Friday, April 19, 2013

Say NO to NC AG-GAG Bill

NC wants to push a bill (Senate Bill (S.B.) 648)  thru to protect ANIMAL ABUSERS and put the US private taxpaying citizen in jail for exposing inhumane treatment of these Farm Animals. (  And as we all know, people work their way from animals, to children and then to adults).

The only winner of a NC Bill like this passing are those who commit these types of hanius acts of cruelty to the animals in their care.  Speak out NOW and tell the NC General Assembly that this bill is a BIG NO for our State of NC and we would rather employees of these industries follow humane treatment of animals versus hiding behind an IRON CURTAIN.

I wonder if Steve Troxler is behind this bill, esp. Since he’s going around trying to make all these new high dollar deals with China and other Countries?

Whether you eat meat today or tomorrow you will want to follow this bill if for nothing else but for potential health risks for the future. If it were not for these types of WHISTLE BLOWERS now NC would never of intervened on the Butterball Turkey Plant. ( And don’t forget the NC Agriculture Inspector was caught giving the Butterball Employees a heads up on what was about to happen, so there again that shows the PUBLIC is not a first concern for any of these organizations, industries or farms.)

If you want to protect your family from e coli or worse, you will want to STOP this NC AG-GAG BILL. Otherwise in 2014 you will have no idea what you’re eating nor how it was slaughtered before it arrived at your local grocery store.  Esp. Now that OBAMA has opened Horse Slaughter Houses here in the USA.

Do you know what’s in your meat? Or maybe the better question is if this bill passes will you know what’s in the meat on your plate? I would say, NO !

Here is what I would suggest you focus in on:

 § 14-105.1. Employment fraud.

(a) It is unlawful for any person to willfully make false statements or representations or 11 to fail to disclose requested information as part of an employment application that the person 12 knows to be false or incomplete for the purpose of gaining access to the employer's facilities to 13 do any of the following:

 (1) To create or produce a record that reproduces an image or sound occurring 15 within the employer's facility, including a photographic, video, or audio 16 medium record. 17

(2) To capture or remove data, paper, records, or any other documents through 18 duplication, downloading, image capture, electronic mail, electronic transfer, 19 or other means.

Wake up, Reach Out to your NC General Assembly Members and STOP this bill.

See the ButterBall link at: , or do you need to see more?

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