Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Help NC in 2013 pass an ANTI SLAPP SUIT LAW

In North Carolina we have no Anti Slapp Law, in fact we don’t even have one on the table to go up for a vote, why should this matter to you? If you care about any issues in our State, whether it be about the Animals and their Welfare, The School System, Fracking, Farm Land Issues or just local Politics on getting a street light up you need to care about the lack of this State Statue. Many NC Tax Paying Residents are in court being suit via SLAPP Lawsuits, these Lawsuits are meritless cases that are clogging up our court houses only filed to stop us from speaking out on valid concerns on State and County Issues. I urge you to please contact your General Assembly Members and tell them it’s time we put an Anti Slapp Bill back on the table and move forward like other states.

Right now there are 28 states with ANTI-SLAPP laws. The North Carolina bill introduced by Representative Hamilton did not make it out of committee last year. And if we want one back on the table for 2013 the General Assembly needs to hear from YOU!



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