Friday, April 12, 2013

Halifax County Opens their Animal Shelter to the Public in 2013

Halifax Co opens Animal Shelter to public ( Which BTW was a NC General Statute that they have violated for all these years). So now we are to be thrilled that Halifax County finally is starting to following the NC General Statues? They should of done so all along, versus this pain staking fight by many North Carolina Residents who dealt with this violation and cruelty towards the Shelter Animals from day one. I guess we are to be thankful for small wins for the NC Shelter Animal's however you cant bring back all those animals who died in their care for all those years sight unseen by anyone. And how many were lost family pet's that County Residents couldn't reclaim. Shameful for sure.

County Manager Tony Brown recently announced the Halifax County Animal Shelter is open for the public to look at pets for adoption. Brown said the county is working toward many changes he hopes will make the shelter more accessible. Halifax County Environmental Health and Animal Control Director Jeff Dillard said he is looking forward to having a new adoption process in place.

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