff you are a disgrace, your excuse that you are doing the best that you can is a poor answer. Anyone who leaves animals with no water or a water bowl so high puppies cant reach it, feeds puppies & kittens hard food when their teeth are not developed yet to chew it, to allow animals no care over a weekend, well there is no excuse for this.

Revamp Duplin County Animal Shelter, get a new staff that has compassion and understands that caged aniamls need water and food. My heart breaks for these caged animals.


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