Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Basset Hound killed with a 22 Riffle by Franklin County Shelter Manager, really NC?

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The Shelter Manager at the Franklin County Animal Shelter chose to pull out his 22 riffle as a form of euthanasia on a injured basset hound, what was he thinking?

Why this basset hound was not driven to a local vet to have his medical needs addressed or to at least be humanly euthanized is all unclear at this time, but one thing is clear, this basset hound was killed in a North Carolina Animal Shelter via an unapproved euthanasia method via the state regulations.

While the story is still unfolding with the NC Department of Agriculture still finalizing their investigation surrounding this complaint we do know that the basset hound was injured while in the shelter staff's care. In fact the shelter staff made the wrong decision to place a basset hound ( a very dossal low key breed) in a kennel with a pit bull.  I'm not trying to say pit bulls are aggressive but anyone who's been around dogs pretty much knows certain breeds would be best to keep separate esp. when they are both unfamiliar with one another and thrown into a single kennel with one water bowl and one food bowl.

We know the pit bull and the basset hound engaged in a fight while in the same kennel and the basset hound was injured during this fight. Did the fight break out as two unaltered males were placed in the same kennel? Was it a food aggression issue? Or simply the case of a more dominate breed taking on a weaker breed?  Whichever you choose to believe I feel we can all agree this basset hound never should of been placed in the same kennel with a pit bill.

But for a county shelter manager to pull out his 22 riffle, aim it on an injured basset hound ( who's injuries were not life threatening at the time) and then to decide to pull the trigger to kill the basset hound is egregious and unacceptable behavior. This shelter manger knew before he pulled the trigger that his actions would be in violation of both state and county regulation's yet he proceeded to do so as he thought he wouldn't get caught.

Will the shelter manager be reprimanded, moved to another position within the county away from the shelter or placed on leave? Will this manager be given more extensive training on the do's and dont's of his job accountability's? Will civil penalties be placed on the shelter via the NC Department of Agriculture? Will anything come of this violation of our NC State Statutes or because it was an action taken upon on a shelter animal be excused like so many other events we see take place in our North Carolina Shelter system?

For this we sit, we wait and we look for the final verdict from the NC Department of Agriculture Office and hope this incident does not go ignored. After all at some point this basset hound belongs to someone, will they come forward for their missing pet and speak out on the violent way it's life was taken inside of a NC County Animal Shelter?

                     ( stock pictures of a pit bull and a basset hound)


  1. Are You Kidding Me. He should be charged with Animal Abuse and Fired. Then they should allow me to spend 10 minutes with him!!!!

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