Monday, October 15, 2012

No more Gas Chamber for Shelter Animals in Person County NC

As reported by the Courier Times Oct 12, 2012. Person County has stopped using the Gas Chamber and switched to 100 percent lethal injection for euthanasia cases. Way to go Person County but my question is why is any North Carolina County Animal Shelter using a Gas Chamber as after all it's the right thing to do to pull all these chambers out. We dont have to have a law telling us to not kill our unwanted pets via a Gas Chamber, just have a heart and end this old school way of killing in all of North Carolina. What County will be next to end this barbaric way of killing and to do it freely by their choice? Have compassion when it comes to taking their lives, give them dignity and not shove them into a GAS CHAMBER to die in such a horrific death. Thank you Person County for taking a step forward in 2012..... who's next?


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