Thursday, May 23, 2013

The revolving door of homeless Shelter Animals in North Carolina

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 It’s a sad state of affairs and breaks one’s heart if you really look into the North Carolina System, whether it’s failed Inspection reports for simple day to day routines like not serving mouldy food to the animals, not spraying down the kennels with the animals still located inside or something much more heinous like not mixing the correct dosage of the euthanasia drugs when taking an animal’s life.

Thousands upon thousands of North Carolina County Shelter Animals are never ever seen by the General Public before they are killed. Whether it’s the Shelter Staff who chooses to deem a dossal dog aggressive just to kill early, a Shelter Staff who dislikes one breed over another, one size over another, it’s a horrible shame that all of these animals fate are sealed many times by the hands of the wrong people.

In North Carolina most Shelter Staff are hired without any knowledge or background in the field of animals. Most have never been given a copy of the NC Animal Welfare Act to read and understand let alone even been told it exists.   There is no excuse for this lack of training or protocol by either the County’s Hiring Dept. or the Employee’s themselves.

What we have here is a broken system and one that seems very resistant to even entertain positive change for the future as after all this is an Agriculture State, one that prefers to protect the Farmers, Hog’s, Chicken, Turkeys than to take the time to define the distinct difference in these animals. NC is in a state on confusion and confliction as they can’t distinguish the difference in a domesticated animal and a farm animal.
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This is why we are listed as a High Kill State and will most likely be the last State to take progressive measures and end the Gas Chambers for these same Shelter Animals. NC isn’t even entertaining the idea of a Bill to remove their Gassing Chambers anytime soon, this alone shows how far behind the times North Carolina is.

Just remember when travelling thru the State of North Carolina, don’t stop for gas, food or a bathroom break if you have an animal in the vehicle. Because if your beloved family member was to escape, they might find their way into one of these locked down Gassing Shelters who still have not one microchip scanner on site to be used by their employees prior to euthanizing your cherished pet.

Shame on North Carolina and their broken County Shelter System, we are an embarrassment to all!

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