Monday, October 31, 2011

Victory ! Suspected "Crush" Video Ring Leaders Arrested

Victory! Suspected ‘Crush’ Video Ring Leaders Arrested
Victory! Suspected ‘Crush’ Video Ring Leaders Arrested

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-->Here’s a reason for dogs, frogs, monkeys, mice, pigs and many other animals to smile: Dorma (“Chita”) and Vicente Ridon, the Filipino couple charged with crimes related to the production of a series of “crush” videos—in which scantily clad young girls engaged in the torture killing of animals—were arrested by the police on Tuesday morning. The couple has been charged with violations of child abuse and animal welfare laws, and are expected to face further charges involving human trafficking and wildlife protection laws. They are expected to face trial within the year.

The “crush” videos depict extreme cruelty to animals, including scenes of a rabbit as he or she was skinned alive, rabbits as they flailed and screamed while their ears were cut off and they were set on fire, a dog as he or she was burned with a clothes iron, a monkey and several dogs as they were repeatedly hit in the eyes with the sharp end of a stiletto heel, and puppies as they were crushed until they vomited their internal organs.Thanks to everyone who took the time to report the Ridons’ whereabouts. We’re happy to see that Filipinos take animal welfare seriously and will do all they can to see justice served.

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