Sunday, April 21, 2013

NC House Bill 956 moves to ban agressive breeds in 2014, speak out now before it's to late.

NC Residents stand up and be heard. Contact your NC State Legislators now and ask for this Aggressive Breed Ban to be stopped or re-written. As it is now all of these breeds will die the day they make their way into a NC County Animal Shelter as the time to apply for these conditions would expire as you cant do all this in 72 hrs that the Shelter works on. Stand up now before it's too late for all these breeds.

I understand this was to reduce dog fighting here in NC and I applaud those efforts with however they forgot to make any provisions for these breeds that end up as strays or lost dogs in our County Shelter System. This would mean death for each one of these breeds that make their way into our County Shelters again as no one has the space to hold them until these conditions are meet.

Speak up now before it's too late:

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