Monday, February 4, 2013

NC foxes and other small animals need your help, now!

The North Carolina Assembly is considering House Bill (H.B.) 33, which, if passed, would lift a ban on the use of steel-jaw traps to catch foxes, raccoons, and other wildlife in Polk, Rutherford, and Cleveland counties. These traps are indiscriminate, and their use is exceedingly cruel—even rubber-coated steel-jaw traps cause immense pain and injury! Terrified animals, in their frantic struggles to escape the traps, will commonly injure themselves further. Bones can snap, flesh tears, and some victims will chew or twist off their limbs in order to break free. Trapped animals can succumb to exposure, stress, or injuries sustained during attacks by other animals. These traps also pose a definitive risk to dogs, cats, and nontarget wildlife, including protected bird species. Your voice is needed! More information regarding these vile devices can be viewed here. Please click here and politely ask your representative to oppose H.B. 33. Remind him or her that steel-jaw traps cause extreme suffering, pose risks to nontarget animals, and are unnecessary because effective alternatives exist. Steel-jaw traps are banned in 88 countries, and North Carolina doesn't need any more of them! Please forward this e-mail widely!
Click here to send in your email on this issue, please they need all of us now.

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