Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Franklin County Basset Hound's death brings new change and new light into the shelter system

It was just a short time ago that we were shocked and put in disbelief when the Franklin County Shelter Staff placed a basset hound in a kennel with a Pit Bull with only one food and water bowl to call their own. We were then deeply saddened to find out the 2 dogs had a fight while in the same kennel and the basset hound was taken out of the kennel by the shelter manager to be shot and killed via a fire arm while still in the shelter for the other dogs to be frightened by and to be victims of a possible stray bullet.


Although we cant undo the horrid situation that took place for one innocent basset hound we can find some solice that positive change will come from awareness and education on this situation.

Too many times we see and hear of NC county shelters breaking the NC Animal Welfare Act that's in place for these same shelters to follow to better show humane treatment for these lost or unwanted animals, but this time we can rest assure that the NC Department of Agriculture did in fact step in and set a standard that this type of action will not be tolerated from any county shelter going forward.

Not only do we see a formal investigation on this matter come about, but we also are seeing formal steps being taken with the issue of both a suspension letter and civil penalty fine. Why should this be noted? First we can all appreciate that once a county shelter has to write a $5,000.00 check to the State of NC for their reckless action it will be less likely to ever be repeated. Second it's sends a warning out to all others county shelters, respect the animals in your care and follow the NC Animal Welfare Act to keep yourself from a situation as this. Third, this $5,000.00 civil penalty fee will be awarded to the NC Public School Fund to further enhance the school system in place for all parents of a NC Public School.

My hopes here would be that thru this tragic turn of events some education and awareness is now being brought to light for all to better understand esp. how the NC Public School System has a direct tie into our county animal shelters here in North Carolina.

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